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Song Qian can really fight for beautiful legs, the contrasting denim skirt does not deduct, the black belt is “plump beauty”

The beauty of a woman contains the exquisite features on the facial features, including the shape of the body shape, and also covers the dignified temperament. The face value, body, and temperament are the key to testing the beauty.

The female celebrities in the entertainment industry are outstanding and upright, and even the gas field will not be inferior. Each of their groups is like a template, which makes people can’t help but learn from.


Song Qian can really fight for beautiful legs. The contrasting denim skirt does not deduct, and the black belt is “plump beauty”. Although female stars have a natural hardware foundation, they also work hard in dressing. Watching Song Qian’s recorded show is clear at a glance, the thick contrasting denim skirt, stiff and domineering.

Fashion small directory in this issue

1. Song Qian’s fashion style appreciation;


2. How to create a more handsome and fashionable dress;


Song Qian’s group of dressing is a more handsome and fashionable style. The contrasting denim skirt is very simple in design, but it is also full of high -level handsome beauty. The way to wear buttons is a variety of styles in the handsomeness. Especially the tailoring of self -cultivation, outline Song Qian’s plump body shape, is particularly feminine.

In order to pursue elegance, most women choose a solid color or gradient when choosing long skirts. The contrasting color like this is still rare. The contrast between light blue denim and dark blue denim maintains the same style and temperament, but it is more eye -catching.

Song Qian’s denim dress is a particularly slender version, and the design is also very simple and atmospheric. The tailoring of the V -neck, the design of the double -breasted buckle, the embellishment of the contrast, and the handsome and high -level beauty, even in daily wear, will be very eye -catching.

How to create a more handsome and fashionable dressing style?

Tip 1: denim fabric, handsome and windy wind

The choice of denim fabrics with handsomeness is high -level. In daily wear, some girls who like neutral wind or handsome wind will also choose the clothing of denim fabrics. Denim skirts are more common. Whether it is a denim dress or a denim skirt, it has its own light, and the femininity is not so strong.

If you want to wear handsome and fashionable style, we can refer to the choice of denim fabric more. Wearing a skirt, the comfort of soft denim is stronger, but the dangling properties may not be so good. However, the length of the skirt is extended, and at the same time, it will be more lingering and handsome.


Tip 2: Slim cutting + belt embellishment

The tailoring of the slim, with a wide belt embellishment, makes this denim skirt more personalized and fashionable, and Song Qian’s overall temperament is also more outstanding. In fact, in daily wear, we can also try more self -cultivation design. The slim design, the embellishment of the combined belt, can create a more advanced beauty.

The long coat in winter may not be so friendly to the little man. And we only need to match a delicate belt to better outline the tall waist ratio, shape a more perfect three -seven ratio, and the whole person’s temperament is more superior.

Tips 3: Luxury accessories embellishment, highlighting high -level beauty

Many times we like to use silver -white accessories to match denim clothing, but in fact, the combination of denim and gold is also an extraordinarily luxurious and delicate style. The luxurious gold necklace, with the high -level beauty, can better highlight the elegant aura.


Because of Song Qian’s group of wearing, the exposed area of ​​the neckline is a bit large, so the gold necklace chose the way of stacking, which highlights the luxurious and high -level beauty. On the whole, this set of styles is still very handsome and fashionable.


Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to build, handsome and fashionable dressing? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)

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