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Several suits of the groom, what color suit makes you dazzling than the bride? Become a bright spot in the audience

Every wedding must be very solemn, and each wedding dress is also the most eye -catching moment at that time. The unified dress style, but no one will stipulate what color should the groom’s suit should be during the wedding, and what style of it can be regulated. Therefore, it will generally be tailored according to their own standards.

At the wedding scene, the groom and groom are the protagonists, especially the guests’ attention will be cast to the bride’s wedding dress. The groom will become a supporting role at any time. At this time, the groom will have several suites to make themselves more outstanding. How many suits? What color suit makes you dazzling than the bride? Become the highlight of the audience! Let’s discuss it together!


Several suits of the groom


How many suits are the groom at the wedding scene? Perhaps only those who have been married know. In the past, a newcomer only wore a wedding dress, and now we need to change three or four wedding places according to the process, and the costumes of the groom and the bride must be matched. First of all, the groom and the bride are the first wedding dress when entering the door and the stage. Secondly, the men’s suit should match the women’s toasting suit when toasting. Express with posture.

After the entire wedding, the groom is the most perfect to replace it with three suits. First of all, when picking up a relative, wearing a very comfortable suit dress. Matching. When you toasting, you need a decent and noble suit, and the color system also has a visual experience that echo the bride’s dresses. Men’s three suits are best tailored.


Wedding suits of various countries

With the replacement of fashion, newcomers in the new era will choose their weddings more novel or on a special occasion. For example, this wedding in Japan was held in the underwater tunnel. Because the groom is a navy, he wore a naval suit as the main costume of their wedding. The style of the naval uniform is basically similar to the style of the suit. This naval uniform is tailored. It is more profound for the uniforms for newlyweds and can become the most attractive groom in the audience.


This is a new wedding scene in Cambodia. They have a serious wedding in accordance with family -like rules. Men’s suit colors belong to light red with the bride’s wedding color system. The men’s suit collar part and the bride’s shawl are mainly golden. Their wedding dress is more gorgeous in style, and metal accessories are used as the importance and noble symbol of the wedding. The groom’s suit is gorgeous according to the family and status, so during their wedding, their costumes can prove their status.

The Korean wedding groom’s clothing is mainly a suit. This is a novel wedding of a new couple in the racecourse. The groom is wearing a very ordinary gray suit. The suit is also an extremely ordinary work outfit, but as soon as she sees the bride’s dress, she is very different. Her color is the only tie with the groom’s tie and the new Lang Flower, and nothing else is. But the groom rides is also the focus of the audience. This is also North Korea’s wedding that has always maintained traditional clothing requirements.


Choose the groom outfit according to the body shape


The groom’s dress is definitely very important for the groom. There is only one wedding dress in his life. You must tailor a very festive and fit suit according to your own body shape. China Red is the best choice for the groom’s dress. Red silk fabrics High -grade and straight, not easy to make folds. With black lines, you can get big red, so that the color system is no longer monotonous. The collar can be the same color or gray. This suit belongs to a personal style. Essence

Of course, the fat groom is mainly blue or black. The dark blue itself can be visually thin. Of course, the choice of fabrics is also important. It is also necessary to choose the right fabric according to the season. It is mainly based on pure cotton or thin hair, it is best to match a vest, so that you can repair it. The matching shirts are only white or festive red. Other colors are not suitable for slightly fat grooms. Of course, the hairstyle is also very important. The groom’s hairstyle has a good effect that he has raised him, so the groom’s hairstyle is also important.

Although the groom has a variety of dresses and there is an indispensable suit, modern weddings can create a more strange wedding scene for novelty, and many newcomers will also wear a novel wedding dress as a special day to commemorate the wedding. Boys, have you married? If you are not married, you can find a hearty girlfriend into the marriage hall as soon as possible! Hope to choose a few favorite suits for yourself in your wedding day! Become the brightest of the audience!

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