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Can the divorce rate be reduced from blind love to mature love concept?

Looking at today’s Zhihu hot list, “How do you think of Wuhan University Love Psychology Students Climbing the window? Do college students need to learn how to love?” I thought I was a blind love brain when I was in college, and I didn’t know what love was When I was in love, I started to fall in love.

The chapter of the thoughts about love is basically a little bit about the chapter of love. Remember to talk about understanding and responsibility when talking about marriage. These two points are deeply impressed, and the others have forgotten. The husband and wife need to understand each other and tolerate each other; the two formed a small family and they must take the corresponding responsibility.


Zhihu has also done a survey. Do you think university needs a class of love? There are 18 hours before the survey, and 78%of netizens have chosen to choose. I also think it is necessary. Through the study in the classroom, we can give us a mature view of love. When I was in love in college, my friends around me said the most to me “the woman IQ in love is negative”. I don’t know how many confused things I did at the time, weaving a scarf for my boyfriend, and a small thousand thousand thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands Paper crane and peach heart, embroidered cross stitch pillow.

My husband and I met when I was in college. From love to marriage to the seven years of seven years, I have occasionally noisy, and I have never mentioned the words of divorce. What I think of is more responsible, with parents and children. Parents have made a good example for us, and we also have to make a good example for the children.

At present, my relatives and friends are divorced very little. I think this is a good phenomenon. The low divorce rate indicates that their happiness is higher, and it is also conducive to children’s growth. Sometimes I am also thinking that if we all have a mature view of love, we are all obeying some rules of marriage. Is the divorce rate decrease?