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Living room hanging bell Feng Shui bedroom hanging bell Feng Shui

The hanging clock hangs in different places, and there will be different Feng Shui to pay attention to problems. If you want to understand the content of the living room hanging clock Feng Shui and the bedroom hanging clock Feng Shui, then go with Xiaobian. These two aspects.

Living room hanging bell feng shui

Let’s take a look at the ease of Feng Shui in the living room. The orientation of the living room is not suitable to facing the living room, but it should be more appropriate to adjust it towards the door or balcony. The reason is that if there is no one in the living room, the airflow is still static, so that the hanging clock can be put on the clock to put it up. Make the air flow to move the vitality in the living room; however, although the bell is better to facing the door, it is not suitable for the middle of the living room where it is facing the door. “If you see the clock as soon as you look up at the door, it will feel unlucky, so it is better to hang the clock next to the door; in general, the color of the hanging clock is best red, purple or red, the shape is eight, and the shape is eight. The horned shape is the most suitable, and it is best to hang the direction of Suzaku, which is the south; the hanging clock is not suitable for hanging on the sofa and it is not suitable for the right of the living room.

Bedroom hanging bell feng shui

After watching the living room hanging bell Feng Shui, let’s go to see the contents of the bedroom hanging bell Feng Shui. The hanging clock hanging in the bedroom is best. After all, the bedroom is a place to sleep and rest. If the hanging clock is always ticking, it will make the quality of sleep bad; And the bell is at the end of the bell, so the hanging clock should not be hung on the bedside or the end of the bed; the hanging clock in the bedroom is more suitable in shape, with serene meaning, and cannot be triangular, round, hexagonal, and octagonal shapes; Do not face the door in the bedroom, unless you live outside the door, or generally do not face the door hexagram.

The living room hanging bell Feng Shui and the bedroom hanging clock Feng Shui are very particular about it. I will introduce it here today. If you have taboos on these aspects, it is best to ask a master of Feng Shui to help you arrange it before you place it.