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Don’t be out of your hair in summer! Try these 3 hair accessories, “hand disabled party” can also get fashion hairstyles

“Details determine success or failure”, which is the same to describe hairstyles.

Especially in the summer, the weather will be hot. If the hair is emitted again, it will only affect the comfort and fashion sense. The biggest role of “hair accessories” is to shape the hairstyle and embellishment shape, and it is also a reflection of details.

This summer, “hair accessories” also started to roll inward. Many star bloggers on the Internet are growing various styles of hair accessories. The face value is high and practical. The “hand disabled party” can also use hair accessories to get fashion hairstyles.

Next, the 3 hair accessories for everyone are also very practical for ordinary girls ~

01, shark clip


“Shark clip” is a very popular hair accessory in recent years, which is convenient and practical.

Must -have to be a lazy at home


It is also the fashionable weapon loved by the tide people.


Easy clip, the hairstyle becomes a high -level ins, the whole person looks more refreshing, and it is applicable to spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Of course, if the shark clip hair is not good, it will give people a kind of

“Aunt Bathhouse”

A sense of vision.


Therefore, when the hair is hair

Avoid too “neat”


, Use the design characteristics of the shark clip, leave some broken hair appropriately,

Leave the eight characters on both sides

The face shape looks more casual.

02, hair clip

I believe that many post -90s girls have worn this kind of hairpin when they were young.

Forms, rich color matching


Some are also decorated

Pearl, gemstone

Waiting for elements.


The biggest effect of the hair clip is




The effect can make ordinary hairstyles look more agile and playful, and at the same time

Help sort out broken hair

, Beautiful and practical.

The hair clip is more suitable for girls with a sweet style. They are fashionable, age -reducing, unique and eye -catching on their hair.

In addition, when wearing this kind of hair clip, try to match some bright colors and costumes with decorative elements, such as floral skirts and leopard skirts are good choices.

03. Large intestine hair circle

“Large -intestine hair circle”, as the name implies, is a hair accessory that looks like the large intestine. It is very practical, simple and fashionable.


Pony tail, ball head

Waiting for hairstyles, any style can be easily controlled. The sweet or elegant intellectual style on campus can get fashion hairstyles a few dollars!

When wearing a “large intestine”, there is no restriction on clothing matching. With skirts and elegance, it shows femininity; with basic T -shirts and casual pants, it shows street tide.


Don’t be out of your hair in summer! Try the three hair accessories of shark clip, hair clip, and large intestine hair circle, “hand disabled party” can also get fashion hairstyles ~

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