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The real person measured 23 bath milk, from 22 yuan to 310 yuan.

Recently, this weather is earlier than God -my body! After taking a shower, if you stole a laziness, apply your body milk for a while, the skin will be itchy, or even peeling …

Don’t blame the weather first, it is likely that you have used the wrong shower gel.

We collected the shower gel brand that everyone was interested in on various platforms, and selected 23 popular products (including 3 recent super -heat bath oils). Speak a word:

There is a popular product that is actually a “fake”!

The family portrait is here:

During the solicitation, we found that nearly half of my friends cared about the scent of shower gel. So this time I added a fragrance test, how can the exquisite resident girls miss it!

Pass through

Composition analysis, efficacy test, fragrance test


After 3 rounds of screening, the comprehensive results, we recommend these models:

In addition to these, we also arranged some high -frequency problems for shower gel:

Can shower gel/shower oil be washed off sunscreen?

Why do some shower gels fake?

Can shower gel really whiten, brighten, and acne?

Interested friends, look down!

1. Composition analysis

01 Stimulating Table Live

Sodium sulfate (SLS), coconut oil 月 DEA

The irritation is relatively strong, and the sensitive muscle may appear when used

Reddish, tingling

Donestion symptoms.

No. 6 Shu F Jia, 15 Kou Sine contains sodium laurel sulfate (SLS); No. 10 A treasure, No. 19 M Ting contains coconut oil amide DEA, friends with sensitive muscles should pay attention.

02 Yizhi Avolymodel Preservation

Methylisopromoline ketone/methyl chloropotenopolidone ketone

These two types of preservatives are strongly sensitive. The European Union has prohibited it from using sunscreen, body milk, cream and other cosmetics. The maximum usage in water and shower gel).


No. 1 O*AY, No. 6 Shu F Jia, No. 7 Ai S, No. 8 L God, No. 10 A treasure, No. 15 Kou Sin, No. 16 D dew high moisturizing, No. 19 M Ting

Friends containing such preservatives, sensitive muscles should pay attention.


Hydroxybenzylben is a long -chain Nepalese golden ester preservative, and its safety is controversial.

No. 4 Niu R stone j j

Contains such preservatives:

At this point, the above nine shower gels were first withdrawn from the evaluation.


03 True and false bath oil

When screening ingredients, we found an amazing fact:

Bei Dma, not really bathing oil!

For the real bath oil product, the first place in the component table is generally oil ingredients, or for emulsification surfactants.


Best Dma

The first in the composition table is water, not oil.


Who is true and who is true, see the ingredient table!

However, because Best Dma has no problem in component safety, we still let it join the next round of evaluation!

2. Efficacy testing


We took the 15 shower gels and brave volunteers to come to Shanghai’s Effect Lab.

Because of the dry winter, the volunteers have less oil. In order to make the results more accurate, we decide:

Choose the face area that is relatively “anti -manufacturing” on the face for testing.

Nevertheless, a few volunteers’ faces, after the test, still appeared




The evaluation is not easy, remember to like and forward it a lot!

01 clean power

For oil/mixed skin, cleaning ability must be the most important. Otherwise, it is sticky, uncomfortable, and it is easy to increase the risk of acne.

The test of cleaning ability, we used and harmony

Facial milk test (you can insert a link)


The same method:

The German CK MPA-580 more than the skin test system is used to test the amount of oil on the surface of the skin surface before and after the sample.

Then calculate the amount of forehead from the forehead of the forehead before/after washing to get the oil removal rate of the sample, that is, the cleaning ability.

*Bathing oil is fully emulsified and rinsed clean

The results are as follows:



No. 5 European S Dan, No. 2 Keran, No. 23 S and J, No. 9 A D Da D, No. 18 Bei Dma, No. 12 Daling Dqing


It is even better in terms of oil removal. The “Daqing Oilfields” who value cleaning ability, or in the midsummer season, can be considered.


PS: Although the values ​​of 14 samples are different, it does not mean that the low value is low, they can not be cleaned. They can basically meet the daily cleaning needs of most people.

02 “Moisturizing” ability

Let me a rumor first:

As a clean product, shower gel really cannot be moisturized!


It is just that some shower gels will add moisturizing ingredients (

Such as Hoho Pyry Oil


), So that the skin will not be too dry. If you have to pull a general in the dwarf, you can also say:

The slower after washing the skin water division, the relatively “moisturizing”.

It also adopts more than more than the German CK MPA-580 probe test system.



Social increase, that is, the “moisturizing ability” of shower gel:

No. 9 A D Dida S, 12 Demon D Clear, No. 3 L, No. 21 Eu S Dan (bath oil)


Relatively more “moisturizing”, dry skin stars and sensitive muscles can consider these models. But still the saying: “Moisturizing” shower gel can only make the skin too dry after washing. If you want to moisturize, you must keep up with your body milk after taking a shower ~

03 Remove sunscreen ability


Many bath oils on the market claim that we can remove sunscreen, so we also measured this time

European S Dan, Bei D Ma, You S Lin

Remove sunscreen.

Apply on the arm of 2 volunteers

Waterproof type (Ann N sun), non -waterproof sunscreen (Yi S Ding)

Essence After half a day, use samples to clean and apply sunscreen area. In order to compare, I also chose to clean the front.

The results show,


Youylin, Best Dma, Ou S Dan


The sunscreen ability is indeed better than ordinary shower gel. I do n’t know how to remove their body sunscreens in summer, this is saved!

By the way, isn’t Bei Dma a bathing gel?

After the research formula, I found that in addition to the work, Bei Dmazhong also


PEG-7 glycerin coconut oil acid esters commonly used in makeup remover

, Can help remove sunscreen. (Well, it really starts with makeup remover …

Third, fragrance & fragrance measurement

Why do you like to take a bath and “washing incense”?

Because more and more shower gels are in addition to cleaning, but also the added value that makes the body become fragrant.

After voting within the company, we found that fragrance is also a key factor for everyone to choose shower gel. Okay, the incense test arrangement of 15 samples is on!


Volunteers randomly choose a sample, squeeze out the amount of cleaning their arms, and describe and score the aroma of the arms after washing. After that, every 2 hours, observe the incense situation.


The fragrance and fragrance of 15 samples are as follows:






We chose


Three different fragrant types

Shooting gel, recommended to everyone:

Sensory evaluation has certain subjectivity, and the situation of incense is also affected by many factors. Here are only some reference suggestions for Princess Xiangxiang (prince).


After all, the feeling of fragrance is most important.

Fourth, why does the shower gel have a sense of fake slippery?

There are also many friends who feedback, hate the fake slippery sense of some bath gels, and always feel that they are not clean for a long time.

This is actually some ingredients in the shower gel remain on the surface of the skin, forming a water film, making you feel slippery. do not worry! These ingredients

The irritation is not high, and the residual amount is also very low

Although the feeling of washing may not be comfortable, it can still be used ~

We simply listed a few ingredients that are easy to “slip”, and the friends who mind the fake slide can avoid it when buying.

In addition, fake slip is also related to water quality. Soft water quality (that is, water that is not easy to produce scale), and it is not easy to have a sense of fake slippery when bathing. If you have a budget, you can also install one at home

Water Softener



Fifth, can shower gel whitening and acne removing acne?

Many friends are curious:

Can nicotinamine shower gel really whiten? Can the acid -containing shower gel really remove the chicken skin?


Whitening shower gel

Let’s put it that, the essence of whitening may not work on the face, let alone the shower gel belongs to

Wash -out product

At least a few minutes, washed off?


From the perspective of ingredients, acids can indeed soften the horny and dredge pores, thereby assisting acne. But product effect and


How to use, raw material ratio, add dose

It has a relationship, the actual acne effect, you have to try it if you try it.

Finally, let’s summarize the recommendations and use of product purchase and use of this period. You can choose according to your actual situation.

Bath gel is a washing product that must be used all year round, and one bottle can be used for more than half a year. Therefore, every choice is critical.

Living seriously, just focus on each choice and seize every happiness.

In order to use reliable, suitable, and favorite products, Dad’s reviewers have been working hard!

The results are as follows: