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10 fashionable and temperamental high -heeled sandals, comfortable to wear, not tired and not expensive

Fashion sexy sandals


Slim heels are often more powerful. Leisure and fashion, easy to increase, adopt the principles of ergonomic engineering, increase comfort, relieve the gravity of the ankle, thicken latex pads, and make your walking easier and more comfortable.

Fashion sexy toe rhinestone with a buckle with sandals

It is very beautiful and exquisite. It can be matched with a lot of gorgeous long skirts, and you can lock your eyes in my direction.

Summer fish mouth heel sandals

The square column -shaped thick heels represent a constructive sense of architectural sense. Thick with naked foot shoes stretch the leg shape, comfortable, fashionable and comfortable.

New summer fish mouth sandals

The production of PU leather upper is very comfortable and breathable, full of tension and flexibility, PU Gemini design, soft and comfortable, quickly sweat, update skin. Fashion rhinestone decoration makes the design full of layered.

New fashion sandals

Armed your personality to the tip of the foot, interpreting your elegance and luxurious and gentle and elegant gesture, and naturally make mature tastes in raising your hands. Under the skirt, the charming style is unintentionally emitted.

Ferry in summer thick soles wearing fish mouth shoes

This is not just fish -mouth sandals. It is a pair of slippers. The design of the rear heels uses a soft soft leather to step on as a slippers. The first layer of cowhide is comfortable to massage insoles. It is more breathable outside of leisure. Health is the best choice for you to care for your feet!

Summer fish mouth waterproof fashion sandals


This sandals use ultra -fiber skin. The design is refreshing and simple, the sense of fashion is moving, the charm is timeless, like the inspiration of the wandering.

Summer sloping sandals

PU leather fabric texture is delicate, soft, good breathability, comfortable to wear and not stuffy feet. Give your feet intimate care. The carefully designed outsole combines the characteristics of TPR to integrate non -slip shading, which is both shock -reduced and non -slip. grind.


Small pepper rivet sandals


Fashion rivet decoration plus a convenient word buckle design, comfortable skin and ventilation make your feet breathe freely, fashionable and stable, and stabilize your high position.


Summer and wild fish mouth shoes in summer


In the refreshing season, you can welcome yourself with fashion. The leather texture is delicate, good texture, good breathability, comfortable to wear without boring feet, and care for your feet intimately.