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How much is the most suitable temperature for bathing water? Listen to what the doctor says!

Bathing we must do every day, but as the weather gradually becomes cold, people will become lazy. Bathing, the number of times will naturally decrease, but the less you bathe, the more and more “mud” on your body. What kind of substances are these “mud”? Let’s take a look together.

“Mud” comes from here



“Mud” is actually the body’s fat and dander, and some sweat and dust are part of the “mud”. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. The cells of the human body are constantly being updated, and skin cells are no exception. When the skin rubs with the outside world, necrosis will occur in the outermost cell. Essence

With the “credit” secreted by sweat, human dandruff can not effectively fall off, which is attached to the body. The skin secreted every day, and the skin will naturally look special

“Shins”. Of course, the thickness of the mud also needs to depend on the amount of oil secretion of everyone, so not everyone is the same.



“Mud”, what’s going on?

Maybe you will be wondering. Every time you take a bath, you are particularly serious and clean. Why do you have so much on your body next time?

“Mud”? These mud seems to have no time to eliminate it.

Actually, as long as we are alive for a day, this mud will continue to produce, because our body is metabolizing the new city all the time. Sitting all day long, sweat is also generated, but the speed is small, you can’t find it.


“Mud” is not healthy

Let’s not underestimate these mud, it seems very uncomfortable to look at it, but it has a relatively large effect, because this is a mechanism of self -protection of the skin. It is easy to contact bacterial pathogens, and for some people with sensitive skin, it is also easy to cause erythema, dryness and itching.

Therefore, when taking a bath, special attention should be paid to breeding bacteria and parts that are not easy to clean up, such as necks, ears, and folding joints in the hands and feet.

How to take a bath is correct?

Don’t underestimate bathing. Even if you are in a small thing like taking a bath, you still cause major problems.


1. Pay attention to the frequency and time of bathing

In hot summer, if you sweat more, you can once, or even twice a day. For the elderly, because its skin oil secretion itself decreases, the number of baths will be reduced. In addition, the time of bathing


Within minute, the longer the better.

2. Pay attention to bath water temperature and supplies

Finally, for bathing, water temperature is also very important. It is better to rinse at a warm water of 30 to 40 degrees. The shower gel should also choose the neutrality of mild and not hurting the skin. Remember: the correct bathing method can promote the blood circulation of the body and make the human body more Good exclusion of metabolic waste, but the wrong method will hurt yourself.