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How about daniel albehni women’s bag, high -quality head layer skin hand -woven manual woven

The bags are not big or small. Umbrellas, mobile phones, glasses, wallets, and keys can live peacefully in the bag. The remaining crickets are just suitable for small objects such as hand cream and lipstick. The capacity can fully meet the needs of Quanquan. Erbeilin’s style is classic and stylish. After the skin is cut, seamlessly woven the grid shape just to cater to this year’s grid trend. This bag has two choices: black and brown. Both colors like it. I was hesitant for a long time. Finally, I chose to black. Sure enough, black is the wild king.

The skin is made of tidy skin, the style looks simple, the craftsmanship is complex and clever. The hidden safety hazards caused by the lack of the complete closure of the zipper increase. If the girl who owes the owner uses this bag, the lipstick and the steel cricket in the bag may inadvertently separate from the owner’s control of the control of the owner’s control. Running to the unknown distance.

daniel albehni女包怎么样,优质头层皮手工编织

The whole leather bag is folded on both ends of the bottom of the bag, and the work is smooth and delicate. The bottom ends of the bottom of the bag are packed with thick leather strips. While playing the support support, the bottom of the bag will increase the abrasion resistance several times. The side 8 -hole metal ring is connected with a chain bag, lifts the bag, automatically tighten the bag, and the folds of the “bun” shape, beautiful and practical.

daniel albehni女包怎么样,优质头层皮手工编织

In the sun, you can watch the bag in the sun, you can watch the leather, the leather is soft, the fingers can see the obvious fine lines, and the smooth state is restored after loosening. Soft, matte, saturated, and elastic, these characteristics are silently expressing my leather, absolute leather! Intersection

daniel albehni女包怎么样,优质头层皮手工编织

This Daniel Albehni/Erbelin shoulder bag is used in the inside of the cloth. It is definitely increasing a lot of costs. The leather also has the characteristics of difficulty and sewing. Everyone must know that everyone knows it. Essence The internal structure is very simple. There is only a dark bag. It is clear at a glance when pulling up the flip. It is definitely not suitable for placing sleeves, steel buns, U disks … and other small privacy. Of course, in view of the folds with the bag with a chain, it is relatively strong, mobile phones, money clips, umbrellas, sunglasses and other portable objects.

The bag with a red dress, with that kind of delicate and bright feeling, the shoulder strap of the metal chain and the same granulum peel is strong, and it is free to adjust. The thickness is just suitable, and it complements the bag with the bag. In order to detect the authenticity of the cortical, cutting the leather bars and burning tests, the light smoke burned a burst of odor like hair burning. The residue was twisted with a fingers into gray, and it turned out to be a childless leather!

Black is a classic. Look, with a yellow down jacket, you can interpret the solemn and elegant feeling. Quanquan feels that this kind of unsatisfactory combination is very hearty. This bag is not priced at 899 yuan on Taobao, but good bags depends on the materials and production. If you do n’t believe it, you can go to the entity. Whenever the price of the upper eye is not low, the price of the leather brand is 2,300, which is low.

With green, it feels intellectual and elegant, dignified and generous. Generally speaking, this bag is elegant and generous as a whole. The size is suitable. Shopping can cross the shoulder and cross the banquet. A bag of various bags, which is convenient and fashionable to use,

If a woman wears a fashionable clothes, she must need a high -quality and beautiful bag when she goes out. A good bag can make fashion more fashionable elements, but also to improve the finishing touch of the overall temperament. Many Madou catwalks, or the fashion show of the plane models do not forget to hang a bag in their hands.

daniel albehni女包怎么样,优质头层皮手工编织

Advantages: real materials, beautiful shapes, classic styles, fine workmanship, easy matching, easy to carry, convenient capacity, simple storage, comfortable use. It is really a sweet fan, worthy of the lady model, and supporting the British fan.

daniel albehni女包怎么样,优质头层皮手工编织

Disadvantages: The inner compartment is a bit simple, and it feels good to use it. Do you think that the disadvantage is that it is better to personally think that there is another zipper closure in the middle of the bag.