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Three minutes to understand the wedding dress of each dynasty

Peach blossoms, colorful, bright red. This girl is getting married and is very happy with her husband’s family.

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the years are just right. “Yao Tao” is the celebration and blessing of the Chinese national wedding during the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period.

The soul of the wedding is naturally the wedding dress of the bride, but what is the wedding dress of so many Han nationality in five thousand years?

Today, Xiaobian will let you see the Chinese pastry wedding dress, but after reading, find me in the background!


Wear black when married.

Zhou Dynasty

Zhou Dynasty was referred to, and the marriage system also highlighted etiquette.

The Wedding Wedding is a faint ceremony. As the name suggests, the faint is also at dusk, the wedding is only held at dusk, and the tone is solemn.

Etiquette, the stunning of the show is the earliest wedding record in China. Of course, it is not only suitable for show class.


According to the description of “The Gift”, the wedding dress of the Zhou Dynasty is a mysterious color, with a dark black as the main color, and the color is a car.

These drawings are for display only and does not mean that they are fully compliant.

In the perception of Zhou people, the sky is mysterious (black in black), and the earth is deep purple. The color of the wedding dress reflects the awe of Zhou Dynasty.

The groom wears a mysterious head and the knight medal on his head. The bride is a pure dress, black silk dress, light purple skirt.

Men and women wedding dresses do not have much difference in shape, all of the robes, tops and skirts. Some scholars believe that this model is to express women’s single.

Wedding dresses cover knees (covering thighs to knees) and shoes are wearing black robes, the main color is turned black.

number 2

The new style of a unique design.

Han Dynasty

What is the shape of a Women’s wedding dress in the Han Dynasty?


Maybe we can learn from ancient poetry to one or two, with poetry proof history.

“Peacock Southeast Flying” is one of the Shuangwalls of the Yuefu. I will be familiar with everyone. “Peacock Southeast Flying” is the longest narrative poem in ancient times, a love tragedy of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

“The desire of song and dancing begins, the bride has made a strict makeup. I embroider a skirt, what is four or five, the foot of Nieshi shoes, the head of the turtle. If your waist is flowing, you will hear it Mingyue. For example, cutting onion roots and Dani’s mouth. Exquisite and delicate, delicate and unparalleled. “


The image of the newlywed woman Liu Lai Zhi is very vivid from clothes, hair accessories, and waistband to shoes.

In addition, in the cultural relics unearthed in the Changsha Mawang, there are many Chinese costumes, such as silk embroidery, silk skirts, etc., for us to provide reliable information for our costumes.

The wedding dress of the Han Dynasty has different styles, including one robes and skirts, which is a typical top-bearing system.

Swing up and down, loot and vertical.

Depending on the height of the skirt, you can be divided into a waist and high waist and a high waist, a high waist, a high waist. At the style of the collar, it can be divided into a curved skin skirt and a direct lender.

Whether the clip can be divided into single-clamp and double clip, Liu Lai Zhiwei is a double clip.

With the popularity of deep clothes, the fifak dress, the ancient women’s wedding dress also happen.

In addition, the embroidery of the Han Dynasty wedding dress is more beautiful and colorful.

Not only have dark black, but also Yang Hong and Huanghuang.

Of course, because Han Cheng Qin system, Qin followed the text, so dark black is still the main wedding dress.


number 3

White wedding dress? Let us play the rest.

Wei and Jin Dynasties

During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, he left a lot of paintings, let us see the romantic feelings of the Wei Dynasty.

Gu Yuzhi’s “Luo Shen Fu” showed the women’s clothing at the time, Luo Shen wore a cross-collar shirt, right pants, like a flying cloud, sleeves wide, flying around, very fairy.

The costume system during the Wei and Jin Dynasties is basically followed by the old system in the Qin and Han Dynasties, based on the waist coat and shirt, and the waist coat is a fashion style.

It’s hard to imagine that in the Wei Dynasty, I specially advocated white, for a long time, women’s uniforms and even wedding dresses were white.

We usually believe that both rituals are red and white, and white wedding dresses are undoubtedly a great subversion of traditional impression.


Zhang Wei wrote the book of the “Old Temple”, which records Jin Wenguin’s folk customs, such as “Jin Wen’s public”, with white hub, white yarn, white silk shirt, purple junction. “


It can be seen that the white wedding dress is a wedding dress in the Wei Dynasty. The wedding dress is not so thick, and it is more light and elegant.

White wedding has the taste of modern Western weddings, but in the cultural sense, it is very different.

Xu is because of the prevalence of Wei Dynasty. Whether you don’t pay attention, people in this period will return to the original nature, began to take a small fresh route, very light elegant.


No 4


Marriage also loves red with green?

Tang Song Dynasty.


Tang Dynasty is China’s most brilliant feudal dynasty, opening an inclusive, and the weather in Tang Tang is coming.


The wedding dress of the Tang Dynasty is naturally in line with Datang’s gas, elegant, absolutely superior.

The wedding dress in this period is deep red, history book records “showcase false”, women “wear flowers, green clothes shoes”.

It is this bold and bright color, and it is worthy of the prosperous meteorological meteorous and fascinating.

According to “New Tang Book”, the women’s wedding dress of nine products is large-dimensioned skirt, quality green 纱 简, knee, big belt, belt, homoles, flowers, clothes, 鬓, jewelry gold silver treasure.

The elderly married women are a flower, ornament with gold and silver glazes, with a dress, green tan, belt and shoe.


It can be seen that the Tang people attach great importance to the jewelry effect of the hairpin and the wedding, even the hairpin wedding dress has become very popular and important costumes at the time.


The wedding form of the Song Dynasty is based on the Tang Dynasty, which has evolved, from cumbersome gorgeous to simple and introverted.

The large-sleeved wedding dress of the Song Dynasty, referred to as a large sleeve or sweater, which is slightly in the Tang Dynasty, not so wide, can be shaped, and more cyan.

Classic red debut.


In the ceremonial, respectful feudal society, there is strict regulations and restrictions on the selection of clothing and color, this should not be surpassed.

The Ming Dynasty may be the most friendly when the civilian wedding. Because of the acquiescence of the open country Zhu Yuanzhang, the civilian wedding dress is also known as a fake dress.

Ordinary man, also called Xiao Deng Ke, you can wear nine private services, the bride can also use the Nine Take the Tuanfeng down.

The big red shirt is a double-breasted, a round neck style, a red skirt with a lot of pleats and width. The style of the long skirt has changed very much. In the past, it is generally short-haired, long jacket.

Ming Dynasty wedding pets Chong Shang red, the school community generally believed that the red wedding dress was a marriage custom of the formation and determination in the Ming Dynasty, and was deemed by the later generation as a typical representative of China’s wedding dress.

Red wedding, top, phoenix crown and summer skin, this classic traditional wedding dress has been used.

The above is only a small silver to the Chinese ancient Chinese national wedding dress. In fact, even in the same dynasty, different periods, different levels, wedding dress is also very different.

So this is just a horse view, which involves more detailed adoption and research. If you are interested, you can check the relevant information to learn more ~

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