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Qiao Xin is really not afraid of cold, wearing a tight -fitting umbilical outfit in the short cotton jacket, which is high and thin.

The length of the clothing is also one of the key factors that everyone needs to reference in the process of dressing and dressing. The length or short clothing length is different.

It may be high and thin, and it is also inevitable for the risk of lowering the height.

Basically, it can be divided into four lengths: short, conventional, medium and long models, and long models. The length of the short model focuses on showing the proportion of the figure. Idea,

The same long and long clothing lengths have played a key role in the improvement of personal aura, full of charm


The “Sanqi wear” rules of short jackets are hot, and 4 types of daily travel are too A. The coat items are a type of clothing with high frequency in daily life, so

According to the different division of clothing length, the fashionable charm and trend of fashion are also very different!

The charm of short jackets


White short cotton clothing


The warm cotton clothing items are also fashionable. It can be stylish and cool to match, and the key to clothing charm is not exactly determined by clothing style.

The length of cotton clothes is also one of the key factors.

For example, choosing a short cotton dress for matching, and the short cotton clothing has a clear division of personal figure from the length of the length. At the same time, choose high -waisted trousers to match.

The golden segmentation ratio presented is also very attractive, high and thin, and charm.

The white short cotton clothing, from the color perspective, has a certain expansion effect in itself, so

From the perspective of visual effects, it is easy to wear bloated, but it is very different to choose a short fluffy small cotton clothing to match it.

Inner tight body navel

The short cotton clothing looks very delicate and delicate, so

It is full of vitality to avoid occupying a large area of ​​vision. It can be said that it is cute and playful.

Essence There is a big taboo in the clothing matching, which is the same color of the same color with the same color. It is not recommended to everyone with a white bottoming shirt or top in the white short cotton clothing.


On the one hand, the effect of color is similar, and on the other hand, because the color is too high

It is easy to wear a fat effect. It is recommended that you choose dark -colored clothing as a better inner dress. At the same time, it will be good to choose a tight top or navel dressing as an inside.

In addition, in the overall matching scheme,

It is the best choice to choose high -waisted trousers with short cotton clothes. From the perspective of clothing length, the body area is clearly divided.

The proportion of golden segmentation is obviously present. Among them, high -waisted jeans, high -waisted micro -trousers, wide -leg trousers, etc. can be switched at will.


Short jacket trendy dresses


Blue woolen denim jacket

Some trendy clothing items are often based on basic clothing, and at the same time combine small element design to add the trendy fluid of clothing, showing a colorful design style, and it has a very trendy experience to match.

Blue short denim jackets can be said to be a kind of ordinary clothing, and at the same time, the contrasting design enhances the trend.

At the same time, the edge elements are used as a highlight, and it will be very individual to match.

Similarly, for short denim jackets with a very high frequency, during the process of matching, it is enough to show a highly thin charm.


Whether it is a short dress, or choosing short casual pants or yoga pants, it is very good

, Age -age fashion is high and thin, let’s unlock it together!

Milk yellow knit sweater

Soft glutinous knit sweater, it is extremely soft and cute to match,

At the same time, the effect of age -reducing is also relatively strong, and it is also the case to choose a light -colored knitted sweater to match

Essence The faint and fresh milk yellow reflects the unique charm with a very gentle color effect. At the same time, under the soft and glutinous texture of the short sweater, it is very suitable for young girls to choose. The upper body is sweet and full of charm.

Increase the dark red bow element for modification, the local design looks very bright

It is also recommended to be complicated to be simple to match, so choosing casual -style denim trousers randomly switch to wear will also be a good choice. Among them, high -waisted jeans will be more suitable for matching.


Silver cotton clothing with gray sports trousers

The biggest charm of short clothing jacket is to show the golden ratio, so when choosing clothing, you mainly refer to the color matching plan.

The color of the clothing looks eye -catching, is it difficult to wear the whole dress so that the whole look does not look wrong.

Among them, silver trendy and technological cotton clothing looks very attractive, with a certain degree of gloss and eye -catching, and at the same time

To choose a gray sports pants that are similar to the same high -grade light luxury, it is simple and fashionable, simple and stylish, coloring


It is very suitable as a daily wear.



Milk yellow knit sweater