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This year’s skirts also started to roll inward! These 3 skirts are indispensable, thin and elegant and charm

The coming of the spring is not only changing the temperature, but also a lot of changes in our combination, but many sisters in spring like to try the matching of skirts and romantic intellectuals. If you want to become more fashionable, you can continue to consider the following matching.

I have to say that this year’s skirts have begun to roll inward. Both the color and the version have made a lot of changes. Let us all look at it. If you also want to match it with personal charm, you can give ourselves to ourselves Start all kinds of fashionable skirts below, let’s take a look together.

1. Inner roll of skirt-“inner rolls” of selection skills

The first point: try to take the body model as much as possible, do not choose the loose model

When choosing a model, be sure to learn some skills. Compared with loose skirts, I recommend that you consider using this slim skirt to make concave shapes.

And slim skirts have a thinner effect than loose skirts. If the version is too loose, there will be some bulky to match.

The comparison below is quite obvious,

Compared with the slim -fitting version, the loose version becomes a lot bloated at once. Whether your lower body is slim or slightly fat, try to choose a version that is not so expanded.

Second point: Choose high waist models, do not choose low waist

The design of the high waist is more suitable for the small man,


In particular, the proportion of many people is not picky. Choosing a low -waist skirt will look short, and it will even cause your proportion to look five or five.

If you don’t know the importance of the waistline, you can directly see the comparison of the figure below,

The waistline of the skirt on the left is relatively low, and the waistline on the right is relatively high. It is more conducive to thinner and high, and it is also more friendly for the small man.

Third point: Choose short models, do not choose and knee models

The length of the skirt is closely related to your height. The small one chooses short models, and the tall man chooses long models. Everyone knows this principle, but this year is more popular.


In particular, don’t try the half -body skirt near the knee. This length is the most embarrassing, it is easy to expose your proportion problem, and it looks very bulky.

In this year’s fashion circle, the most popular is short skirts. The length is on the knee, but you must cover one third of your thighs. Try to avoid strengths as possible and modify your long legs.

Second, the inner roll of the skirt-3 most popular skirts this year

Single product 1: leather skirt


From the perspective of material, the hottest this year is the leather skirt. The leather material is very special. The luster of this fabric is also relatively strong. It is easy to attract the attention of others, which will greatly enhance your charm and look retro and modern.


“However, when choosing a leather skirt, you must pay attention to the color. The most recommended you to try the black skirt, which is thin and versatile. You can also learn from wine red and brown, which is more mature and stable.”

Single product 2: umbrella skirt

What is an umbrella skirt? In simple terms, it is

The lower body skirt is the same as umbrella, showing a narrow and width effect. This kind of umbrella skirt is more suitable for a wide body, and it is also suitable for thick legs. It is more comfortable than the hip skirt, and it is also fashionable to match. Essence Most umbrella skirts are relatively long, but they are not tired, and they can be thinner with a slim top.


Single product 3: sleeveless dress

The matching of the dress cannot be selected at will. A fit dress can add a lot to your temperament. However


You can learn from the sleeveless dress below, not only you can wear in summer, you can learn from spring and autumn.

The sleeveless design is very suitable for spring,


A shirt and bottoming shirt can enhance the sense of hierarchy, but you should pay attention to the proportion of the upper body. It is best to waist on the waist design, and the fabric of the sleeveless design office on the shoulder should not be restrained.

Third, the inner roll of the skirt-wear inner roll

Fashionable how to wear 1: Skirts + boots

In terms of matching,


You can try different styles of shoes. Do n’t always match yourself with small white shoes. For example, the Martin boots in the picture below with a skirt are very fashionable, and the matching of the Martin boots is cooler, full of fashionable charm, and thin and thin.

When wearing boots with skirts,

Try not to cover your calf and ankle. The matching below shows the calf, so it looks a lot light and very fashionable.

Fashionable way to wear 2: skirt + socks

The combination of spring must also pay attention to the effect of keeping warm. At this time, many sisters will choose to use skirts to match socks, which will definitely make your mix more warm

The matching of socks can also modify the ankle, practicality and aesthetics mergers.

For example, the mix of the figure below is very foreign,

If your ability to control is very strong, you can also choose a contrasting stockings, such as socks and skirts and shoes, which can brighten your dress more.

This year’s skirts have begun to roll inward. Are the sisters be excited about these fashionable styles and matching. In fact, the skirt is very plastic. Whether you like sexy wind or gentle wind, you can learn from it. Essence And you have to mix and match with different shoes to add points to your shape.