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Drop a magic sound of Maer’s “screaming chicken” makes people want to replay!

▲ Just looking at the picture, it seemed to hear the screaming chicken magic. (Photo / Refined from The Dodo fan page, the same is the same.)

给马儿一只「尖叫鸡」 甩出它的魔性音效让人想重播!

Net search group / comprehensive report

The magical sound of “screaming chicken” is often spoofed. When it emits the sound of “Oh House Oh House Oh House”, it will make the animals curious to observe. The animal organization “The DODO” posted a video on the fan page After giving Ma’er screaming chicken, how will it use?

When the breeder biting the screaming chicken for the horse, the toy made a familiar scream (?), And saw that the horse seemed to like the sound very much, biting the toy and shaking his head, and the toy also made “Oh oh House Oh House Oh the House “Magic voice,

So this horse seemed to be addicted, and kept shaking his head, making the screaming chicken make a sound.

There are 3 million viewing times on the Internet. Although there are not too many pictures, but watching the horse screaming chickens alone, this interesting picture also makes people watch the full video unknowingly.

Netizens have also said that they have seen it many times, because they are too funny, and some netizens shared their pets to meet the “screaming chicken” response. For this sounded toy, the animals seemed to have fun.