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Haiqing this skirt is really fancy, the printed tube top net gauze shoulders, the light texture can not cover what

#What to wear today#



The skirt has always reflected the unique charm of women

Fashion weapon

Going to Cardamom Girls to Fashion Bao Mom is a single product that can be easily controlled. The style of the skirt is also


For example, elegant knee long skirt, cute and playful hot girl, dignified and generous dress, shape

Unique fishtail skirt.


In summer, the skirt is also the first choice for many little fairy

Wear items.

Because not only is elegant and beautiful but also greatly improved, the comfort of wearing is also in terms of dressing.


So how to modify yourself through skirts under the premise of maximizing comfort

Advantages and disadvantages

And how to choose a set of skirts with its own unique style, it seems that it does not fall into the vulgar set

Particularly important


Next, let’s teach all the fairy how to choose through the “National Daughter -in -law” Haiqing dress.

Suitable for your skirt

At the same time, come to learn from Haiqing’s


Wearing skills

Analysis of the wear of Haiqing skirt

Haiqing this skirt is really fancy, print tube top

Net yarn shoulders

, The light and light texture can’t cover anything. Hairlang is very good for fashion matching.

Sexy and noble



Sexy and dignified and elegant

While integrating, he perfectly shows his figure. I have to say Haiqing

Good head and body

, Combing oil

Not showing a big face

, A fancy skirt also controls it.


High -level fashion features of skirts

Skirts have always been the best item for women’s charm. It’s not just a single dress that can make the whole person

Very dignified

, Colorful skirt, fresh and elegant floral dress, and the careful machine design that follows the trend

Perspective skirt.

By effective wear skills, you can further show your personal advantages

Maximize the disadvantages to modify


In general, skirts are in women’s summer

Essential item

Then choose a set of skirts that suits you according to your own needs while choosing, and you can

A lot of points

And a good design style and a collision with the skirt can show your perfection

Body curve

Create the proportion of the head and body

Three -seven points

, Extend the proportion of the legs to make the overall shape


, Let the overall look

More advanced.

How to choose a skirt design and what do you need to pay attention to?

First of all, we need to be very careful about the design of the skirt and the fabric, length and details

Research and analysis.

Perfect design will


While the charm and advanced sense are highlighted, it also increases its perfect figure proportion to create a three -seven -point point of three or seven points

Head ratio


Details on the waist will treat the waist


, The perfect design outlines our figure curve just right, using the design characteristics of the skirt to modify the figure to create a strong individual

Charm characteristics.

Form the advanced level with fashion to make yourself your own

Advantages amplification

, Carrying to advanced and fashion to the end.

The fashion matching of the tube top shoulder printing sexy long skirt

Black lace tube top, revealing

Sexy shoulder

, The sexy tube top skirt appears to be even more due to the addition of lace elements


The overall skirt handmade embroidery printing is perfectly integrated

Chinese elements,


Dignified and elegant

The waist is exquisitely tailoring to decorate the body and decompose.

The design of the back split will expose the slender calves and add a trace

Sexy atmosphere

At the same time, avoiding too much to make the whole dress too much

Beautiful vulgar.

The high -level unique design has modified the proportion of the body, and it is visually more

Pull the leg line

, Make the whole feel more

Graceful and luxurious

Look at the makeup part, because it is superior

Head -and -body

Even the easiest oil head shape can be controlled just right, with the overall dignified skirt, which looks like the whole person.

Capable and elegant

, Will the whole person’s temperament


Promote to the extreme

Whole skirt

Dignified and elegant

Even if a plain color has passed the details of the “careful machine”, it looks particularly designed

Not monotonous.

Metal earrings add to the overall shape

Many details

More coordinated,

Sometimes small accessories can really add a lot to the entire shape

High -level sense

More skirts and recommendations

Black perspective skirt

This fresh

Floral skirt

The rose red printing with a cyan gauze has an ancient Chinese

Oriental beauty

, Give people a refreshing feeling in the hot summer

Divided into coolness.

The V -neck design of the collar looks like neck lines

Very smooth

Essence The perspective effect of the arm part, on the one hand, reveal the fair skin, and on the other hand, wearing


Also greatly improved, very consistent

Summer needs.


Light -colored


The dress of the whole person looks particularly good. It can be said that it is cool in summer

Very good model.

The black perspective is matched with a black suspender skirt to show the sexy beauty of women. The satisfactory black printed skin appears to see the skin

Particularly fair

The length of the skirt is also correctly modified

Leg line

, With black bright drill high -heeled shoes, adjust the overall proportion to

Best state.

This set


At the same time, the addition of the perspective elements makes the design of the whole piece of clothes tightly follow

Trend of the Time

Essence This suit can be said to have a sense of design and a sense of design

Dignified and elegant

Women exude from the inside out


Intellectual beauty

It can be said that it is in the workplace women

Wearing a wind -oriented

Essence Not only retains the style of freedom of dressing and sexy

No losing etiquette.

Orange shirt skirt

Light orange

Overall color

, It seems that the whole person is playful, cute and vibrant, and will make the whole person’s sense of age

Further low,

Make the whole person


The design of the upper body shirt collar makes the lines of the shoulder and neck tough and the overall loose hem is also the lower limbs

It is particularly slender.

The strap design of the waist also outlines the waist lines, and the bow design on the waist also adds a trace of the overall monotonous design.

Sylphory and careful.

The overall tough line also reflects the unique tailoring and

Fabric texture.

It looks simple but simple but but

Very texture

Skirts can not only show women

Elegant charm

, Can also show women’s femininity to more, so the beautiful female friends who love beauty quickly come and try your place

Favorite skirt
















, Let the overall look

Black perspective skirt