Bridge Lamps

Add a large woolen wool cotton clothes, others are still freezing, and you are warm as spring

Inside the velvet, the soft and comfortable velvet, the cotton sleeves, and the body are quite thick!Instantly transformed into this little fan girl ~~ I can see the thick feeling ~

The hair collar can be disassembled for easy cleaning!Single sleeve’s zipper -style pocket, full of fashion, the design style of the cuffs tightly sleeves, fine workmanship, tightening of impermeability, inside cotton, western and warmth must be available!IntersectionIntersection


The material of the velvet inside, the fabric is smooth and warm.In the autumn and winter, wearing two styles, the color of the inner hair is the same as the fox’s hair collar, and it is integrated.

The little fairies who are afraid of cold, you have welfare ~~ Today this clothes are very amazing, so don’t say the style, the thickness is also in the eyes, the inside and the sleeves are thickened a layer of lambs, fry the stir -fry, stir -fryWarm chicken warm


The hooded style, the edge of the hat is added with a layer of soft and cute.


Xiaobian is immersed in the world of big hair collar and cannot extricate itself. The fur collar of the imitation of the furry can be removed … add velvet and velvet and velvet, cotton pinch cotton and cotton


The medium -length style protects the knees and legs, covering the flesh while it is very warm!The same -color imitation fox hair collar is integrated, so do not want to be western?

Western and foreign, important things to say three times, just like big hair collar, soft and comfortable big hair collar, do not want to let go, the hair collar can be removed and easy to clean.