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Zhou Xun has never lost his hand in Chanel! Little fragrant wind set with elastic pants, which is better than the model

When it comes to Chanel, I have to mention Zhou Xun, “Human Chanel”. Among the many stars’ interpretation of Chanel shape, Zhou Xun is the most absolutely the best. Although her appearance and figure are not outstanding, the temperament is very in line with brand tone. Recently, Zhou Xun performed a new series of “Women’s Castle” highly handicraft workshop series, putting the most classic little incense wind out of high level, elegant into the bones.

Analysis of Zhou Xun Chanel Style:

(1) Small incense wind set set

Chanel is the most classic is the small incense wind jacket, which can be paired with different styles of style, but it is really rare for small incense wind sets to be a suit, but Zhou Xun interprets her advanced and elegant.

The short small incense wind jacket is based on the outline tailoring,

Falling shoulder design and lengthened sleeve design to modify the shoulder lines while also visually achieved a good and thin effect

, Traditional collarless+clothesless design, more sexy.


High -waist style small incense super shorts, help help


Increase the proportion of a straight line shape in the waist line

, Very suitable for small girls. overall

“Long and down short”

The set of sets of sets to the legs to the legs have played a good effect. The small fragrant wind set is rendered with milk white and embellished with black spots elements. It is simple to highlight the high fashion sense.

(2) Elastic pants+tube top, soil flavor shape is also advanced

If you want to control the small incense suit, it is not easy. It is difficult to produce a good chemical reaction with other items. If it is improper, it is easy to turn over.

The silver elastic leggings, from the color matching and the milk white small incense suit, are not obtrusive, and

The characteristics of the style tighten the legs of the legs, and the longitudinal lengthent shape is further achieved.

Silver tube top and small incense breeze jacket, build


Simple and stylish stacking effect




Increasing the skin area

Highlight the beautiful collarbone and give full play to the advantages of the figure. The blessing of black high -heeled shoes forms a distinctive visual contrast with low saturation. The high -end color combination is simple and comfortable, which can highlight the temperament of the wearer.

(3) Ponytail hairstyle, age reduction and playful

Judging from makeup,


The high ponytail hairstyle highlights the exquisite facial features and the outline of the face.

Simple and generous and more playful, play a good age reduction effect. With exquisite makeup,

Increased the makeup of the eyes and lips, it is not old -fashioned without dressing, dignified and atmospheric.

Compared with the small incense wind shape of the model, Zhou Xun is obviously better.

Zhou Xun belongs to a typical small skeleton body. After putting on tight leggings, he fully exerts his body advantages, which is high and thin.

The effect of the model of the model looks thicker and less refined

Essence The second is the matching of accessories. Zhou Xun only wore a long earrings and the simple atmosphere and the visual sense was extended.

The models are equipped with a super complicated necklace, which looks particularly cumbersome and chaotic.

Zhou Xun: The unique world Chanel

The old Buddha Karl Lagerfeld’s clicked like Chanel himself, Zhou Xun is one of them.

It has been 12 years since 2009, and Zhou Xun has also performed a number of Chanel styles, which has become a well -deserved “Seanita”.


Xiaoxiangfeng conjoined skirt, the formal style lapel design highlights the dignified and elegant temperament, the whole is rendered in pink tone.

Setting off the skin color and also have a good age -reducing effect

Essence The length of the skirt is placed in the thigh position,

Increasing leg exposure is even higher

, And equipped with waist design,

Highlighting the waistline to divide the body ratio

Rice white round collar Chanel sweater, increases the neck’s dew skin, highlights the exquisite clavicle, elegant and sexy, the lower body is paired with black and white striped wide -leg pants, white high heels and tops echoed.


Smart and intellectual creation of fashion workplace women wear


Black Chanel short -sleeved T -shirt with black and white checkerboard skirt,

Use the details of the “jacket horn” to increase the waist line to divide the body proportion,

It is high and thin, which is very suitable for small children. Blessing the Chanel chain packaging, playfulness highlights a bit of light maturity,

Daily or workplace can be controlled.


The middle -length windbreaker jacket is designed with a skirt cutting, which is more beautiful to integrate more female elements. Inner shorts and T -shirts,

The “missing shirt” method is high and thinner


, And a large area of ​​contrasting elements create a strong sense of visual, setting out a refreshing personality atmosphere.

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