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Ailian’s new generation of intelligent smoke jw -N-501 fire smoke alarm

Aili An Optoelectronics Fire Smoke Smoke Detection Alarm Fire Fighting Certification Smooth Ty -N-501 Product Overview

Optical smoke fire detection alarm (hereinafter referred to as the alarm) is a 433MHz wireless smoke alarm that can detect the smoke generated during the fire and issue a alarm signal in time. The alarm uses an optoelectronic smoke sensing device. The flame retardant material shell and the excellent production process are beautiful in appearance and stable in work. It can be widely used in places where residential, leisure halls, cafes, singing halls, shops, warehouses, etc. need to be monitored by fire safety alarm.

Aili An Optoelectronics Fire Smoke Smoke Detection Alarm Fire Certification Smooth Smooth JTY -N-501 series technical parameters

Power: Two sections 5 1.5V LR6 AA 1600mAh environmentally friendly alkaline battery

Working voltage: DC2.5 ~ 3V

Static current: ≤20UA

Alarm current: ≤35ma

Battery life: ≤ 2 years

Alarm reminder: red LED, sound light alarm alarm

艾礼安新一代智能烟感JW-AN-501 消防烟雾报警器

Alarm sound pressure:> 80db (a) (at 3m in front)

Work temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Work humidity: ≤95%RH

Wireless communication frequency: 433MHz

Wireless distance: empty ≤100 meters

Size: 102.0×40.5mm (diameter X high)

艾礼安新一代智能烟感JW-AN-501 消防烟雾报警器

3. Product use environment

1. Applicable place

Can be widely used in Jiazhai, shops, warehouses, hotels, apartments, factories

Houses and other places. It is recommended to install it in the center of the roof to stay away from the dead area.

2. Place that should not be installed

A, raw Eily and Fanmei, please ask the water vapor to boil a lot.

B. A place where corrosive gases are generated.

C. Garage, kitchen and place where there are cigarettes staying in normal circumstances.

D. High temperature and high humidity.

K <50cm

Best installation location

Error installation area

5. Precautions for use

1. Please do not install the alarm at high temperature, high humidity, and large dust

In the place, the air around the alarm should be kept air cleaning.

2. Do not install alarm on a large amount of paint, diluent, etc. to produce glue

Places to suspended items to avoid affecting the normal monitoring of the alarm.

3. This product is an photoelectric sensor detection alarm, which can

Send an sound light alarm prompt,

艾礼安新一代智能烟感JW-AN-501 消防烟雾报警器

But the fire extinguishing function cannot be played, our company is right

Any property caused by the fire shall bear any legal liability.

6. Maintenance and maintenance

1. After the alarm is installed, you need to press the self -inspection button to test each month. If

Discovery failure should be processed in time


The normal environment does not, the battery life can reach 2 years, but at high temperature and high

U also using wet and other environments will shorten the battery life

3. When the alarm battery is under pressure, please replace the same type of battery in time, heavy

After changing the technique, the self -inspection button will be replaced successfully if it can be replaced.

4 The reporter should be installed before the debugging, and it should be bruised before the installation

Answer the corresponding dustproof and moisture -proof measures.

5. If there is a problem in the use of the alarm, please do not enter the alarm in private

Maintenance, disconnect the power supply contact the local dealer for after -sales processing.

.. After the alarm alarms, please replace the new battery (after the fire occurs, the alarm will always call the alarm until the smoke is dispersed or no power will be stopped)