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I have drooping sagging and a pair of breasts. I want to recommend adjusting underwear?

As the saying goes: When you are young and ignorant, who has not been hurt by a few scum men, who has not been destroyed by a few scum! The strong publicity of underwear companies and the media, pursuing ditch is the values ​​of beauty, which has caused many girls to be confused by the career line, but they are not very plump until they encounter adjusting underwear …

Let’s get a few pictures of spicy eyes first, high -energy warning in front!

▲ 6 buckle -the front wave is surging, turning and scaring soft boyfriend

▲ No ditch is equal to breastless? Gather the stuck groove, drop–

Little white girls are more likely to be misleading:

Some product details page will also give you “popular science” first, and then launch the adjustment bra. It looks great!

Different chest types correspond to different underwear, and many girls have chosen wrong!

What brand is good to join underwear stores? Free franchise, headquarters.


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From Lightness Leatnis brand! Intersection Intersection Need to be private-letter-leaving couplet-Fang-Fang! Intersection Intersection

Dagging, extension, paramilk, dispersion, fat, postpartum recovery. How to do? Leatnis adjusts underwear to create a perfect body!

Which brand is good for underwear? Underwear franchise store rankings, underwear franchise brand underwear franchise stores, which brand of underwear can join? What brand of underwear is good now? Leter Nisse (Wee ❤13-6-31-51-02-3-3) Brand underwear franchise store-one-stop supply-China Merchants Franchise.

▲ Sister Zhiling’s same paragraph, looks pretty good

Even if you go to the counter, the situation is not much better. Sister Cabinet will strongly ask you to try it on, and then analyze that your chest is a little scattered. Expansion is very serious. Girls should care about themselves. Oh. Then there was a deep ditch standing, and the airport became a big Bobo, and then taught you a set of fleshy Dafa, put on the arm, under the armpit, and the meat behind the bras. It takes half an hour to make it effective.

But it won’t be long before I find that the rabbit is crowded and painful. The vest has a short chest tightness and dizziness. Going back to the store to feedback to tell the habit … Some girls, for the sake of beauty, have been wearing it for several years. However, it is found that the chest shape is not better, but it is getting smaller and smaller! Intersection

Can adjustment really adjust? Knock on the blackboard, the point is here!

First of all, clarify a definition. The role of the bra is used to cover and support the breast. It is claimed that it can eliminate the auxiliary milk, expand, sag, and change the high side of the chest shape. Please look down on the myth of the underwear.

1. Frequent flesh can dial the fat on the back of the arm to the chest?

Just blame the people of the people to the people’s brains, what? Can fats return? Then I poured a stand and asked me to flow the fat on my belly!

Well, joking, fat is stored in fat cells, and after the growing fat cells grows, just like any other tissue cells, it will only become larger and smaller, will not shift, and will not disappear out of thin air. I really thought that it was gone with a weight loss meter to shock?

Unless medical methods, such as liposuction, a simple and rude way, reduce fat, can only reduce the fat storage of each fat cell by diet control calories and exercise consumption. To put it simply, it is impossible to push fat cells to the desired position by adjusting underwear.

2. Can the high -side ratio eliminate the auxiliary milk?


First of all, girls have to figure out whether your auxiliary milk is innate or acquired. If it is a congenital paramilk and there is no lesion, you don’t need to worry; the reason for the acquired vice milk may be due to the recent weight gain, hormone changes, or long -term unsuccessful underwear.

The main function of the branter ratio is supporting, and the design of the mid -to -high side is to support big Mimi instead of collecting auxiliary milk.


In order to wrap the auxiliary milk, he did not hesitate to compress the underarm lymphatic; in order to gather the chest, he squeezed the cleavage with a small steel ring. The result is that the auxiliary milk is crowded and larger, and in the end, it can only be covered with the “adjustment” underwear with an ultra -wide side ratio and ultra -high -clip bend to cover and the protruding armpit fat. A piece of steel rim and cup capacity can help to get rid of the original position because of the small breasts squeezed out of the underwear and make a smaller elimination, which has nothing to do with whether it is adjusted.

▲ Ultra -thick lingerie can not only collect the auxiliary milk, but squeeze out the meat because of the small cup capacity

▲ The cup is so small, where can I put my chest?

3. Can adjustment be saved sagging breasts?

The cause of the sagging of the chest mainly comes from the gravity pulling and the lax ligament of the breast.

The gravity of the earth cannot be changed. Maybe you go to the equator to live, where the gravity is smaller. Gravity is directly proportional to the quality, so the “tension” received by the big breasts is much larger than that of small breasts. The small breast girl is fortunate at this point, because it is not drooping. : 🙂

And the suspension of the breasts becomes relaxed with the age of the breast. Do n’t yy to adjust the underwear to the 60 -year -old breast. The function of the underwear is to confront the ground gravity to support the speed of supporting the sagging. In addition, in the case of exercise, it is recommended to wear exercise bras to avoid causing irreversible damage caused by exercise to fragile suspension.

▲ You still can’t hold the rumors of drooping on the Internet?

4. Sister Cabinet said that I am expanding the meat and scattered, so I often dial the meat back so that the chest is credible?

If the cabinet sister holds the soft ruler to measure the distance between the nipples and then pulls the golden ratio of the BLA BLA … Go to your expansion, what happened to my chest wide and two chests, your two eyes are still It looks too open.

Our ribs are curved, and natural breasts will separate the nipples and point to the two sides instead of the front. There is a feeling of a foreign minister (otherwise you can post two buns on the cylindrical water bottle). To improve the expansion, what you need is a fit bra and sleep underwear.

▲ Big breasts do not necessarily have ditch because of the width of the chest

▲ The naturally expanding Scarlett does not care at all

The meat dispersion that the cabinet said should be that the chest shape is relatively scattered and the outline is not obvious. Others are beautiful papaya milk, but you are two flat meat buns. In fact, there is nothing wrong, but your chest type is a disc type, not drooping and expanding.

▲ The scattered and small discs, it will look much bigger when wearing underwear

▲ Small and non -scattered hemispherical breasts, the amount of milk is not much but the ups and downs are obvious

5. Can adjustment really adjust the chest shape?

The chest shape is natural. It is impossible to turn water drops into a hemispherical type by adjusting the underwear. It is as ridiculous as you want to strangle the pear body into an hourglass -shaped shape and damage to the human body.

Underwear is usually too small and the cup is too small. After wearing it, the round and upright visual effect is very good, but I do n’t know that the breasts in the cup have been squeezed and deformed.

Some girls are still complaining because they are not chest -shaped. In fact, the large chassis and low altitude breasts are not easy to sag. Native

▲ But you can tighten the chest type by exercising the pectoral muscles

6. Hey, the steel ring will cut the chest and cause cancer. Isn’t it good to wear a steel ring or buy a large size steel ring? I’m so witty!

Stop! The underwear is not proven to be related to any breast disease. There is no wrong steel sponge. The wrong thing is that your way of dressing and choosing underwear that is not suitable for yourself.

The thick cup without steel rings will still squeeze your chest, and buy a large number of steel rings a little overkill. If the steel rim is too large, it will lose its support for the chest. Small cup girls can choose a comfortable and portable medium -thin -no -steel -free underwear according to their own conditions, while the big cup girls recommend wearing during the physiological period. Daily need to ensure the support of the breast.

7. The adjustment of the breasts of the breast cannot be shaped, so what about the thin ones? I heard that the underwear of the B family is amazing, and the people who wear it are raised!

Compared with the domestic breasts that have long chests and breasts, the adjustment of underwear abroad is much relatively friendly.


However, the B -family underwear passed on the Internet is not as magical as the legend. It only chose the appropriate steel circle bottom fence and cups. The chest is no longer squeezed by thick cups, and the chest gradually restore its original shape. As long as you choose the right underwear, you will have the same “raising cup” effect. Everyone’s chest shape is different, and the suitable cup type is different. You don’t have to follow the trend blindly.

Some girls may say, I understand the truth, but some occasions need to be worn!


No problem, we just do not recommend daily wear -adjustment and integer underwear to “adjust” the chest shape. Occasionally, we need to wear it once when wearing a “shirt”, but the selection criteria should be suitable for ourselves, let alone fascinated the card groove gap Oh.

In the end, the big breasts have a big breast sexy, and the small breasts have the beauty of small breasts. I hope you can accept your true body, please you first, and then please you!