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In the spring of cold and warm, the eight combinations of Xiangying, both in response to the scenery and fashionable

Although the temperature in spring has risen, it is still a bit cold. At this time, the coat is the most suitable. How do you match it? Looking down, you can also wear a sense of fashion.

01 White T+cake skirt+denim jacket

Letter pattern white T +pink cake skirt +denim orchid jacket

White T is a very classic and versatile choice. It is very young and young. The hazy mesh A -shaped cake skirt, elegant and light texture, layered layers, very romantic, thin and up! The denim jacket is a classic retro color. The version is very tolerant of the figure, which is sweet and sweet. Open wear is very aura, and it will not live up to good -looking inside. And the color tone is very versatile, the upper body is wearing a fashionable girl ~

02 White T +denim trousers +small suit jacket

Letter pattern white T +wide -leg denim trousers +yellow suit jacket


Bai T is very beautiful whether it is skirts or pants. High waist wide -leg pants are designed with waist, lining out of slender waist. The straight version of the tailoring, visually extended the leg lines, wearing a tall field, and not picking people! Simple small suit, a buckle placket looks clean and neat, and the cuffs encounter plaid elements, showing the beauty of the color, commute or leisure to create a fashionable aura.


03 Top+two -piece skirt of suits

Flower top+two -piece skirt of suits


The slim -fitting floral top, full -screen floral element, very sweet and romantic. The two -piece suit of the suit is sweet and sweet, the neckline is cut sharply, and the “smoky” texture of women’s capable, double -breasted “smoky” texture, lighting the details, easy to wear and take off. The A -line skirt is full of pleated, elegant and girls, visually thin and tall, workplace or leisure wear, all beautiful than others ~


04 dress+trench coat

Lace waist dress+dark red waist trench coat

Dress sexy V -neck, slightly dew -collarbone, adding femininity. The fabric is very drooping, covering the meat is thin, wearing a ladylike. The design of the mid -length windbreaker and the contrasting car line emphasize the layout of the version, which is very friendly to the figure and does not pick people. The double -breasted British Fan, the sleeve 伦 surrounds the sense of layering, it is really new. The high -quality gas field is tall, showing women’s elegance and capable, commute and leisure can be controlled ~

05 White T+mid -length skirt+windbreaker jacket


Pattern white T+white dot retro mid -length skirt+windbreaker jacket

White T +A -shaped long skirt, tightly loose, shows the figure. A salty and sweet windbreaker jacket, the color is very resistant, it is laborious, the short design, the small man can easily control the height, the leisure of the clothes is tightly decorated with the wrinkles, and the elegant temperament is set off. Coupled with the skirt with the same color scarf bib, fashionable up up up ~

06 shirt jacket+A -line skirt

Beige shirt jacket+beige A -line skirt

The two -piece set of salt and sweetness can be worn, and you can control different occasions with a checkered. The skirt is symmetrically inserted in the bag, which is rich in details and the concave shape is more natural. The entire look is presented with beige tones, gentle and white, and they have no worries for each wearing them. The neckline with a ribbon tie can also change the college style in seconds, beauty!


07 White T +denim trousers +suit jacket

Character Trocket White T +Slim Denim Pants +suit Jacket

The pattern T -shirt is not monotonous, slim -fitted jeans, super suitable for skinny legs. The coat collar cuts sharply and injects the coolness of women into it. The pink is sweet but not greasy, lined with good temperament, gentle as water, no age limit, and wearing an elegant girl. Flinking pockets are convenient for concave shapes and add points to fashion.

08 shirt+short skirt+knitted jacket

White shirt+short skirt+red knitted jacket


The shirt black skirt is really a proper college style, very young and fashionable. Coupled with the red lazy sweater jacket, the girl feels up ~ It gives a mature and stable feeling, and the age is just right.


Have you learned the above eight fashionable ways?

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