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What are the moisture -proof measures for corrugated cardboard boxes to enter the rainy season?

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Every year to the rainy season, the softening of the carton will bother everyone. When you encounter such a problem, everyone’s first reaction may be blamed for the weather, because the fiber used in the original paper of the carton is a kind of natural absorption substance. The weather in various places will also be in the rainy season in May to August. When the rainy season is in the rainy season, the water (relative humidity) in the air will basically be higher than 65%. When the moisture in the air is higher than 65%, the corrugated cardboard will be for the corrugated cardboard. The intensity has a great impact.


Below will analyze the reasons and corresponding solutions of the soft tide of the carton.

1. Prevent the method of improving cardboard moisture

It is recommended to replace high -gram of heavy, high -intensity corrugated paper, which can reduce or reduce the phenomenon of corrugated cardboard or cardboard boxes.

Changing the starch glue formula of the corrugated cardboard production line can reduce the backbone of the cardboard or the carton.

After production, it is recommended to use wood or moisture -absorbing pads. It can replace the cardboard or carton to absorb some ground tide, and it is appropriate to the size and the cardboard carton.

When stringing, it is recommended to use the “well” shape stacking code, and the height of the stacking height should not be too high;

If the tide is too large, it is recommended to use a pump to use the tide to discharge the tide in the cardboard or the carton.

During the production process, the production speed should be controlled according to the environment, temperature and material.

The warehousing environment should be kept ventilated and breathable; at the same time, it can be protected by the outer layer of the product, which can reduce or isolation of the environmental impact phenomenon.

When the relative humidity of the warehousing environment exceeds 65%, the ground can also be used to sprinkle the ground for moisture absorption.

During the production process, the quality of the product is reduced while reducing glue, thereby reducing the moisture in the corrugated cardboard.

Common causes of cardboard (carton) to soften the tide

In addition to the above methods, the reason for the softening of the source cardboard (carton) to the source of the source is also an important means to prevent it in advance. Common causes of moisture are:

1. Weather factors

When the rainy season, the humid weather and humidity exceed 65%, the phenomenon of back to the back of the cardboard or carton is often occurred.

2. Cardboard material

All paper on corrugated cardboard, including paper, noodles and corrugated paper; especially materials with poor materials and strong water absorption, it is more likely to cause the back of the cardboard or carton to soften the tide.

3. Production process

The production process mainly includes the preheating, glue, and humidification of paper during the production process; especially in terms of glue, waterproof enhanced adhesive should be added.

4. Storage conditions (environment)

Whether the storage warehouse of the cardboard or a carton is normal ventilated and breathable, whether the product is wrapped in the winding film, and whether the ground is moisture -proof.

5. Transportation conditions (environment)

After the cardboard or carton is processed well, when the product itself is large, what transportation vehicles are used for delivery, whether it is covered with tarpaulin, etc.

6. Carton processing process

After the production of corrugated cardboard, the production process is required within the prescribed time, and the production process needs to be paid attention to during processing.

Several roots to help corrugated carton water waterproof moisture -proof solutions

1. Reveasive glue boxboard paper

In the papermaking process of the container paper, the surface of the container paper is heavy, which can ensure that the water droplets have no penetration within 5 minutes on the surface. A large amount of water -resistant auxiliary agent is added to starch paste, such as crisisythyde resin, melamine formaldehyde resin, and polyethylene glycol -dicedylene. However, the cost of water -resistant agent is high, and it is easy to cause problems such as corrugated cardboard in the production process of corrugated cardboard.

2. Gonorrhea paper

The gonorrhea paper is a composite material that coat plastic particles on the surface of the paper through a delay machine. The main feature is that it can prevent oil and waterproof (relative) and heat. However, due to the high cost, it is not conducive to the extensive promotion and use in the packaging industry.

3. Hydrophobic corrugated cardboard

Also known as the corrugated cardboard of the water, it refers to the low surface energy such as polystumin (PLA), polyaline, polycarbonate, polyester, polyester, melting paraffin paraffin and other low -surface energy on the surface of the paper on the surface of the cardboard The process of degree and surface shape. When the hydrophobic cardboard suffers from water, it forms a state of water droplets on the lotus leaves. The water becomes water droplets and does not penetrate inside the cardboard. The cost of hydrophobic corrugated cardboard is very low. It is suitable for packaging dry powder items, especially the powder that is easy to cut into pieces after water absorption. It is also suitable for products that are often packaged in and out of the cold storage.

4, anti -(cover) water corrugated cardboard

Also known as waterproof or waterproof corrugated cardboard, the surface is almost incompatible with water, but it cannot be immersed in water, otherwise it will lose waterproof performance. The curtain -type coating method is commonly used in the shading corrugated cardboard to paint the melting synthetic resin or paraffin mixture on the surface of the corrugated cardboard to form a layer of resin film or wax film. If necessary, double -sided coating can also be performed.

5. Water -resistant corrugated cardboard

The corrugated panels that have not significantly reduced the intensity after soaking in water for a long time are called water -resistant corrugated cardboard. There are two equipment and processes in the production of water -resistant corrugated cardboard. Its processing principle is similar to impregnation processing. Water -resistant corrugated cardboard can be measured by instruments to measure its water resistance. The so -called water resistance is to soak the corrugated cardboard into water (20 ± 2 ℃ tap water) in water for 1h, then soak for 1h, and then test its breakout and border pressure strength. The residual strength should not be lower than the standard strength (before soaking).

6. On the surface, light corrugated carton

The upper light is a commonly used process for processing the packaging product. After the surface of the product is applied through the light, the print can enhance the performance of water resistance, sun resistance, friction resistance and pollution resistance. The product’s grade is greatly improved.

7. Surface cover corrugated carton

The membrane is a process that covers plastic film such as polypropylene to the surface of the print, and adhesives the process that adhesives passes through heating and stamping to make it together. The membrane process is divided into two types: pre -coating film and that is the coating membrane. The surface of the color box is shiny, friction, and has a certain waterproof effect. The folding box is not easy to crack. However, it is difficult to recycle product recycling, and countries such as the United States and Europe have restricted use.

8. Aluminum -plated film leather cardboard

Japan’s Toyo Steel Plate Co., Ltd. has developed 0.02mm ~ 0.05mm thick pure iron foil, which is treated with galvanized, nickel, or tin rust, and squeezed composite cardboard with cowhide paper and polyethylene film. Carton boxes are not only waterproof and moisture -proof, but also can shield electromagnetic waves and antichattering. It is especially suitable for the packaging of aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, electronic instruments, semiconductor devices and electromechanical products.

9. Corrugated paste adding water -resistant carton

During the production of corrugated cardboard, add an appropriate amount of polymer polymer (also known as cross -linked agent or bridge agent) to the starch bonding agent. Polymer polymers will replace the hydroxyl group in starch molecules, making the corrugated paste line better Waterproof and moisture -proof effect. When the carton enters the cold inventory or humid environment, the carton collapse can be prevented from emulsifying the tide of corrugated paste.

10, carton ventilation hole moisture prevention

For products with heat when packaging, a certain amount of hot steam in the box may be absorbed by the carton in the box, and then the pressure of pressure is reduced. In response to these situations, the usual approach is in the appropriate position of the cardboard box, and each of the vent holes with two diameters of 18mm each.

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