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Three-piece topworks sharing in the cotton era, easy to improve sleep quality

Today, the rhythm of life is getting faster and faster, and the work is more busy, the sleep is insufficient, and the quality of sleep has become a common problem of office workers. More terrible is that because of lack of sleep at night, it will lead to poor day during the day and low work efficiency, and the longer affects the health of the human body. As the office worker, how to improve sleep quality, the following three good things, maybe you can sleep more incense, sleep more comfortable.

First, cotton era gauze bed products

Compared with traditional bedding, the cotton gauze makes the bedding, which guarantees superior breathability, and more details of the soft touch of cotton skin. In addition, the gauze bed of the double or multi-layer structure, moisture and wicking, breathable, no matter the spring and summer of damp heat, the dry autumn and winter can make the body temperature and the ambient temperature are balanced, keep the body dry and cool At the same time, it is a more relaxed sleep environment for people.

Second, the seven-layer gauze of the cotton era

As a comfortable synonym, gauze is a naturally affiliated fabric, which can bring comfortably, whether it is from touch, warm and humidity, weight and body, can bring unexpected experience. Wrinkle with longweed cotton weaving, its unique wavy structure, can make light air walk through the texture, moisture and breathable, take away excess temperatures; simultaneously reduce the contact area of ​​the fabric and the skin, the fabric coverage The skin evaporation area increases, the body can breathe free breath, maintain the right temperature and humidity environment, in the cold and cold, not easy to swear, and it is not easy to be intruded.

Third, the cotton era adult home suit


When the end of the day is busy, rushing a hot bath, put on the gauze home service, 8 hours outside the life, is to completely relax, especially before going to bed, wearing the cotton gauze home in the skin, light texture, let sleep Relax. The cotton era adult home suit, the fabric is 100% cotton double gauze, passed through the physical high temperature water washing process, making the cotton gauze fluffy, more soft skin; natural pleats, reduce the contact area of ​​the skin, facilitating air circulation, more refreshing Breathable. To go to the seam, the skin is flat, and the skin is not awkward, it is more beneficial to easily enter the sleep.


The above is the 3 pieces of this period who shared in this issue. If you have a better recommendation, welcome to the commentary area to share with everyone!