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Is it too tacky in summer skirts? It is recommended to wear these 3 long skirts, elegant temperament and advanced

In May, many regions have also entered the early summer time. With the continuous rise of temperature, many girls have changed into beautiful skirts and want to show their own charm. Although the short skirt is more cool and convenient, I will always hold my heart every time I wear, and I am afraid that it is too exposed to ZOU light.


Instead, there is no such trouble in the long skirt, comfortable and comfortable, unrestrained,


And the long skirt has a romantic atmosphere, which is very suitable for girls to create a literary lady style.


There are so many long skirts, how should I choose?

These three skirts below this year, versatile and temperament, can be easily controlled,

If you don’t have it, you may try it, maybe you will fall in love with it immediately!

NO.1 oil painting skirt

The retro girl who came out of the painting

The beautifully suffocated oil painting skirt must give everyone a wave,

This is also a very popular style in recent years, and it is also relatively niche. It is not easy to hit the shirt on the street, and it can immediately become a retro beauty.

But the style selection of oil drawing skirts is also particular, if so


The color is too gorgeous, the pattern is too dense, it is easy to show old

And the requirements for skin tone are also extremely high.

So how to choose the oil painting skirt to step on the mine? The following 3 points are remembered.


①The Tao Ten 10,000, the first place in color

Although the oil painting skirt is also a kind of floral skirt, compared to the common floral skirt,

The design sense of oil painting skirt should be stronger


The texture is also higher, the main difference is color.

In order to reflect the sense of fashion, oil painting skirts usually use a variety of advanced color matching,

These colors are mainly low -saturated light colors

, Visually look eye -catching, full of romantic literary atmosphere.

Compared with the complex elements of the floral skirt, the oil painting skirt is mainly based on simple element patterns. In order to ensure the long -term viewing experience,

It is recommended to choose a unified style of color and background color to avoid too much color accumulation and it looks too fancy.

② Select the right flower type and avoid 80%error rate


The pattern of the oil painting skirt also has a size

The style characteristics of different shapes are different. The oil -painting skirts of large flowers patterns are slightly complicated, but they have a stronger sense of existence, which is more likely to attract attention and style.


The small flower pattern is relatively low,

It is more of color as the main element, which looks very fresh and sweet, full of age.

③ Pay attention to the denseness of the pattern

The same flower style, but the dense degree is different, giving people a lot of differences.

The sparse prints are obviously easier and more elegant, and it is not easy to cause aesthetic fatigue. The dense print pattern is easy to appear messy and fancy. If you are not careful, you will have a sense of weight.

NO.2 First Love Skirt

Are you a fairy?

The first love skirt is also an indispensable style in summer skirts.

Among them, small white skirts are the most classic representatives

The simple and clean design is very fresh and eye -catching, quiet and elegant, giving people a sense of argument with the world.

If you like small white skirts, then pay attention to the following 3 points:

① It is also a small white skirt, and there will be a difference in warm and warm tone.

I don’t know if everyone has found that although many small white skirts on the market are white, as long as they are carefully compared, they will find that their hue is very different.

Some cold and warm.

Different skin tones wear different tones with different effects. Relatively speaking, cold white requirements have higher requirements for skin tone. Girls with yellow and black skin choose carefully.

And warm white is more friendly to most skin tone girls

, Bring the soft light effect, very gentle lady.

② small white skirts with different materials will create different styles.


The small white skirt seems simple, but as long as you study in -depth research, you will also find that it has great knowledge, such as material.

Small white skirts with different materials also reflect different temperament.


for example

The white lace skirt is even more dreamy and princess,


The thin and light fabric is breathable and comfortable, which is very suitable for hot summer wear, which can bring an excellent dressing experience.


Small white skirt fabrics are harder

The effect on the body is excellent, the version of the version is stronger, clean and neat, and it is more suitable for mature women.


③ Will we wear a small white skirt? That’s not the right match

When some girls wear small white skirts, they always feel that they have been fat. In fact, this is the disaster that the version has not chosen.


The thick thighs are thick, which is suitable for wearing a half -body slimming and loose skirt

Concentrate on the slim body.


The sisters of Apple -shaped figure have slender limbs, round waist and legs,


You can try the split small white skirt with off -the -shoulder design.

NO.3 Back Tibetan Skirt

Back to 18 years old

For the student party,

The strap skirt is a very mainstream wearing item, full of vitality

, Daily with a T -shirt can be very casual and playful.

If you want to choose a strap skirt, you need to consider these 3 points!

① The shoulder strap that is easy to be ignored is the key to thinning

Many sisters are easy to ignore the thickness of the shoulder straps when choosing a strap skirt, which also causes the thin effect that affects the final shape.


Fine shoulder straps are more suitable for girls with narrow shoulders and slim figures


, Can highlight the shoulder and neck line, more charm.

Wide shoulder straps are suitable for girls with shoulder width,

It can cover up a part of the shoulders, further narrowing the width of the shoulder visually, thereby showing a thin role.

② The height of the front strap skirt is also a bonus detail

The front of the back skirt is also a detailed design worth noting

, Sisters with big breasts should not choose styles with too low front plackets. It is easy to look tacky. Choose a tie with a tie with a high front strap skirt to weaken the chest attention and visually show a thin effect.

And the higher the waist part of the front placket, the more beneficial it is

It can stretch the proportion of the lower body and play a high -leg length.

③ To wear the effect of 170, you need to pay attention to the side waistline position

If you choose a strap skirt with a loose and no waist,


Then you need to pay attention to the design of the side waistline

The higher the side waistline, the higher the effect, the lower, the easier it is to be short. This little man needs to pay attention.

Well, this summer’s 3 skirts will be shared here. If you like it, hurry up.

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