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What are the categories of clothing style in the field of modern clothing

The clothing style has very distinctive personality characteristics. A clothing style is related to factors such as the times, regions, and ethnic groups. Different designers can create different clothing styles. Therefore, there are many factors that affect the style of clothing, and there are many types of clothing style. The editor of clothing connected to the following introduces several types of classification methods is more representative:

First, Wang Yunqiang and Ma Jiucheng start with the popular color, combined with the annual popular trend, summarize the four styles of popular clothing. “In short, the change of clothing is composed of three parts: clothing color, clothing style, clothing fabric and flower type. The theme of the determined change is different, but it can basically be classified as four major propositions, namely classical clothing, lightweight (or sports) clothing, romantic (romantic) clothing and ethnic clothing. “

Second, the Siman Color Research Center divides the style of general products into 11 types according to the shape of the object, and is distributed in all positions in the coordinate system like coordinates. Because the color feels different, these 11 styles are represented by different colors. “People’s grasp of the style mainly comes from the feeling of the shape of the object. The object belonging to an object that belongs to a certain visual art style has common characteristics in terms of shape. According to the classification of general products, the clothing style is divided into 11 styles based on the classification of general products: cute style, romantic style, elegant style, charming style, magnificent style, natural style, rigorous style, majestic style, handsome style, handsome style, handsome style, handsome style, handsome style, handsome style, handsome style Style, avant -garde style, modern style, male style, etc.

3. Feng Li and Liu Xiaogang classified the costume style based on the quantitative purpose of the clothing style. “The style of style is a more abstract term. There are many existing divisions. The well -known brands of well -known brands are research objects. Here, the women’s style of women’s clothing currently in the domestic market is divided into 8 categories: neutral style, avant -garde style, leisure style, sports style, classic style, elegant style, light style and nation Style, etc. “

Fourth, Xu Hongli and Guan Zhikun started with the nature and cause of clothing style. “Clothing style is a clear personality at a glance”, discuss the main and objective reasons of clothing style, and discuss the clothing artists and objective reasons. Combining modern fashion trends, it is combined with modern fashion trends. Summarize eight clothing styles: urban style, professional style, rural style, folk style, hippie style, abstract style, dream style and classical style.


In modern society, mass culture has become the lead, and the popular culture can have a certain audience due to its infinite inclusiveness. In this environment, people have changed their psychology and show their awareness. During the same period, the type of clothing style became more and more colorful. Four pairs of clothing styles with relatively visual feelings, that is, eight different clothing style types: classical style and avant -garde style, professional style and leisure style, urban style and national style, romantic style and simple style.