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At the beginning of the third, wearing a full palm -to -shocking technology, wear -resistant, breathable and low -help -resistant actual combat shoes -cement bubble 2

Thousands of people, every pair of shoes is suitable.


Summer is here, the weather is warming, and it is time to play again. Outside the field will be the place where everyone competes for the first. The same thing is the most concerned about the abrasion -resistant attributes of the field. Speaking of wear -resistant, you must talk about childhood memories.


Cement killer! Cement neck!


If you still remember the cement bubble 1 of our actual evaluation last year, then you will not forget the wear -resistant outsole that is not enough in the sky. It is really suitable for the student party to fight out. However, the high -top shoe body shape and thick upper are tangled with many friends who play out of the summer. Recently, a friend also asked this pair of cement bubbles in the background and messages. So what changed these cement bubbles 2? Let’s take a look.


basic information

Size: US9 EUR42.5

Sales price: 549 yuan

The starting market price: 399 yuan


Weight: 420g

Wearing experience: The internal length is normal, and the shoe is normal.

Looking back at the point that makes everyone feel insufficient on the cement bubble generation.


Shen, impermented, and upper material strength generally decay.

The advantages are giant wear resistance, good resistance, good anti -sides, high cushioning limits, excellent foot feeling

This pair of cement bubble 2 is the same as the previous work. It uses the concrete neighboring sole to enhance the wear -resistant attributes, and at the same time densely stripes to ensure grip. Through a special large bottom texture to ensure lasting grip, it is born for the field. Although we haven’t played, we can still feel the wear resistance of these shoes.


Cement floor continuous friction test/sandpaper friction test ↑↑↑

1 minute test (20 times speed)

The comparison results can be seen that no matter which scene is very wear -resistant, the degree of wear is very small. Although it is a crystal bottom, everyone can rest assured that the outdoor is at ease. If you still feel uneasy,

Here you can see that the hardness testing data of the two pairs of shoe bears are: 70.

After talking about the outsole, let’s see this




The midsole technology, that is, Anta Celling Technology.


To be honest, I actually think that this technology has been underestimated. Since the emergence of supercritical midsole technology, everyone is asking a question:

Is it durable? Is it fast attenuation?

However, the prices of shoes of supercritical midsole materials are often outrageous, so everyone still pays attention to non -supercritical midsole materials:

Is he fell fast? Intersection Intersection

Every brand has different cushioning technology. Friends who are familiar to know that I especially like to talk about the things of Zhongdidi Technology. This A-Flashbubble technology itself is specially adjusted from running shoes. What is the need for running shoes? Intersection Of course it is durability, anti -decay. Therefore, the characteristics of this technology are the decay and long life. At the same time, if you still remember that the cushioning limit we said during the actual combat of cement bubble 1, you should know that it also has high pressure resistance, and it can provide less at this price. Some cushioning performance.

However, the cushioning shoes are generally too hard and the feet feel bad. In fact, the foot feeling of this technology has both soft bombs.

The hardness of the hardness of about 40 degrees of official laboratory data last time elasticity was 10%higher than that of ordinary EVA materials. The cushioning performance was 20%higher than that of ordinary EVA materials. 10%, better recovery, faster recovery rate.

Provided by the combination of 43 -yard single only 660,000 bubble airbags

High rebound, high cushioning, high -service life midsole performance




After speaking, we can notice that there is no reduction in security performance.

A-Shock Stablizer Stable System

It is also used in the middle foot position, extending from the middle foot to the followers to improve the stability and twist of the entire shoes.

In addition, this stable system also provides external arch support. It can be seen through the official display of the disassembly diagram of the official display.


Hardness is about 34C

The insole with a arch support and the combination of the midsole technology on the inside of the arch of the arch provides the dynamic support performance of the arch. This is also because A-FlashBubble has high pressure resistance.

However, on the anti -side flipping, it just made the widening of the outsole and did not make an independent anti -flip extension angle. How the actual performance was only answered after actual combat.

The upper is the most upgraded place for the previous comparison: high -intensity transparent mesh upper material. In the key position of the front palm, a hard hot sticker is added to improve the support performance of the upper. At the same time, the upper attenuation is also controlled. Through the breathable test, we can see the excellent breathability visible to the blind.

In addition, the weight of this pair of shoes also decreases to a certain amount of weight loss by the shoe. Although it is still more than 400 G, it is still more than 400 G, but compared to the weight of about 450g and heavy upper materials compared to the previous work, the weight of the thick upper material is about 450g and the thick upper materials. The experience brought, the trial experience of these shoes weaken a lot in the experience of weight.

If you are a person with a big weight or pursuit of cushioning and feet but insufficient budget, you still want to wear, breathable, breathable and comfortable in summer, you can pay attention to the cement bubble 2. Of course, remember to pay attention to our actual evaluation.