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What is a good dust mask? Take a look at the places such as Baoshun Ann100 mask

With the increasing cases of pneumoconiosis, pneumoconiosis has developed into my country’s largest occupational disease, and dust masks are becoming more and more important for coal miners and polished workers. There are many types of dust masks on the market now, and many workers can not argue at all to argue with a good dust mask. Today, I take the Baoshunan KN100 mask as an example to lead you to understand what a good dust mask looks like.

First of all, the core function of the dust mask is to filter the fine dust in the air and reduce the probability of suffering from pneumoconiosis. Therefore, the chosen dust mask must first depend on the protection level. my country’s respiratory protection standards


GB2626-2019 “Respiratory Protection Self-Suction Filter Filtering Anti-particle Respirators” divides the protection level into

KN100, KN95 and KN90 are three levels, of which the KN100 is the highest protection level, and the filtration efficiency of ultra -micro -dust particles is as high as 99.97%. The efficiency of KN95 and KN90 filtering dust is only 95%and 90%, and the effect is far inferior to KN100 masks. The good dust mask such a good dust mask such as Baoshunan KN100 is first of all.

Secondly, a good dust mask has strict requirements for the main material. The main material used by ordinary masks is rubber, while the Baoshunan KN100 mask uses the main body of silicone. Although the material of the silicone is different from the rubber material, the effect is different.

Silicone material can be closely fitted with the face, while the protection level is high, it has high breathability; at the same time, the material of the silicone is soft, the hardness is close to the human skin, and it is comfortable to wear. In addition It is not easy to deform and can be resistant to high temperature. Workers can repeatedly cook and disinfect, which greatly improves utilization.


In addition to the protection level and main material, a good dust -proof mask such as the Baoshunan KN100 mask can also provide different models according to the height and weight of the user. At the same time Breathing smoothly. How to choose a good dust mask? Baoshun An KN100 mask is a good demonstration.