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Yang Mi comes out to walk the dog in the snowy day. Wearing a long and long blue coat is warm and warm, and the sense of shape is still very strong.

Different occasions, everyone will have different choices on clothing items

Essence For important and formal occasions, the decent and atmospheric shape should be presented. The version is regular, the fabric is stiff, the matching is reasonable, and the shape is harmonious and eye -catching is the basis of wearing.

Of course, in the usual life, the choice and matching ideas are completely different. If the matching ideas under the formal occasion are put in daily life, there will be some sense of disobedience. Therefore Select.

Based on leisure wear, everyone will tend to loose clothing when choosing clothing items.

However, loose clothing also needs to pay more attention to changes in matching in the process of matching



Avoid wearing a bloated sense to ensure the beauty of the shape.

Leisure dressing is very changing. The four -match ideas of trendy masters can try the trendy personality of the shape. The casual laziness is the essence of leisure wear. Young girls try more and will not make mistakes.

Mastering the skills of casual clothing to avoid showing wrong matching ideas is enough to achieve the purpose of effective wear.

Taboo matching of loose casual clothing

Small crowds avoid choosing loose and long long clothing

There is no restraint in loose clothing. Both from the clothing version or clothing fabric, they have a certain sense of comfort and experience, which is also very friendly for wearers. but

For people with different physical forms, you also need to pay more attention in the process of choosing loose clothing matching


Small girls are one of them. The special characteristics of physical forms make it difficult for individuals to choose loose clothing to match. Generally speaking,

The loose effect of clothing and the exhibition of length will lower the personal height to a certain extent. Therefore, it is recommended that you should match it reasonably. Remember to choose blindly


Highlights: adjust the waistline

Of course, for small children, it is not possible to completely negate the matching of loose clothing.

The use of high waist pants to divide the body ratio from the waistline is a key entry point

Essence Although you choose a long loose clothing to match, as long as there is a certain rationality on the inside, you can avoid the low personal height.


It can be seen that compared with a piece of clothing items, the overall dressing can better show the fashion aesthetics. For young girls, the concerns of matching will also decrease. In the cold winter, when you choose a thick long cotton dress to match,

Use the foundation of the foundation to increase the sense of layering, and at the same time, it can also alleviate the bloated effect of cotton clothing.


At the same time, if the dark color clothing is selected, it will be more advantageous. The dark color clothing has a certain contraction, so

It is matched with a dark color together, not only looks cool and A, but also the thin effect is also excellent

It is very suitable for adjusting the stereotype of loose long clothing.

Recommended daily dress with leisure and fan

Light brown retro print knitted cardigan

The daily wear of comfortable and comfortable can choose clothing to enrich the shape during the process of matching, such as the light brown antique cardigan,

Whether it is taking the retro route or taking the cool route, it is very suitable.

At the same time, combined with the soft waxy and delicate texture of knitted fabrics, it is slightly casual and lazy to match.


In terms of matching, it is recommended that you make it simplified to complex. Although it is a fancy item for printed models, the effective match of solid color items is used in the process of matching.

The perfect combination of solid color system and non -solid color clothing will be stronger, and at the same time it looks more eye -catching


Essence For example, choosing a pair of black workers and trousers with it is also very suitable as a concave shape. It is very attractive.

Mao’s checkered sweater with black stockings

Loose casual clothing can also show different wonderful, lazy and casual wind, or the sweet style of age, and the cool sister -in -law style in the process of matching. Among them, choose a casual -style hairy checkered hoodie and black stockings,


The following half -body disappearance can increase the beauty of the styling. It can be said that it is very attractive, seductive and sexy.

The same sexy black stockings are also very different in style design.

Single and light and breathable styles, or exquisite models with printed elements, are all selected by everyone

The beauty of the charm appeared to be matched is also very different. It is recommended that you try more.

Black and white checkered woolen coat

A person’s sense of age is the prerequisite for everyone to choose clothing styles. Generally speaking,

The two classic colors of black and white are the restrictions on the age of wearers.

, But when choosing a black and white classic color matching checkered clothing, women with a little older and more mature temperament will be more appropriate to choose.