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59 yuan to play N kinds of puzzle blocks to easily cultivate cognition, space, and hands -on

Hello everyone, I’m a poached egg mother


Sister Dad was criticized by me a few days ago because he even grabbed toys with Sister Egg? Intersection

I bought back a set of animals last month,

The father and daughter played at home every day. Pumping wood, swing shape, Domino … a set of toys unlocks n gameplay.

Thinking of the toys at home, I “fell out of favor” a few days after playing.

Now grabbing the picture with playing is really a wonders at home.


It seems that this time I really got Tao! Adhering to the principle of sharing the toys, I decided to recommend it to Mom Mom.

Ao Guang Anime is the largest wooden toy producer in China. This stacking music is his owner



A parent -child interactive toy.

It contains 51 blocks, 24 cardboard paper, 1 dice, fun and puzzle!

The official explanation is suitable for age+3 years old+, after my trial experience,


In fact, 1 year old+baby can play it:

From simple spelling, swinging shapes to pumping blocks, Domino, etc., can unlock different difficulty in different difficulties,

Cultivate children’s cognitive, space sense, and hands -on ability.


Moms are also fun to play with play ~


After all, in the variety show “Flowers and Teenagers”, it attracted Zhang Ruohuan and Yang Youning and other stars! A group of “big friends” played well ~

The official price I bought at that time was 89 yuan, but I found the brand to win the benefits for everyone. Now place an order.


The group purchase price is only 59 yuan!


Compared to hundreds of toys, it can be said to be very cost -effective!

What magical toys are our family rushing to play? Next, let me introduce it in detail for the Baoma:

Unlock a variety of gameplay to cultivate children’s three major intelligence

Famous American development psychologists propose a multi -intelligent theory,


Preschool education is widely used in European and American countries and many countries in Asia.


He pointed out that human intelligence is elegant, mainly consisting of language intelligence, mathematical logic intelligence, space intelligence, physical exercise intelligence, music intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, self -cognitive intelligence, and natural cognitive intelligence.

And this stacking music came through different gameplay


Inspired the child’s corresponding intelligent point

, A toy can exercise three development intelligence:

Guessing animal

Exercise natural cognitive intelligence


24 cardboard paper, including various animals, animals, and foods that animals like to eat.

Hewa Duo cards recognize animals, and can also draw the corresponding card to extract the corresponding animal building blocks. It is fun and can help the baby know more animals.


Cultivate natural cognitive intelligence.



Exercise space intelligence

The gameplay gameplay is high in the game, and the parents and the baby roll the dice or draw the card to draw the corresponding animal wood blocks.

To greatly exercise the space intelligence of the baby.

In the process, the building block tower is dangerous at any time, nervous and exciting, let the baby be hands -on and brain, and fall in love with playing games!



Exercise exercise intelligence

This blocks are colorful and various small animal patterns. If you use your imagination, it is not cool to spell all kinds of styles!


Small chairs, small trucks, little rabbits … These can be available!


A total of 51 blocks,

You can also simulate the Domino game.


The baby puts it well and puts every piece of building blocks,


The improvement of hand -eye coordination and concentration.

In the later period, the daily necessities at home can be added to the game to stimulate the infinite creativity of the baby!


Environmental material design is safe

Baby to play with confidence

Toys to baby, I believe the mother of the Baoma first


focus on

It is still security.

This toy is made of environmentally friendly materials,

Selected from European ecological environmental protection “green” forest area high -quality wood,


It does not contain formaldehyde ingredients and retains natural log atmosphere.


Fine fine -grashed without burrs


, Make the toys present a wooden moist, protect the baby’s small hands.

The pattern is clear and cute, using environmentally friendly water -soluble pigments. The paint film is smooth and no irritating odor.


, Baby bite is not afraid!

There are also Chinese national toys safety standards,

Authoritative quality certifications such as EU CE safety certification, Baoma can buy with confidence ~

Family board game parent -child interaction

The choice of many Baoma

As an entertainment puzzle parent -child interactive game, Treasure has been trusted and loved by parents around the world.

Best selling Germany, the United States, Australia, China, etc.


A country and region.

Topbright (Taber) originated from the European design concept, giving toys more content, patience and companionship.

Diele is one


Suitable for board games that are suitable for the whole family to play together

It can not only promote parent -child feelings, but also exercise children’s interpersonal social intelligence.


Just like our egg sister, during this time, my father accompanied him to play stacking music every day, and I obviously felt that she was more sticky.

Then I will introduce here today. Welcome to place an order to discuss more creative gameplay with me. I have to go to play games with the egg sister too!

Group purchase information


product name

: Tiber Animal Stack Music Building

Start price

: Original price 89 yuan,


Group purchase price 59 yuan

Suitable age

: 1 year old+

Product acessories

: 51 blocks, 24 tablets, 1 dice

Product Size


Packaging 11.6*8.2*25.4cm


Block (single block) 7.5*2.5*1.5cm

Dice 2*2*2cm

Card paper 6.5*6.5cm

product material


delivery information

: Shipment within 48 hours, Zhejiang Lishui issued, Yunda Yuantong, EMS Express, free shipping nationwide (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas does not ship)

About after -sales


: Support for 7 days without any reason to return and exchange, it is necessary to ensure that the product is plastic and sealed.