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Yitu P1000: I only endorse for high -quality car life

懒,是全人类的共性,也是社会进步的动力,懒得爬楼梯,就有了电梯;懒得洗衣服,就有了洗衣机;懒得走路,就有了汽车……当你发现有了汽车后,每When you go out, you need to set up a navigation as a headache afterwards, so there is a sound control navigation.


Lazy is actually synonymous with high -quality life, such as a self -driving car and an ordinary car. Who do you think has a better car life? But autonomous cars are just future tools. The pursuit of high -quality car life cannot be stopped. The backflow becomes a feasible entrance.


The latest P1000 voice control navigation system developed by Easy Tu Digital uses the voice module of HKUST Xunfei, which can accurately recognize the sounds from others. At the same time, combined with the powerful data of the wing truck, it supports sound control navigation, voice control volume, voice control electronic dogs, voice control multimedia multimedia Waiting for functions, just say what you want, the system will automatically complete it for you to satisfy your laziness, but there is no lack of high -quality experience.


Lazy is part of high -quality life, but high -quality life is not only lazy, but also needs to include beauty, health, safety and other factors. Yitu P1000 driving safety system, a special car dedicated cloud intelligent rearview mirror, perfectly replaced the original car rearview mirror, non -destructive installation; the carved rounded corner frame, rigorous heat dissipation design, with anti -glare touch blue screen It is very beautiful and fashionable, making the interior of the car more grade.

As a driving safety system, Easy Tu P1000 also has a driving record function. Gravity sensing, if you encounter a traffic accident, you can automatically save video locks to escort safety. And safety is not just the safety of the driver, but the safety of car love is also important. The driving safety system of Yitu and WeChat platform jointly create an exclusive WeChat control function. You can remotely control the system through mobile WeChat, including remote photos and remote recording videos Put back to the mobile phone, the owner can know the car love at any time to prevent being stolen.

High -quality car life is to reach the destination safely and comfortably at the fastest speed. Easy Tu P1000 built -in Baidu navigation and Gaode navigation dual genuine maps, the most complete map data, the most human operating experience, the most intuitive navigation interface, let you understand at a glance, never go the wrong way. Combined with the high -definition lens, it can also achieve street view navigation, and the complex overpass can easily pass through and reach the destination smoothly.

Intelligent cloud is part of high -quality life, and strong Internet data can be enjoyed in real time. The Yitu Driving Safety System is equipped with Android 4.4.2 intelligent operating system, 3G SIM card data, and open source system supports APP software download. Yun Electronics dogs can also broadcast weather, time and road conditions information in real time. It also has the functions of real -time speed measurement and early warning to improve the driving safety of the owner and stay away from the ticket.

Finally, when I return to the topic of “lazy”, the P1000 driving safety system is a one that allows you not to find ways, do not worry about being captured by electronic eyes. The best product of evidence. In short, it is to make you lazy, don’t think too much, don’t do too much, this is a high -quality car life.