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Is it a beautiful fashion? Doctor: 5 ways, protect our ankle


These two days are cooling

But I found a strange phenomenon.

Many female friends

Although I changed the warm top, but the pants, still wearing the seven pants of the summer, or nine pants,

Exposed a foot neck (ankle)



In the past two years, the female appearance has become a stylish, but the proliferation is good, “the cold from the foot is deep.” The elders often remind us that it is necessary to pay attention to the warmth of the foot.


So for fashion beauty, what should we don’t show an ankle? Can the open ankle affect health? How do we protect our ankle?

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First, why is it a fashion that is female?

Many women feel that they come to the ankle,

Can show your beauty.

Mr. Jin Yong has been in “Tianlong Babu”

“Grasswood Cranial Cast Iron” describes the feet of Azi,

“A pair of white crystal pins, when it is true into jade, such as the softness of satin, the meat of the foot is like transparency, and the faintly reflects a few green gluten.” It is impressive.

Now that we are in the street, even if it is cold, you can see the beauty of the ankle, which has become a new fashion, then


Will this new style will not affect the health of the body? Can you open an ankle? Will it be harmful?

Second, do you want to show an ankle?

When I said that I would like to have an ankle, I will give a few real cases.

1 real event


In 16 years, there is a large four girls in Weinan, Shaanxi, because it is cold, and the ankle is outside, one day

High fever 39 degrees

Living in the hospital, doctors only say two words “


2) Knee pain

In 18 years, the Lanjiang Heirement reported this news. Although Miss Mo’s sweaters were wearing sweaters, they still undergasting nine pants showed an ankle, and there were hairy shoes. But after home, go home at night.

Two knee joints suddenly pain, even standing difficulties

I went to the hospital for an examination, the doctor said, “Because the weather is cold, don’t keep warm,


3) Difficult, dysmenorrhea

There is also a news. In 19 years, the daily business report reported that a 30-year-old woman has not presented the child, and I went to the hospital to find that it was too small for a long time, and the palace is.

There is also a 17-year-old girl, all the year round dysmenorrhea, every time I think it is found because of the disaster of the ankle.

I have read the above real incident, you should know, yes,


It’s cold, the ankle also needs to keep warm.

2 ankles should keep warm


The ankle is the top joint of the human body, and it has grown a vital role for people’s physiological activities.

After the cold, the temperature will be lower at night, and you should pay special attention to keep warm.

As the saying goes: “White is not revealing, the cold can not be revealed.”

That is to remind us to do not wear sandals and do your warm warm.

The weather is cold, our foot is the most likely to be cold, so

Keep warm first to start from the foot.

1) The weather is cold

The weather is cold, our blood circulation is not smooth, and the hand is often cold.

When the foot is warm, the circulation of the whole body is very good.

People will not feel cold.

Wen | Yuan Crystal

2) The ankle is “second heart”

Although the ankle is opaque, nearly 10 organizations are distributed.

Including lymphatic, nerves, blood vessels, etc. It is the “second heart” of the human body.

3) It is easy to cause disease

The first university of Shanxi pointed out that although the ankle is beautiful, it is necessary to keep warm!

Although the weather is not very cold, the temperature difference between day and night is still very large, even if only part of the ankle, this is also easy to trigger a disease.

Because the fat at the ankles is very small, it is very warm, and then exposed to cold air,

It is likely to cause pain in ankle, even legs!

Not only that, after the cold, the blood vessel will shrink, the blood of the joint will be poor, the cold gas is easy to enter the meridians, joints through the ankle, and both and muscle contraction,

Blood cycle difference

, The joint is stiff, the slide secretion is reduced, which will cause joint damage,

Even induced arthritis!

One thing to remind is that the joint cartilage is very special, almost no regenerative ability, if the damage cannot be repaired!

If the warmth of the cold, it is so important, so how can we protect our ankle?

Third, how can we protect our ankle?

1 choice for shoes and socks

The warmth of the ankle, first choose good shoes and socks.

Shoes should choose


A portion of the air left can be isolated from air. Socks to choose


At the same time, it is possible to prevent sweat from being tidy.

2 bubble

“Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics” has been recorded in the morning, “the cold rises, the feet is cold, and the disease is sick”.

In terms of cold, we can use warm water, best every day.

No ankle joint

In this way, not only can warm the feet, but also eliminate fatigue, after washing, use


The feet, heels, foot back, toes, ankles,

Promote blood circulation

3 before sleep

Before going to bed


Raise your foot and make a slight movement

This action can improve the blood circulation of our body.

4 diet

The nutrients of diet are also very important.

It can eat more high calories, high-protein foods.

Such as lamb, livestock, ginger, jaundice, etc., enhance immunity.

5 sun

After getting up, when the sun is relatively sufficient, you can appear properly.

Sun drying under the sun

It not only promotes blood circulation, but also makes an ankle activity more freely.

in conclusion:

1 Although the people who love beauty have, the warmth of the ankle is still very important.

2 ankle is cold, may cause high fever, dysmenorrhea, difficulty in pregnancy, knee pain, and even induce arthritis.

3 We can protect our ankle by choosing a suitable footwear, foot, appropriate exercise, reasonable diet.

4 joint cartilage is very special, almost no regenerative ability, if damage cannot be repaired.

So, for your health of your body, we love the beauty friends who love beauty should have a good ankle.


Will you show an ankle when you are delicious? Welcome to the commentary message, let’s discuss it together.


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Zeng Shanghai Tangjia Hospital 7-year pharmacist

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