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“Red Youth Member Birthday Card” recently published by the CPC Central Party School Press

Source: CPC Central Party School Press


Author: writing group in this book

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ISBN 978-7-5035-7259-3

As long as the decision to be approved by the Youth League branch conference, one person has a new political appearance -the members of the Communist Youth League, and the political life of the members of the group will open. When the members of the Communist Youth League solemnly vowed “I volunteered to join the Chinese Communist Youth League”, it meant that they made political choices and solemn commitments to firmly believe in communism. Such an important moment of life should be deeply remembered.

Youth presence the motherland and always walk with the party. The “Red Youth League Member Birthday Collection Card” planned and published by the CPC Central Party School Press Publishing House. By spending a solemn political ritual of “birthday” for the members of the group, the members of the group can really feel the warm care of the group organization. It is conducive to guiding the youth of the majority of members to further strengthen the awareness of identity, purpose, and responsibility, and strictly request themselves at all membership standards in learning and life, and effectively play a pioneer model.

Crossing the century, “The Birthday Card of the Red Youth League Member” is full of youth and the characteristics of the Central Party School, leading the majority of members of the group members to start a new journey for hundreds of years, inspiring the young people of the new era to work hard, and always keep in mind that they are the Communist Party. The successor of doctrine is always struggling for the cause of communism. The design and production of the treasure card is exquisite and worthy of collection.

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