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Is it a fashionable black hole?


With the gradual opening of style aesthetics, everyone’s acceptance of all kinds of items is getting higher and higher. Even if it is more controversial, we will feel that it is not ugly, but we will not wear it.

However, it can be seen that there are some special items. Because of their “defectiveness”, no matter how good the upper body is, it still cannot change its “destruction” of style, making you look no more fashionable.

We often use “fashion black holes” to call it.

What to talk about today

Down vest

It is one of the black hole items.

When it comes to down vests, many people should pass through, but it may be just young, the choice of clothing is still in the hands of adults, and when you have a certain experience, you often avoid it. Even the “vest trends” in recent years have not brought fire.


The down vest in winter is just like the summer denim shorts. In the eyes of many people, it is a single product that should not exist.

At first glance, this view is a bit excessive, but there is a certain practical reason.

Now that the public has completely changed down jackets, the down vest is still familiar and unfamiliar.


We can think of down vest as a down jacket without a sleeve

This is the main reason why it is embarrassed.


To say warmth, reveal the down vests of two hands, and the warmth is not as good as the down jacket. Because of the lack of “integrity”, in terms of style aesthetic, it will reduce the completion of the shape, and it will look more prominent. The overallness is not strong and not chic.

Therefore, many people think that choosing down vests is better to choose down jackets.

And even compared with the same type of vest items.

Whether it is a gentleman vest or a hot function vest, the existence of down vests will be weaker.

It does not have too obvious personality labels. The style is mediocre. As a result of filling, it makes it more inflated, not so simple, and not easy to get up.


Incontinent, swelling, lack of sufficient style and personality

It is the fatal weakness of the down vest, which makes it not as fashionable, and it will also destroy the overall style effect after the upper body.


Even if the model on the show, many times, it is not so “foreign”, it is more bland.

From this point of view, down vests are indeed worthy of the name of black hole items.


However, if “existence is reasonable” is correct.

Then Ye Zi guesses that down vests are more practical products than fashion. It has more significance. When you are not cold, the down vest will bring you when you go out, bring you to you One more warm protection.

In addition, because it is easy to form a “disconnect” characteristics with other clothes, it will also highlight the clothing in you after the upper body.

Secondly, like other vests, down vests are also in the style of stacking style. It belongs to a outstanding middle -layer single product choice, but it is not easy to stack it.

If you hate everything, you will definitely like it.


If you are one of the few people who have affection for down vests, or if you want to try new tricks, the down vest with a very destroy style is not necessarily “irreversible”. At least we can make it look pleasing to the eye. a little.


Wear this way, down vest can also be entered into girls’ eyes

First of all, we must remember a principle. Anyone such as down vests is not prominent and very mediocre. Choosing a style is the first criterion.


Of course, the “good style” does not refer to the abrupt design of the small ceiling. On the contrary, it is required to be as low as possible.

For down vests, the color that is deep without any brightness is its first choice, such as black, gray, blue, military green, etc. This is not only to make it better.


The blessing of dark color can also make itself a down vest that is not very personal, which can glow a little texture, which is slightly more advanced than some beautiful colors.

Therefore, you can also come to a full -color style of All Black on the down vest.

Inside and outside, the upper and lower body is roughly unified, which can avoid the “trap” that is easy to disconnect with down vests. It is more natural and natural. Compared with the ALL Black of other clothes, its upper body will also bring obvious three -dimensional three -dimensional Effect.


The leaf above also mentioned that there are generally only two ways to wear down jackets, wearing the outer or middle layer.

Let’s take a look at the first one first,

On the outermost



In fact, as the outermost structure, there are two forms of down jackets. Is it a zipper?

Don’t look at this unusual action, its impact on the overall style is completely different.


If it is not a zipper, it no longer belongs to the category of the vest, but it is more like a short jacket without sleeve.

Because it does not have the wrapping properties of ordinary jackets and the swelling sense, it will exist alone and not coherent with the inside. This is why the leaves say that it is more highlighted to match the clothing inside.




If you want to open your down jacket, this requires your match itself to be complete


It is also equivalent to a focusing mirror, which shows your original style of wearing.

According to this matching guidance, we often see that in winter, many gentlemen will put a down vest outside his neat suit.


Although this will weaken a little gentleman’s temperament, it can also give you a certain amount of warmth, bringing different style fun.

When choosing a jacket down vest, because the down vest itself needs to be shorter, it is recommended that your coat should not be too long. It is best to use short jackets. In fact, it doesn’t make much sense.

Instead, it will destroy the elegant characteristics of the long coat itself.

Tied the placket of the down vest, that is, when wearing it alone, it is still the attributes of the vest.

But compared to other vest styles, it is relatively dangerous to wear a single vest. It does not have much lightness, and it looks more expanded and more rewarding.

Here we should put our eyes on the lower body. Try to avoid slimming as much as possible, choose straight or wide legs, and more loose pants, so that the outline of the upper and lower can balance.

The looseness brought by the pants can also make the upper body of the down vest look less bloated and stiff.


The second method of wearing is to use the down vest as the interior and wear it in the middle layer.


This is a bit similar to the “inner tendon” we said before. However, the advantages and disadvantages of down vests are obvious, and it is more warm, but because of its expansion, it may bring the “big belly belly after the upper body. “The phenomenon.

If you want to avoid this, you are more light and thinner.


In fact, in the interior of the down vest, someone will also wear it to wear it.

Ye Zi personally does not recommend everyone to try.

If it is tied, including the coat, many people can see only the simple two layers of structure, and the surface of the down is not stiff, not only without it.

On the contrary, this will make your overall shape have a sense of resentment, and it will be much mediocre.

Put down the down vest as the middle layer and open it. Because the texture of the down is different from many clothing, the innermost simple bottoming shirt, a slightly wider jacket on the outermost can easily create clear and clear. At the same time, the structure of stacking structure will not destroy the elegant characteristics of the coat.

In summary,

Plel vest alone (outer layer), when it is used inward, is completely different

When wearing the outermost layer, we will ask it to expand points, and there will be a more distinctive three -dimensional outline; if it is used inward, it needs its “瘪” point so that it can be easier and natural, lying in you in you In the arms.

I wonder if after watching it, will everyone change the attributes of the “fashion black hole” of the down vest?