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Novel: Discovering secrets, Lu Qi actually sold the original clothes she wore

I have seen news reports on the Internet before, saying that some people have special habits and like to buy some beautiful women to wear underwear that are not washed to recreate. At that time, I still felt that it was far away from myself. Planting things?

Although I also searched for curiosity, I didn’t find it, so I felt that things on these networks were nonsense. Who wants …

Lu Qi was busy talking about business with the customers in the mobile phone. It seemed that she didn’t notice the news of her. The elevator arrived at the station. She lowered her head and walked into the company to return to her station.

I walked towards myself like a person, and I was calm on the surface, but my heart was turbulent, as if I could find any shocking secrets, I couldn’t bear the curiosity in my heart.

Little fish dry window? What is this? I took out my mobile phone and entered this string of names on the Internet. I opened it and found that this is simply the door to the new world. There are all the ones who sell underwear, stockings, stockings, and panties. The human chest is hung on the homepage, and I hurriedly clicked in.

I looked at the store information. The shop name was Qiqi’s small shop. The owner’s account was called Xiao Qiqi. It was 100 % Lu Qimei wrong! I looked at the information on the page, and my heart was excited and complicated.

Unexpectedly, Lu Qi’s big beauty usually looks very serious in the company and does it in the back!

I randomly looked at the page of her shop, and suddenly saw a black lace underwear. Then I took out the mobile phone and found the photos I took in the morning. Hey crooked, it was the same!

This little Nizi is fine!

I looked at her photos, and looked at the pictures of the original lace underwear on the page, and subconsciously swallowed it. Because of being single, there is no girlfriend to hold when you are lonely. You can only find some pictures and watch some big movies to relieve loneliness. Now I have discovered such treasures. I really can’t wait to try it.

Wrap the underwear in such a beautiful breast, if you bring …

Thinking, I quickly took out my mobile phone and registered a WeChat trumpet, Gao Fushuai, and then found Lu Qi’s account and sent a verification information.

After sending the information, I glanced at the direction of Lu Qi subconsciously, and immediately retracted her eyes without daring to stay. When she turned around, she had passed.

When I saw the piece, through the information, my heartbeat was fast, and immediately went up to say hello. Gao Fushuai: Hello.

Xiao Qiqi: Hello, is you?

Gao Fushuai: I see “original” underwear on the Internet. Is there any stock now?

I sent this news, staring at the dialog box, waiting for the other party to reply, and my heart was nervous and excited.

After I waited for a long time, Lu Qi did not reply, which made me seem to be swallowed by 10,000 ants in my heart, itchy, nervous and anxious.

I glanced at the direction of Lu Qi, who was a little guilty, and found that she was not in the front desk. Should she find that this trumpet is mine?

I was struggling, and I suddenly received the reply message on my phone.

Xiao Qiqi: Hello, there are goods. The underwear of this small shop is all worn by me. The quality is guaranteed. It is 300 yuan a day and 1,000 yuan in three days. Which one do you want?