Bridge Lamps

Shang -style exhibition industry landscape display rack placing the middle island cabinet

Guangzhou Shang -style display limited company is a modern comprehensive enterprise integrating the image planning, design, product research and development, production, and sales of the shelf of the end brand specialty store. We specially: Youpin Chain Brand Store, Clothing Brand Store, Cosmetics Industry, Chain Convenience Store, Maternal and Infant Industry, Jewelry Industry and other terminal image planning and design. The main operating categories are new NOME Nomi shelves, smart shelves, famous racks, KM clothing shelves, shelves wholesale, commercial overtime shelves, chain shop shelves and other shelves. If you are interested in our products, come to inquire.


As the world’s leading new retail company, Mingchuang Youpin continues to output good -looking, easy -to -use, and fun products to the global consumer market, and also adheres to the social responsibility of corporate social responsibility, “Red Power her friendship”. In the future, Mingchuang Youpin will promote the implementation of more public welfare projects, and also hopes to attract more capable users to participate in the public welfare projects, and use everyone to pick up the form of public welfare with firewood. Essence