Bulb in the mud, boiling the sea screw anti-new crown? Wonderful therapy, this Indian Member was diagnosed.

According to Gulf News, local time September 14, claiming that the boiling sea clam in the bubble mortar can drive away the new crown virus, Sukhbir Jaunapuria, and become a parliamentary member of 24 locations in the local area. one.

Suhebill is a member of the People’s Party Parliament of Tonk-Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan. One month ago, he passed a video on a personal facebook account. In the video, he sat in the mud, holding a seafroscope, saying that it can improve the lung capacity in the mud, while close to nature, it can avoid infection with new crown viruses.


Suhebil holds a sea clad shell in the mud. Bay News


“Go out, wet yourself in the rain, sit in the mud, go to the farm, blow the sea clam, eat … Do these things, you can get immunity.” Surbill is so calling in the video. .

After the news of Soohbill was transmitted online, many netizens began to ridicule “Thank Suhbir’s physical strength,” I will prove that the mud bath and the boat shell can not improve the new crown immunity. “

In fact, Suhebir is not the first Indian government member who is a similar new crown prevention recommendation.

Not long ago, the female minister, the female minister of the Ministry of Central Women’s Power Development, India, also claimed that she was fully immune to the new crown virus, because “Born in cow and mud”. And this statement is still told when she faces the media, and then it is mad online.

Imam David accepts local media interviews. According to CNN


In August this year, ARJun Ram Meghwal, the State Department of India, publicly said that Indian local cracked snacks (PAPAD) is conducive to resisting new crown viruses. But after a few weeks, he detected a positive in the new crown antibody.

The State Minister of Indian Water Resources said that the crisp snack of India can resist new crown viruses. Aircondu

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