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How can a woman over 50 years old be more beautiful? In winter, “scarf” is decorated with “scarf”, which is very atmospheric

Women who have passed 50 years old, how to wear it in winter to be old and rustic?

For a middle -aged and elderly woman who is over 50 years old, how can we get rid of the sense of oldness in winter? In addition to mastering a certain dressing skills, you must also know how to use some accessories to embellish, such as “scarf”.

Lily remembers that when I have shared with you to wear middle -aged women, they must learn to use some “accessories” to decorate their own shapes to improve their fashion and refinement.


Now the weather is getting colder, so in addition to choosing a hat to match, scarves are also an indispensable important role. You know, the scarf can not only bring you warmth, but also the shape of the “拗” shape. It is a must -have item!


So, how do women like after the age of 50, how to use the “scarf” to embellish in winter in winter? Let’s follow Lily’s footsteps and see how these trendy people are interpreted. Following them to wear it, it is very fashionable.

How to match with “scarf”?


⑴ Pay attention to the color matching of the scarf and clothes

Women after the age of 50 should understand how to use some accessories to embellish the shape when they are dressed. Like a scarf is a very good choice, but when choosing a scarf to match, pay attention to the color pairing between the scarf and the clothes. If the color of the scarf is bright, then the color of the clothes should be as low as low -saturated dark or light color as much as possible Come to match, so that the whole looks more harmonious and beautiful.


法 Pay attention to the method of scarf

In fact, in dressing and matching, whether the scarf can play an important embellishment effect, in addition to paying attention to the color matching with the clothes, there is also the method of scarf. You know, the effects of different scarfs are different. Of course, the best way is to determine according to your own dress style, and another is the body.

The interpretation of 50 -year -old Japanese bloggers

After a simple understanding of how to use the “scarf” to match, then look at the following 50 -year -old Japanese bloggers in winter to wear in winter. How to use scarves to embellish, just follow them to learn.

One: Jane+Fan’s combination

Pure black sweaters did not seem to have any highlights, and it was not outstanding enough. It was relatively dull. However, after the decoration of the letters of the alphabet printing, the whole shape was enriched instantly, and the fashion degree suddenly soared ~

It is really worthy of everyone to learn from this simplified combination. Women after 50 years of age, when they are dressed in winter, you must know how to use this little trick to make you look more fashionable and more fashionable. Essence

After the age of 50, a woman can try the bottom dress of this knitted fabric in the winter. Whether it is slim or loose, it can be worn as a single and inside. Deep wine red, more suitable for older women, showing femininity and charm, plus the embellishment of colorful plaid scarves, the combination of simplified and complex is too fashionable and beautiful, right?

Two: The color of the scarf is the same as the color of the top

In winter, how to use the “scarf” to embellish the entire shape? This is about the color matching between them. No matter how old you are, you choose to wear a scarf and the color of the top, which is very fashionable and beautiful, so that the harmony of the overall color matching is relatively high.

Look at this Japanese blogger, dark coffee sweater and scarf of the same color, seem to be a bit monotonous, but the bottom is matched with a pair of light pants to match, just weakening the dullness brought by the top. In addition, you can also match a bright color jacket with less saturation, which can also brighten the entire shape.

Three: shades of color matching, there is a comparison level

Dark clothes, combined with light -colored scarves, are also very good. The combination of shades is very contrasting. The key is very layered. The dark horse wool sweater is soft and comfortable, and it is also very warm. The light -colored scarf tied to the neck is in sharp contrast to the dark sweater, which is very beautiful.


And the bottom can try some bright items to match, the pants and skirts are OK, and the addition of bright colors will instantly brighten the entire shape. Even in the dull winter day, it can be brilliant.

Four: The scaling system is randomly


Compared to the scarf method that crossing several laps on the neck, this simple circle is made, leaving a long scarf system, which is obviously more casual. Compared to the previous system, the back is more friendly. Especially when choosing this long scarf, simply walk around, and the rest let it fall down naturally, with the skirt, it is beautiful and elegant.

Five: Put the scarf as the shawl


Putting the scarf directly as a shawl, this way of wear is more popular in autumn and winter. Moreover, there are no requirements and restrictions on this way of matching. Middle -aged and elderly women after the age of 50 may wish to try this match. The light gray suit, the top is a sweater, the lower part is a beam of woolen pants, the treasure blue streaming scarf covered on the shoulders, which is very good and fashionable.



After watching the sharing of Lily above, how do you wear more beautiful women after 50 years of age, do you have a certain understanding? In winter, you may use “scarf” to embellish, and easily wear warm and atmospheric outfits.


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