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Yang Dongping | Cracking Jewish education password

Hello everyone, let’s discuss the education of Israel today.

About Israel, our preliminary impression is

Superposition of triple images


It is a kingdom of God and religion

It is the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the birth, mission, difficulty and resurrection of Jesus Christ; the second

It is a country that baths blood and fire

In the 4 Middle East War, the vocabulary of Fatheh and Hamas is familiar with. They call it “the peace that the war is only close to the peace”, and the peace is very fragile. Each of their high school graduates, both men and women, To join the army, stay in the army for 3 to 4 years; the third is

As a modern power, innovative country

Essence Such a small country that survives in the gap and is very lacking in resources has grown into a vibrant and creative modern country in a short period of time. Jewish wisdom is famous in the world. There are 13 million Jews worldwide, accounting for three thousandths of the world’s total population, but they won 29%of the Nobel Prize. From Einstein, Marx, Freud, Buffett, Bill Gates … Many famous characters, they are all Jews, there must be some education wisdom or secrets different from other ethnic groups.

Education has a transcendent position in Jewish civilization

So, what is its educational wisdom and secret?

I know that many people have continued to visit Israel in recent years, and I also want to explore its wisdom and secrets, but our Chinese people’s thinking habits are always looking for answers in the direction of elite education and genius education, which means digging them. How to cultivate genius children. So in fact, we can clearly say that most of the masters of human starry sky in Israel or in Jews are not the products of genius education, such as Einstein, and even the losers of school education; Many of them are not educated in Israel. so

The answer can only exist in the religion, culture and family of the Jews.

For thousands of years, the harsh living environment of the Jews and a strong sense of crisis have created the special wisdom of the Jews. At the beginning of the founding of Israel, the first law formulated was

“Compulsory Education Law”

杨东平 | 破解犹太人的教育密码

In 2017, Israel has basically popularized the 13 -year free compulsory education from preschool to high school, and continued to work with 15 years of compulsory education, and used a generation to achieve economic take -off.

The ancient Rabig said, “Learning, learning, and studying is the secret of Jewish survival.” Hebrew has a famous educational motto

“Educate children, make them go the way, and do not leave when they are old.”


This sentence seems to be unusual. In fact, the meaning it means is that parents must observe the child carefully, provide opportunities to give each child, and live their own lives, that is, to help the child choose the correct way to enable the child “Complete your mission.”

Parents need to discover the mystery of children. This mystery is with children, not with parents

Essence Parents’ mission is not to tell their children what to do and what kind of person, but “must be humble in front of their wisdom.”

Jewish family education

The Jews attach great importance to family education. Their early education was completed in the family, and the main responsibility of her father was the main responsibility. Then Jewish attaches great importance to some details of family education, and we see more in our media.


Encourage questions and attach importance to cultivating critical thinking.

杨东平 | 破解犹太人的教育密码

Ask more questions, ask different types of questions, ask meaningful questions, and help children understand a question from a comprehensive perspective.


Tight family relationships and loose education methods.

Keep your child closely related to your family, and give your child enough freedom, tolerance and choice. On the one hand, it is necessary to accept the child unconditionally and give him full love. At the same time, the family allows the children to be fully spoken to the freedom of speaking. Parents establish close family relationships to form a child’s strong self -awareness and self -esteem.

This is to cultivate children’s internal driving force. This internal driving force eventually comes from the family’s love for him without reservation.


Cultivated children’s habit of developing lifelong learning since childhood.

Mainly to develop the habit of reading children, reading has become a very important part of Israel’s life.


Create an environment for children to participate in social practice.

For example, letting children take care of their own shops, help take care of their own business, help parents share part of family affairs, so as to cultivate children’s sense of responsibility, participate in their awareness, develop some of their basic business skills and some criteria for communication, etc. Essence

Know the educational password in Jewish culture

The Israelites are famous for their ideas. The “two Jews, three perspectives” popular in Europe and the United States. Jewish civilization is a kind of argument, a kind of good civilization. Israeli writer Amos Oz summarizes Israel’s culture: Jewish and Israelis have suspicion and arguing cultural traditions. Israeli culture is an open free question and answer game with interpretation and anti -explanation, re -explanation and anti -explanation.

Although Jewish civilization is also a civilization that originated from the West, we also need to know the important differences between Jewish civilization and Greek civilization -the goals and purpose of the Greeks are people. Their proverbs are called

“Knowing yourself”

, Therefore produced the mainstream rationalism of Western civilization; and Hebrew system, its system starting point is

“Know God”

It believes that “fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” So we see that the Hebrew civilization and the Greek civilization have such a significant difference in the source.

“The Greeks are studying for understanding, and the Hebrews are to be in awe.” It is such a division that makes Jewish education a spiritual temperament.

Concept of knowledge

For example, the Jewish understanding of knowledge is very deep. They use these words to express, “

Learn with the brain, feel the mind, experience it with your body, let learning happen in practice

It is not simply teaching. “They think that they must have” knowledge “for one thing, not only thinking about it, but also experience it. Therefore It means meeting intimately, experience and sharing. “Knowing” is not just brainstorming but also practicing and action. People must use their own existence to know. Essence

Knowledge is the meaning of action -this concept is particularly important, and we are particularly lacking in our Chinese.

Because in our Chinese tradition, Zhi and Xing are almost completely separated.

Concept of wisdom

We will regard education as a path of wisdom, but they tend to think that wisdom is practical skills, and craftsmanship and skills are wisdom maids. So Jews believe,

Wisdom is the daily ability that successfully cope with life problems. Wisdom means that you have skills and skills in specific fields to do something well, so as to be perfect

Essence “The true meaning of wisdom is a good ability or technology of judgment” -This is really different from our understanding. When we visited the Israeli school, we discussed this issue. They think that a craftsman and chef can make their work perfectly, which is wisdom. It is very different from us to understand wisdom as a highly abstract brain.

杨东平 | 破解犹太人的教育密码

In addition, Jewish civilization and Greek civilization have a very important difference at the source of education. The classical Boya education of the Greeks is used for the noble class. A leisurely education believes that the subordinates who are engaged in labor are not worthy of receiving education. They believe that education is a kind of people, facing the whole people, and this difference is also very huge. I think this is a Jews scattered around the world, and their achievements are like one reason for stars.

杨东平 | 破解犹太人的教育密码

The education wisdom and cultural passwords of the Jewish civilization still requires us to continue to explore the decipher. What I introduce here is only a very shallow idea. thank you all.

Education has a transcendent position in Jewish civilization