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BV, GR10K, PAF and other “short jackets” this season are very popular | survey of jacket items

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#The “jacket” recently liked

Among the players, players shared the charge jackets of the MM6 fashion brand, with “short jackets” such as BV and PAF, such as BV and PAF, and “unconventional jackets” are equally playable as the medieval pilot jacket and leather jackets.


Paria Farzaneh et al.

Fashion sense “

Chung jacket “:

@negativc: “Finally find a favorite assault jacket,

Paria Farzaneh AW20 GerI Pleat Jacket, 8.5K starts;

The stitching of national weaving elements is too special. Although the brand is niche, after understanding Paria Farzaneh, it feels like it is worth 8.5K. “


BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

@精 ::

“Balenciaga 18SS Profile Collar Parka, because I like designer Demna, and the UK often rains, Britain often rains.

Need a waterproof coat, and finally start a good price;

The exaggerated collar on the side attracts me very much, and it is even more amazing when it gets. Opening it towards both sides will become a design similar to a suit collar. The waist drawing rope to modify the large silhouette, and the accessories of the accessories will have the taste of demna. “

via. Jingwei

@年: “At the beginning of the year, I have been watching the single product of the KIKO branch OTTO 958. Recently, I have cool down, and I started with a jacket jacket;

Color stitching and the OTTO 958 grid logo on the back are very attractive,

I have to say that fashion brands understand the “pain points” in outdoor design more.

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

@小 Super Lucky Star: “Amway recently has been received by tadpoles,

I bought the Snowpeak “Inc incoring” series of semi -zipper jackets, the fabric function is full;

The version is not like the traditional outdoor brand that pays attention to functionality, but loses the sense of daily fashion. It will be bloated and bloated, and the details of the inside are also very interesting. “

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

via. Xiao Wang Super Lucky Star


“The TNF X MM6 jacket I just bought is too cool. I have to say that the side buckle is really handsome.

Blue is bright and not abrupt, perfectly in line with daily;

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

Although it is the previous joint name, it can be worn in autumn, because of the special version, I have been worried about controlling the problem. I have only recently got it to its point. I watched a lot of others’ dresses and started. “

via. Anonymous

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研


PAF and other “short jackets”,

Easily create Clean Fit



“That must be a short jacket of Second/Layer, one is a rivet haze blue jacket,

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

The overall smog blue is very ki, and the hem has a waist design;

Another blue -and -white splicing real silk short jacket, stitching is still the design of arrow pockets, very Clean, and “British elegant”. “

“PAF 4.0+ upgraded the machete jacket also continues the” short sleeves “version,

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

The design of the bright line is still very special. I saw that there was a problem with PAF materials before, and after more evaluation, I decided whether to start. “

@: “Common Divisor’s short jacket, the physical color is very good, but it cannot be counted as the BV replacement. The version is still a bit different.”

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

via. Survete with an umbrella

@ASK (Working Edition): “The recent purchase of Celia’s stitching jacket is of course” price “compared to big names. Of course, it is” price “. “

via.ask (hard work version)

@KOK: “BV short jacket, because the price has not started, planning to wait for the recent discount, the pocket pocket is the finishing touch, the overall short is long+ long sleeves, which is the essence of this jacket. , Can create Clean Fit. “

@: “Recently I like GR10K 20AW short jackets, 2K+ start, the fabric is very comfortable, and the zipper on both sides is very new.”

AMJ and other unconventional jackets,

The design is more “playable”:

@@ ohio: “A jacket that I like and feel very strange recently, is the Hazmat Pullover Jacket of Bryan Jimenez;

The design of the buckle button can feel a lot of different shapes, but its version is more like long -sleeved or sweater, unlike jackets. “


“Y/Project’s jacket,” Turn “design is really the iconic design of this brand.

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

Recently considering starting this new season Bomber. “

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

via: 049


“The ARNAR MAR JONSSON recommended by the tide library last time, I went to search,

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

Immediately by this punch jacket, plant grass;

Design the zipper on both sides, the drawing of the hats and the hem of the clothes, so that the clothes have more deformed, but unfortunately the price of 7K is paid. “

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研


Celine “

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

School uniforms, etc.

Conventional and easy -to -wear jacket:


“I love CDG X Stussy striped jacket,

With the most classic Bryan Jacket of Stussy, the tailoring is very three -dimensional; the overall style is very three -dimensional;

The fabric is more textured than the ordinary Bryan Jacket, and the striped design is also very delicious. The price is not very expensive. It was still very comfortable last year. “



BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

“Recently, Celine’s school uniform jacket is the over turning after Hedi came to Celine.

Make Celine less SLP;

The clothes itself has no recognition. The Celine gene that conforms to the PP has added HS’s triumphant zipper head to the careful thinking. “


@iamvan 受: “Affected by film and television works, recently fascinated with Carhartt’s J140, buy 1-2 sizes, you can put shirts, hoodes and even sweaters in winter.”


@: “I am a jacket enthusiast, especially the short work jacket. Recently, the idle fish has started the brown Old JOE workshot jacket. It will be paired with denim and workshoe shoes, and Vintage short sleeves.”

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

via. Guo Mai

@: “FNP Service, this Symmetrical Working Jacket, is full of practicality, three -digit price, good cost -effective no reason not to buy.”

via. Lazy into the soul

The soloist bomber,

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

Middle -aged Stussy baseball jacket:

Archive and classic version:


BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

“The Soloist 15aw Bomber Jacket, the back and two layers of three straps behind the back can be adjusted,

Increased the playability of clothes;

The materials are thick and warm. I saw Rocky’s upper body before, and accidentally found in Yahoo. At the end, I started with 1.4W. Personally, I prefer to match it with Cargo. “

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研


@Xxx: “The recent favorite Avirex high -end branch PDW multifunctional pilot jacket,

AVIREX’s Archive level items in your mind;

The backpack of the back nested can be removed separately. The inner strap is like Acronym. You don’t have to hold your clothes on your hands. The wrinkles are just right. “

via: xxx

@最: “The most satisfied thing is the C2H4 baseball cotton jacket. In terms of version and current popular style, this jacket is very good. Ordinary workpants can be completely set off, really top.”

@Luckiki: “Stussy Big4 WorldTours Jacket, VIBE was popular last year, and was not interested in various fertilizers on the market at all, but this price is too high, really can’t hold it;

It was produced in 1998, but was almost brand new. The thickness of the cowhide sleeves was the taste of pure American universities that I wanted.

Wose S is also my favorite Stussy design. “

via: luckiki


“YOKOSUKA Hengxu -congratulated Middle Embroidered Jacket, Middle Ages always has a unchanged flavor.

You can also avoid all follow -up options;

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

The embroidered jacket fabric is very light. It is suitable for the climate of the south when it is worn. It is not too much to buy in less than a thousand yuan. “


3 Man locomotive jacket

And Julius early leather jacket

@it’s me:

“Recently, the shellac leather jacket, which has just been pulled up, is deep and rare in the deeper.

The whole body cowhide, the version is very stiff, the disadvantage of the beauty is that the hardness is too high, resulting in the failure of the activity, but the flaws are not concealed. As a early work of Julius, the dark pioneer is full and the TOP5 level of the leather jacket in the heart. “



“I recently started a Vintage jacket, Type A-2 Flight Jacket2,

BV、GR10K、PAF 等「短款夹克」本季极受欢迎 | 夹克单品调研

Type A-2 is a summer jacket worn by American pilots at 10 ° C to 30 ° C. In Guangzhou, the upper body frequency can be greatly increased. “


@tai. : “Recently, the 3man 21SS locomotive jacket is very unique. The version is very unique.

It is considered a good price to buy, more than 3K, chosen Oliver color matching, white or black wide -leg pants are unexpectedly easy to match. “


@P3LT: “I have recently entered the joint leather jacket of Supreme and the last century comics The Crow. Although Supreme’s popularity is not high before, this joint series really likes it.” This time, I really like it. “

About the jacket items for the season,

via. Anonymous