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Kollie Coco space memory cotton mattress pro -test experience

Author: Xiao Qiushi

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

Today is a memorable day for me. Our child is one and a half years old. In order to cultivate her independence, I decided to let her sleep independently (in fact, I spent two beds together to take care of her). In order to prevent children from rolling on the Internet, I decided to buy a large mattress. After choosing it on the major platforms for a long time, I also watched a lot of mattresses here on my aunt. I bought it in Central Asia. The price seemed to be bought at 400+ at that time.

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

Koliie Cocoa space memory cotton mattress 180*200*5cm

In the scope of economic capacity, I chose the cotton pad 180 in the cotton pad. The size is: 180 × 200 × 5cm, which is enough to rent a house in Emperor Dadu. Let’s first come to the Introduction of Kenir:

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

Brand Introduction Coco Kollie brand concept Coco Kollie’s home brand originated in Britt Brisbane, Australian city in the late 20th century. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the research of sleep science and focused on memory cotton products.

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

In 2010, Kollie entered China, adhering to its consistent concept of “enjoying healthy sleep, tasteing fashion life”, and based on the bone characteristics and sleep habits of Asians, it created a high -quality home life and healthy sleep experience for Chinese consumers. Pillow, 3D massage pillow to Shuyi breathable pillow, Kollie all shows its science and rigor in functional distinction; from traditional, ergonomic types to fashion creativity, Kollie shows its bold and advanced creativity; from memory cotton cotton , Natural latex to herbaceous plants, Kollie tells its strict control of healthy materials and unremitting pursuit of comfortable sleep.

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

our team

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

We have high -quality professional teams, talented employees, and competitive goods structures, and strive to bring the best healthy sleep experience to Chinese consumers. We are brave to welcome new challenges, and with the introduction of new technologies and methods, the continuous innovation has made Konir at the front end of the industry. Every time I step into Cocnir will bring you a new feeling and comfortable shopping experience.

Brand History

1987 Kollie home brand registered in Brisbane

1997 Kollie established 28 chain counters in Australia

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

2003 Kollie brand entered the European and American markets

2005 Kollie Products Best Sells Selling in Europe and the United States

2009 Kollie conducted a three -wheel market research on the Chinese market

2010 Kollie’s Chinese brand name “Kenire” is officially registered and listed

2011 Kollie product obtained a series of patent certificates and related quality inspection reports

2011 officially launched Kollie’s national strategy some products have entered large supermarket stores in various places

The mattress is a Saturday product. It finally arrived today. At that time, I was worried that the mattress was too large, so I was delivered directly home! (Because you are not at home, let the neighbors collect the goods.) After getting off work, the mattress is already in front of the house after returning home. When I saw that the box was not too big, I still wondered if it was wrong. The outer packaging is a bit squeezed and deformed, but because it is a memory cotton, the mattress is not damaged. (Due to limited conditions, all photos are taken at night with iPhone 4S and iPad 5.)

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

In fact, it was found that the mattress was vacuum compressed and it was very strong in the plastic bag.

There is a slot here, this outer packaging is really weak, but fortunately the contents inside pretty good

When I put it on the bed, the child couldn’t wait to climb up and kept fidding.

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验因孩子在一旁老捣乱,所以照片也不能好好拍

I fiddled with the bag for a long time. At this time, the value of my husband was reflected, and he pulled him off the plastic bag. It took a long time to take off the bag that was covered outside. (PS: Listen to other valuable friends later that you can cut the bag directly, I’m really not professional enough)

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

After pulling out the bag outside, you can start. The mattress stacked three layers and placed it in an inner bag. It is a particularly simple and generous mattress.

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

The pattern is a small circle pattern. It’s very comfortable to touch, soft. I have never seen such fabrics before and I don’t know it. So take a look at the introduction:

Belgium was imported from the original Meilai knitted cotton. This knitted cotton is relatively soft and comfortable, breathable and dry.

In order to prevent the mattress from sliding, dual protection is used

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

First, the back of the mattress is a small point that is particularly attractive, similar to the non -slip gloves. This non -slip particles can increase friction

Two or four corners also have a loose band on each of them, which are used to fix it on Xi Mengsi to prevent sliding.

Coco’s trademark can be seen at a glance at a glance, giving people a sense of trust. large and luxurious

The outer cover of this mattress is with removable zipper, and the memory cotton inside can be easily taken out. Easy to disassemble and wash. Open the zipper to see the white lining inside. After reading the introduction, it is used to use medical -grade antibacterial anti -mite sweat scarf cloths, which can quickly absorb sweat, breathable and humidify, and prevent mites from breeding. The inside of the lining should be a cotton. Because the new is unwilling to disassemble, the memory cotton cannot be displayed.

Seeing that I used a wallpaper knife to draw a bag, I snatched my little knife and scratched it on the mattress. (In fact, I couldn’t bear it. She was rotten! I had secretly put away the blade).

The mattress is very big, which is bigger than I imagine.

After the mattress is folded, the original box cannot be installed at all. Three times larger than the original.

Summary: The mattress is also good! Suitable for us who often move. Of course, it is more suitable for your own house!

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

Washing and maintenance:

[1] When the new mattress is used, the mattress head tail is adjusted once every quarter, and the front and back are adjusted once the next year.

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

[2] The protective film (bag) must be removed before using the mattress to prevent the mattress from being closed.

[3] Avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress for a long time or jumping on the mattress and throwing heavy objects.

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

[4] Do not wash it. If you accidentally dirt, please use a slightly wet towel to clean it and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

National customer service hotline: 400-003-8228

Next, take the pillow of his house. When I received it, I thought the mattress arrived first, and opened it or the pillow.

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

Kollie Kenel Melcomment Memory Pillow Winter and Summer Slow Bounce Cervical Cervical Pillow Pillow+Masolic Music Products …

The packaging bag reads: Cocnir service hotline: 400-003-8228

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

Qualification certificate

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

Coconar trademark

Invisible zipper

Because the child is making trouble on the side, the photos cannot be taken well

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

It is just appropriate in the pillow cover of Mercury home textiles! The following is a picture:!!

Summary: Winter and summer can be used! It’s comfortable to sleep! Bettering is very good!

KOLLIE 可奈尔 太空记忆棉床垫 亲测体验

Because I am not a professional, I can’t make more professional introductions to the mattress and pillow, please forgive me!