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This year’s “Mao Mao collar” down jacket suddenly fire, fashionable and elegant, the key to look warm

Since the winter, it has been cooling throughout the country, especially the cities in the north. The temperature of the severe cold has been accompanied by snowfall from time to time. People who are afraid of cold have been wrapped in thick down jackets early. Moreover, down jackets are also fashionable, and the down jackets with hairy collar are popular. Looking at the soft waxy and gentleness, it has become a new popularity for girls to go out on the street.

Not to mention that the down jacket is not fashionable. The “Mao Mao collar” down jacket this year suddenly became hot. The fashionable elegance is not counted. The key is that it looks warm. Are you still choosing one of the two? With the “Mao Mao collar” down jacket this winter style and temperature at the same time, then this issue of cat sister analyzes the down jacket of Mao Mao collar to easily create a fashionable look.


1. How should the “Mao Mao Ling” of the down jacket be selected?

①: “Mao Mao Collar” and down jackets are consistent with the same color


No wonder the fashionable essence loves the “Mao Mao collar” down jacket. It looks warm and stylish. Most of the hair collar is mostly black and white. As a universal basic color and any color down jacket, it will not make an error. But the colorful hair collar will obviously be more vivid and can show a more novel and fashionable effect.


It is recommended that you choose the coordinates of the colors of the down jacket directly. For example, the pink down jacket combines the pink hair collar. The sweet and smart atmosphere is more obvious. It is not disobedient to look at it. It is suitable for girls with sweet temperament to show a sense of girlishness.

②: The big hair collar is smart, and the fashion effect is strong


It is said that although the down jacket is warm, but the sense of fashion is not strong, and it is easy to bloated and fat, so girls who love beauty are often unwilling to choose down jackets. The wool collar is embellished at the neckline of the down jacket. It is making the warm and fluffy down jacket softer and glutinous, sweet and gentle, so that the down jacket can also have an atmosphere.


Especially the elegant big hair collar is a typical representative of the hair collar down jacket. Injecting the light and agile atmosphere, the thickness of the down jacket is also reduced. If the down jacket is also a beautiful tone, the visually fashionable sense is not weak, and it looks good with pants skirts.

③: Xiao Mao is easy to control and does not pick people

However, the visual effect of the big hair collar is relatively obvious, and it is difficult to control. In fact, in addition to the big hair collar, you can also choose a small wool collar. It is suitable for wearing small white to control. The design of the fluff is shorter, and it is not so strong at the same time.

The down jacket is also recommended to choose a simple design. The classic pure black with white hair collar is classic and atmospheric. It is easier to match, and the swelling of down jackets is not strong, and it can also avoid bloated worries.


2. The matching skills of the “Mao Mao collar” down jacket

①: The version is loosely combined to avoid bloating

After adding the big hair collar, the down jacket is stronger than the ordinary down jacket, so it is more likely to look bloated when matching. Sister Cat suggested that through a combination of loose combination to balance the bloating of down jackets. The down jacket is loose, so it is recommended to choose a tight version in the inside and lower clothes.

Although the inside is matched in the down jacket, it can still affect the bloated feeling of the down jacket. If it is loose and thick, it will undoubtedly make the bloated feeling more obvious. Open to show the inside of the inside and tightly, but it can still be thinner.

The Mao Mao collar down jacket with leggings, which outlines the slender of the leg lines, can intuitively play a balance in the overall shape. If your legs are superior enough, choosing tight pants will undoubtedly enlarge your body advantages, and even the swollen down jacket will not look bloated. Coupled with the unique design of the hair collar, it is easy to wear a sense of fashion.


②: Matching the color system to create a consistent sense of high level

Mao Mao collar down jackets will also match errors in color, especially bright down jackets. If it looks exaggerated and cheap, it will also enlarge the swelling of down jackets, and the rustic is fat. When wearing a colored down jacket, it is matched with neighboring colors and even the same color to create the consistency of the shape.

For example, the shallow khaki down jacket reveals a sense of high -level, and the gentleness of the combination of the hair collar is strong. And the colorful half -body skirt with a slightly darker color tone is particularly harmonious together with the same color tone, avoiding the possibility of errors, and even showing a strong sense of high -level.


③: The upper and lower length match, the proportion is so high

If you want to modify your body vertically, you can also highlight it by highlighting the proportion of the figure. Even the hair collar down jacket can avoid bloating. Especially girls with poor proportion of figures can make a good proportion of legs and long legs.

At this time, the “Mao Mao collar” down jacket is also recommended to choose the short and not long down jacket. The short down jacket is paired with a high waist.

Well, this is the introduction of the “Mao Mao Ling” down jacket in this issue.


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