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42 -year -old Chen Shu, not old -fashioned without fear of changes in time, daily simple model wearing the United States 28 years old

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For some young people, they may not be familiar with Chen Shu, so if you talk about the Holy Queen in “Choosing the Heaven”, you may know more about it. The roles performed by Chen Shu are basically very elegant and temperament. This has a lot to do with the actor’s own temperament. The most amazing thing Chen Shu is at the age of 42 and can still maintain younger youth. Elegant and calm, like girls. Then let’s learn about Chen Shu’s dressing skills together, so that your clothes are stylish and temperamental.

▲ The red satin dress, the irregular plate distribution and the design of the collar, show sexy elegance. The smooth satin material makes the skin look more delicate, and the bomb can be broken. Of course, the right red is also a high -quality choice for improving the brightness of the skin tone. Chen Shu was painted with a red lipstick, her face was more shiny and shiny, and her beautiful short hair set off her charm, and the watch on the wrist made her look dignified and very elegant.


▲ Chen Shu was wearing a beige trench coat. The design of the large lapel made the clothes look more layered, and the design of the rear half of the body was very different. The whole windbreaker adds decorative elements. The long trench coat is always the classic dress of the intellectual lady. The night is hazy. Chen Shu crosses his hands on the side of the bridge. The oblique hair is scattered at will without any decoration.


▲ Chen Shu carried a black chain bag with one hand in his pocket pockets and looked into the distance. The temperament was gentle and elegant. For the inside of this trench coat, Chen Shu chose a pure white round neck shirt. The pure white makes people look very neat and clean, and has a light feeling. The lower body is a pair of black pants, showing the beautiful leg lines of Chen Digital, and the white pointed short boots on the feet echo the top of the shirt from the color. Essence

▲ This private server is full of girls. The exaggerated big princess bubble sleeves make Chen Shu’s arm look very slender. The generous collar is also a classic necessary element of the princess skirt. For this princess skirt, the most special is not the upper body design, but the multi -layer design of the lower body. A special skirt for classical European dances, one style is the skirt of the lower body. From the sides of the waist, it will be designed with a curtain “skirt” like curtains. On both sides, it looks more beautiful and layered.

The skirt worn by Chen Shu is so designed in the lower body, but it looks more in line with modern aesthetics. The “curtain” skirt extended on the waist has grown a part of the skirt body in the inner layer. It has made innovations in the classical style, which is memorable. An exaggerated large disc belt makes the retro and elegant gas of this skirt even higher. Chen Shu’s shoes for this skirt are a pair of small white shoes, which dilute the overall retro atmosphere, and more modern nature and leisure elegance.

▲ Whether it is long -distance or close -up, we can find that the quality of this skirt is harder, the version is very strong, and it will not expose the “succulent” upper body on the body. Maintenance, at the age of 42, the figure and face are like girls. Chen Shu combed his bangs and touched drinks. If you don’t know her real age, I am afraid that you will feel that this is a fashionable and elegant twenty -year -old girl.

▲ This is what Chen Shu participated in the event. Without a beautiful filter, it was directly exposed to the most authentic shot. For the convenience of activity, she wore a very simple red T -shirt, even the collar type is an OL shirt lapel, and her arms with sunscreen sleeves. It can be seen that her arm really has no fat, round and full Essence

▲ No matter when Chen Shu likes to keep simple shoulder short hair. The oblique hairstyle is in line with the mature style and temperament of the middle -aged lady. In the year, everything was precipitated in behavior, and the eyebrows were gentle, calm, kind and tolerant. This is the true meaning of elegance.


▲ Finally, let’s enjoy the exquisite and elegant dress of Chen Shu, a black skirt, combines a variety of classic elements, a long suit style trench coat, buckle and lapel, V -character collar can be able to be able to It has the effect of modifying the face shape; a net gauze lace skirt makes the white legs looming. On the feet is a pair of black high -heeled sandals, which helps the body’s reflection, and in line with the color matching of the whole body. This time, Chen Shu chose to curl shoulder short hair. An intellectual and elegant business femininity rushed, dignified and generous, this is the beauty given by years.


While lamenting Chen Shu’s youth and charm, you should master the elegant temperament method she provided you, but you need to know not just the simple clothing matching, because the real elegance and temperament cannot be completely through the clothing through the clothing completely through the clothing. If you come to show, you must be calm in your heart. You can condense the true elegance. That is not the effect of clothing, but the beauty of the heart.

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