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“Wool coat+short boots” is the dress that middle -aged women should have, elegant and intellectual, who wears and beauty

The age of age is never a woman who is enough to block the true fashion and attractive women, loves life and their own image, especially 40+, 50+ women, they will choose a lot of money for their own external image. Energy, because they found their unique elegance and temperament at this age.

The most conspicuous of people’s clothes and saddles is their own choices. When they are young in their 20s, they can try as many diverse styles and gorgeous items as much as possible to show their own sense of spirit. But for middle -aged women, the stable and elegant temperament is more suitable.

In this year’s fashion items, wool coats have become the darling of middle -aged women. The elegant and intellectual feeling is very easy to highlight. With short boots, the lower body immediately looks very neat. Match a lot, who wears beauty.

1. How to choose the most suitable item matching?


◆ length

Reject the length of the knee:

The item of the coat is the most significant

The characteristic is to keep the warm and dress long,

From the version, the design choice of clothing long will have a great impact on height. First recommend everyone

Small children’s sexual or lower body is relatively short

If you remember, remember to

Abandoning the clothes long just happened to be on the knee

Design, the length of this length

Five or five points of the proportion of the lower body in minutes

There is no beauty and modification at all.

Preferably long style:

The most recommended for everyone

The suitable thing is the partial part below the knee

In this way, the length is visually effectively covering the knee part, and the proportion of the lower body’s legs is also divided into a perfect 37 points. Instantly looks good and more beautiful


A lot tall



Normally and small women are very recommended.

After all, the presentation of the body proportion will affect the overall temperament, and the long style will be more warmer.

◆ color system

Black system is thin:

Black coat is a necessary color selection in autumn and winter. In the necessary season, the black coat will not make the stacking look bloated.

And it is essential for fat women



The famous

Show thin figure

It also belongs to a very classic basic color, which can be perfectly adapted to the inside of various colors.

Earth color system stable:

The earth color is believed to be very familiar with everyone. It is definitely the exclusive matching color system in autumn and winter. The appearance rate of this color coat is also quite high.


The earth color is not so obvious and monotonous than the black system.

The earth color system presents


The texture is gentle and fashionable retro

For middle -aged women, the temperament of the earth color is more suitable for them. At the same time

Women of yellow skin should not worry, the earth color will never disappoint the skin’s lining.

Haze Blue Advanced:

The third paragraph of the coat is very good

Advanced smog blue

It is the most cold -colored tone

The white and white look is blue

Trowth, and the color of the color system with a higher grayscale will be more stable for the skin and temperament, so the binding of the blue and gray degree will become a haze blue.

This color perfectly combines the advantages of blue in gray


Wearing a texture will also be more advanced, and middle -aged women are actually easier to wear out

Its best presentation, don’t miss it,

2. Look at these three models

① White knee skin boots

The first one recommended for everyone is the white boots. The overall version of the short boots will be more favorable than the boots.

White will also look very simple and atmospheric

Essence White short boots will be in winter

Effectively break the sense of dullness

If a small area of ​​white system is combined with a large area of ​​dark tone, small white boots are easily prominent.

Edition is recommended


Choose a more personal boots, you can modify the curve of the ankle very straight and slim

, But there is one thing that needs to be noticed that the expansion of the white system itself is relatively obvious, so


The design of the shoe body can give priority to choosing a smooth and smooth curve.

② Brown Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are very worthy of everyone. The overall design shape is very simple. Its boots are also using the design characteristics of straight tube, so the feet

If the lines of the ankle and calf are not good, Chelsea boots can be preferred,

Can repair excellently

Break out of the line that is more straightforward and smooth

Essence The design of the bottom of the boots has a slightly thick -bottomed heel. It also has a certain lining effect on height. Small children can try more.

③ Crimson high -heeled boots

Brown -red boots


Compared to other color systems

There are more advanced and feminine lining,

This color


Very white, black and yellow skin can also rest assured

The pointed version is very suitable for women with short legs

Choose, visually can achieve excellent stretching effect, the choice of leather material makes the shoe body highlighting the reflection, and the dark brown is not so dull.

The firming boot body version of the feet and ankles outlines the very firmer and thin shape lines

It is very suitable for slightly fat women!

Third, “wool coat+short boots” wearing demonstration


1. Haze blue coat+white short boots

The haze blue coat can make the skinny skin lining a lot more fair. The version is slightly wide and perfectly covered with the shortcomings of the small fat and hips. The matching of the tattoo skirt exposed the calf part. Choose a white short boots with it, and the coat of the upper body forms a very high -level and simple visual temperament in color.

2. Freshy yellow coat+dark brown high heel boots

Earth yellow is actually a color that is not easy to match in the earth color, so you can start as lighter as possible in this color. The color of the light yellow yellow is relatively white, but too young women are not easy to be easy Matching control. The length of the coat below the knee completely shows the curve of the half -leg and ankle slim pen. The feeling of dark brown high -heeled boots feels very feminine, and at the same time, it is also very aura. It is a good choice in the workplace.

3. Deep khaki ++ black short boots


The deep khaki coat is very stable and versatile in the earth. With the black lining and short boots, it makes your overall temperament more stable. The black short boots are neat and capable. Sigh, choosing this set of wear and matching when traveling, is definitely fashionable and retro and temperament.


The selectivity of wool coats in autumn and winter is very high, warm and comfortable, and the lower body with short boots is more fashionable and full of sense. For middle -aged women, elegant and intellectual temperament is the most suitable and most suitable and most suitable and most suitable and most suitable and most suitable and intellectual temperament. Fashionable choices, if you have the items you like above, it is recommended to start quickly! Welcome everyone’s comment, remember to like the collection, let’s see you next time!