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Give up your skirt! These 3 “trousers” this year will play the whole spring and summer, and the western style is thin and fashionable.

For many girls, it is really important to change beauty, but it is not so difficult to change beauty. If you don’t want to wear cheap or dull, you may not only wear skirts. Although the skirts are many The girl’s favorite, but you will find that she has a lot of inconvenience when you walk out of the street. With these three long trousers and concave shapes, you can play the whole spring and summer, and the thick legs and pear -shaped figures can be controlled.

Part 1: This year’s 3 “trousers” are the most popular

1. Small pants-suitable for thin legs

Nowadays, more and more people are trying to match with small pants, so although many people feel that it is not very popular, the beautiful eyebrows still love small foot pants.

The biggest advantage of small pants is that it can outline our legs and look sexy and charming. With these delicate small pants directly showing your leg shape, it will add a lot.


PS: The body with thick legs and unsightly legs need to be lightned up, otherwise it will expose their body disadvantages when wearing it.


2. suit pants-capable and fashionable

If you do n’t wear pants, you can use this suit pants concave shape. Why do you recommend suit pants so? On the one hand, because its texture is very good,

The sense of vertical is very strong. With you, you will feel comfortable and covered with meat, especially in many workplace women who want to wear simple and capable, you ca n’t wear too fancy or too casual. It is definitely right to use this suit pants concave shape.

3. Denim wide-leg pants-casual simple

There are no pants to wear daily matching, then you must arrange jeans for yourself. There are a lot of jeans, especially wide -leg pants are probably the favorite of thick legs.

You can also use a simple denim wide -leg pants to create a casual and simple temperament, and then you can also match casual sneakers to show a full of vitality. For example, the light blue jeans below are very high in daily mirror, and the versatile is thin.

Part 2: Be careful with pants


Mind 1: Pay attention to the design of the pants feet

(Setal design)

No matter what kind of pants you choose, you can add some fashionable cautious machines, such as you can add split processing. This can well modify our legs, especially the underwear below, which is a bit simple. If you can add some split elements to modify your figure, you can show a good temperament.


Mind 2: Pay attention to the waistline

(Be sure to choose high waist short legs)


In addition to looking at his tailoring and color, it is more important to pay attention to the location of the waistline. Like many people, they always ignore the waistline when wearing these classic jeans in daily life.

It is easy to cause the figure to look in five or five. When choosing a pants, smart people will definitely consider the high -waisted style, stretch the proportion of legs, and make it more picky.


Mind 3: Pay attention to color

(Light -colored age reduction)

(Dark color is thin)

Of course, the color is also critical. After all, the impact of color on temperament is quite large. Like light -colored pants will be high in spring and summer,

Because the light color feels more refreshing, it will look gentle on the body.

But when we choose pants, the key is to combine our own needs, especially the small man. If you do n’t know how to match it, you can use this black pants concave shape, which is thinner than the light color system is thinner. Oh.

Overall, that is, girls with a slightly fat body or unsightly leg shape try to avoid bright and tight pants. You can choose dark pants to satisfy your thin purpose.


Part 3: Analysis of pants with pants in spring and summer

>> Shirt + high waist pants


When you come to spring, you don’t have to worry about wearing without clothes. There are many popular clothing this season. Shirt, sweater, suit, vest,

These clothing is a must -have for tide -shaped concave shapes, and there are many fashionable ways to wear shirts. For example, high -waist pants with shirts, shirts into pants can highlight your long legs and look fashionable and capable.

Of course, we must try to avoid strengths as possible. For example, if the upper body is fat, choose a loose shirt. The lower body can be paired with small foot pants and the lower body is fat. Then you can choose wide -leg pants and slim shirts.

>> Knit sweater + wide -leg pants

To wear sweater, you can use knitted sweater to match wide -leg pants, gentle and fashionable. Choose a slim sweater, which will look particularly elegant on the body, and the girl feels very strong. Then, with pants on the lower body to form a contrast, it can show a high -level sense.

For example

The combination of short sweater and high -waisted wide -leg pants will look very fashionable, and it will also increase the gas field. Specializing in the position of the waistline, it will appear to be very raised, and the contrast of color is also obvious. The small man can refer to it.

In addition to skirts, these pants matching is also very worth trying. It can unlock n types of wear with a pair of pants to help you save time and effort. If you don’t know how to match the sense of passers -by in spring, you must learn stand up. After seeing these fashionable pants, you must be excited too!