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Give you a chance to choose a gift, what do you want most?

This kind of problem is very poked at me. Instead of looking at others to give gifts, it is better to make money and buy it yourself!

In the past few years, I have chosen gifts for myself. Although “a fierce operation is like a tiger, there are only 2 cents left”, but how can the money be made, and what you want is not always available. Whenever there is no reason, life always requires a little bit of ritual, and buying things that are thoughtful is particularly happy ~

My gift list is as follows. It is nothing more than some watches, jewelry, perfume, and skin care products. I hope I will work hard in the next year, and I will work hard ~~


LONGINES Langqin Xinyue Series Moon Phase Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon Martial Arts Watch


Recently, this table is particularly eager to endorse. See if you can make a piece for yourself at the end of the year. “Longines” will always be the best spokesperson for “romantic and elegant” and “style of style”.


It is the material of the stainless steel and the quarter of the quartz. The white pearl mother shellfish surface is inlaid with 11 diamonds. The beautiful and eye -catching blue steel pointer exudes a low -key light and looks gentle.

Interestingly, its moon phase design, and the calendar shows that each month’s lunar calendar 15, the moon will become round, it really witnesses the yin and round lack of the moon. It is particularly interesting. In addition to the stylish temperament, it also, but also, but also, but also, it is also available. Add some fantasy colors ~


Giant beauty, giant look good, super heart -hearted, give yourself a promise: you must have a wave of waves in this life ~

Swarovski Cosmic Rock Charm Metropolis Crystal Clear Fashion Watch

If Langqin’s watch represents quality, elegance, romance and extraordinary, then Swarovski’s watch, there is only one word: beauty! Two words: super beautiful!

The first is that its watch bracelet is super beautiful, with broken diamond -like crystals, like wearing a galaxy on the wrist, it is just blinded by it ~ Then it is its simple design, blue dial, diamond -inlaid scale, advanced level, advanced level, high -level It is also white, both with extraordinary taste and charming temperament.


If the wallet at the end of the year is not drum, I may buy a Swarovski first ~~




Chahongji Christmas gift chj jewellery


I have always loved Tide Macroscopy’s small accessories. The design is novel, stylish and chic. I buy one for myself almost every year. I especially like its “Yue Ji” series. “You are not as good as yourself”, not “You must please himself first”, please agree with the little fairy who agree with this sentence ~~

I have bought a chain of the Joy Ji series before, but still love this style of black agate and female shellfish. It is simply a classic versatile goddess model. Besides, plus the classic atmospheric outer ring, and the words of the well -carved LOVE on it, they are particularly delicate and romantic!

The super beautiful one, no age, no occasion, close your eyes to enter ~

Pandora Pandora Manpo Peach Blossom Series Flowers and Flowers

It’s about to cry, how can you be so beautiful, the girl who is too poke!

To say that Pandora’s most valuable design is its design, gorgeous peach blossoms, colorful flower branches, fine workmanship, beautiful painting, delicate and textured.


The overall conception is fresh and refined, there is a kind of fairy -tale taste of the three lives, and there are people who face the charm of the ancient poems of peach blossoms, which means the beauty of flowers and flowers. Ancient rhyme, sweet and dreamy, I am afraid no one will refuse such a dream of dreams, right?

Oh my god, it is really white, and it is super flashy. It looks good to explode.



BVLGARI/Bulgari amethyst Ms. Fresh Perceraous Iris Flower Fragrance


Bulgari’s amethyst is really a perfume that makes people want repeatedly, low -key and gentle wooden flower fragrance, charming and sweet like a little woman, is a veritable fragrance of male fragrance ~

Top tone: green leaves, pink grapefruit, etc.

Middle: Iris, Rose, etc.

Tune: Cao Cao, Sun Wood, etc.

The front tone is a sweet fructic grape. It is fresh with green leaves. It smells refreshing, and there will be a little soap in the middle. , Warm and warm, super charming! If you spray it on the pillow before going to bed, there is a gentle and romantic dream all night ~

This is a perfume that I still want to buy back. I won’t be tired of how I smell it, and I will not make an error on blindness, and Yi Xi Qianxi has a endorsement ~


BVLGARI/Bulgari Huanqin Ms. Fragrant Perfume Rose Fragrance Rhyme

At first sight of this bottle, creamy pink is really invincible and beautiful. It is a super charming, sweet but not greasy flower fragrance:

Turning out: Violet leaves, papaya, jasmine, etc.


Middle: Rose, Lilyland, etc.

Rear tone: amber, rose, musk, etc.

The fruity aroma of the front tone is fresh and fascinating. There is the elegant taste of the violet leaves in the middle, and the sweetness and delicateness of the green papaya, and then the fragrance of the roses per filled with it. With its pink color, it is really pure and desired Intersection

Because of the participation of grass and trees, it is so sweet and refined, neither too shallow or enchanting, like the girl holding roses in the litchi garden, it will not be too strong, but it will not lose its style. Don’t forget, the old man’s girl’s heart really can’t resist, super heartbeat ~


Skin care

If I can only leave me three sets of skin care products, then I will definitely leave these three sets, Arden’s early C and night essence, the weather of the weather, the black and white bandages of Helena, definitely love this life ~


Early C and Night, a powder glue, copper glue small fresh glue VC+powder glue essence combination


A set of early C -night A set of infinite repurchase, I hope not to stop production, I will always use it!


The core component of Alon VC small plastic gum is “VC+Turnelamide+VE”. It focuses on “whitening and antioxidant+moisturizing repair”. It has strong skin care and good stability. Even during the day, it can be used. The texture of the essence oil, the skin feels oily, but the mixed oil can be held in autumn and winter, and it has been used all the time. The skin becomes white and bright ~

Arden Plum is really the favorite of this life. There is no one. It is super suitable for oil skin. It focuses on “retinol”. The main effect is light stripes anti -wrinkle.

In addition, it also adds “Palmlyl three-peptide-1” and “Palmlyl Tetrapeptide-7”, which can promote the production of collagen and make the skin firm and full of elasticity. Plill glue also adds neuride, plant alcohol, etc., which can supplement the cells required for the skin and have the effect of repairing the barrier.


It is gel -shaped, without much liquidity, but the skin feels very refreshing. It is used to use the skin that peeled with shells, white and tender, tender and smooth, just love to die ~


This pair of CP is a list of my year -round repurchase. I must hoard every year.

After the weather, Danhua Danhua Dedicated Milk Noodle Skin Care Set

I would like to call it oily mother -in -law water milk!


I have used a lot of water milk. Only the weather is the favorite of my heart. It is really comfortable to use in spring and summer. It is also the least skin -oriented and age of all water milk.


The main ingredients of the weather are some Chinese herbal medicines and plant extraction, such as ginseng roots, velvet antler, Australian nut seed oil, etc. As for the effect, I think all aspects are available in all aspects, such as whitening and anti -oxygen, moisturizing repair, brightening, removing darkness, etc. , Especially it is really excellent, it will be good after a long time, I can’t do without it now ~ I can’t do without it ~

The texture of the water is very clear, the texture of the lotion is super delicate, moist but not oily, and it is particularly easy to absorb.

Hr Helena lives and repairs the night cream

Helena’s black and white bandage, the ceiling of the restoration world ~

Both white bandages and black bandages are mainly Boliaxe. The black bandage bolit is 30%because of the concentration of 30%and the white bandage is 20%.

In terms of effect, the black bandage focuses on “anti -aging+repair”, and the white bandage focuses on “Shu Min+Fix”.

In terms of texture, the black bandage is refreshing and not oily, suitable for oily skin. The white bandage is relatively moisturized, and the ductility is better. It is slightly suitable for dry skin.


The repair effect of the white bandage and black bandage is beyond doubt, such as brushing sour faces, allergies for seasonal changes, redness redness, red blood, red bloodshot, etc. The repair effect is super powerful. In addition, their anti -aging effects are also top -level, and most of the anti -aging creams on the market are hanging on the market, closed eyes ~


The texture of the two is a bit like cream cheese, delicate and smooth, soft and easy to push. After the black bandage is absorbed, it is matte skin. The white bandage will be slightly moist, but it will not be greasy at all. outstanding!


If the wallet is allowed, it really push it all his life ~