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My “Dabai” cultivation manual

My name is Zhou Zhengwei, and I was originally the chief executive of a listed company. Because I have been unable to let go of the dream of applying for the law school of Fudan University that year, I will become a qualified and served lawyer for the people, so I joined the Shanghai -South Law Firm of Shanghai. Who knows that during the internship, I encountered this extraordinary season. It has been 41 days of the volunteer volunteer volunteer volunteer in the community. Let me grow from a “little white” that has no concept of epidemic prevention and disinfection. “”. Responsibility, responsibility, and watching, these words are no longer written in writing, but let me feel personal.


On the first day of “Bai”, forget to tear off the mask protective film

Our community is the Shanggang Community of Lujiazui Street in Pudong New District. Although it is an old community, there are three high -rise buildings in the Oriental Pearl and Shanghai, and the environment is beautiful and quiet. At 6 am on the morning of March 19, the call of the secretary of the neighborhood committee rang, breaking the calmness in the past, and asked our community to enter a closed isolation state. For a while, the security guards of the three gates quickly pulled off the gate, and all vehicles and personnel could not enter. The neighborhood committee began to broadcast with a horn to recruit volunteer auxiliary nucleic acid testing. I was a volunteer reported to the neighborhood committee that day.

Due to the particularly rushing time, all the personnel of the neighborhood committee needed to connect doctors and nurse. Volunteers watched the tutorial videos on the Internet on the first day to wear big white protective clothing. But when I was on the front line, I forgot to tear off the positive and anti -protective film on the mask. The direct consequence was that the direct consequence was that my mask was blurred, because when the sight was blurred, wiped the mask with my hand from time to time. Fortunately, the head nurse saw it, and she immediately asked me to change the cover and gloves to allow my protection level to meet the protection standards of the Health Commission. Later, I also helped the lonely elderly to debug the nucleic acid registration code, buy dishes and dishes for the resident group, and distributed the self -testing antigen box on the door. After working for a day, I dare not drink water or go to the bathroom. The moment I took off the big white protective suit, I felt sore, and I didn’t want to move on the bed. But I secretly encouraged myself, this is a spiritual and physical practice, and we must persist.


I was unexpected, and the volunteers in the same group were diagnosed


After 20 days of controlling in our community, a volunteer in the same group was absent. After the nucleic acid testing volunteer mission was done on the day, we learned in the group that she was diagnosed with positive, and the speech in the group suddenly exploded! I flashed a panic in my heart, but thinking that I had chosen the professional path of a lawyer. At this time, it was a “test question” on my internship road. I decided to calm down. I appease everyone’s emotions for the first time. I suggest that everyone must make a choice immediately. Everyone does a antigen test, and the qualified person continues to be volunteers. In order to avoid the risk of infection, wearable protective clothing is not gathered.

Everyone decided to adopt this approach. Fortunately, the volunteer antigen was fully qualified. Our team has always guaranteed the normal resistance work of our community, and the work of group purchase, distribution, elimination, distribution, and nucleic acids is operating in an orderly manner.

Lonely old man, let’s guard

There are 77 lonely old people (including 3 cadres) in our community, with an average age of 80 years old, and there is one thing in common: they do not cook. Their three meals a day are usually sent by the social workers of the neighborhood committee. Now this heavy responsibility is borne by our volunteers. There are 19 lonely old people in a group of responsibility areas. At the beginning of the first week, we sent the hot meals to the elderly three times a day. Several elderly people lived on the 6th floor, which put forward higher requirements for physical strength. Later, many elderly people saw that we were really tired of climbing the building, and proposed that as long as we put it on the stand on the first floor of the staircase, because the time we delivered were fixed, they just take it on time. The old people say that we must also protect us with sufficient rest, so that the resistance can be strong and will not be infected with the new crown. We were also very moved after listening. Later, we changed to a meal of three meals daily for a lonely old man who only came to a wheelchair and two lonely old people who were sick in bed all year round.

Now, I still insist on making big white every day. Although I often have a busy calculation and tiredness, I always have a sense of pride in my heart. Even if it is insignificant, it will eventually gather into the people’s city in Shanghai. Positive energy and vitality. Looking for hope in despair, life will eventually glory, I believe that the night will end dawn, and everything will welcome light!


Attachment: I did the twelve hours of the community during the epidemic

After washing at 6:00, the notice of the director of the neighborhood committee in the volunteer group.

6:30 Gatters of the neighborhood committee gathered, wearing protective clothing, all armed.

7:30 to have a short meeting with the cadres and social workers of the neighborhood committee to do the specific division of labor.

At 8:00, I was usually divided into the first group, responsible for 12 buildings, and called the residents of all floors to go downstairs to make nucleic acids in turn, and reminded the elderly to register the nucleic acid code for more than two meters to help the elderly register. They scan the code together for nucleic acid.

At 12:00, the residents took takeaway materials to the door of the building, and used the loudspeaker to shout that the residents went downstairs to take takeaway. Sometimes they also read the policies issued by the Shanghai High Court to the residents.

Unloading and distributing materials at 14:00 usually cost nearly 3 hours.

At 18:00, as the government issued more and more materials, the entire process increased to 5 hours. If the government issued materials or antigen test boxes during the day, nucleic acid testing is generally placed in the evening. A set of nucleic acid tests take nearly 5 hours. Although the night is vast, as long as I look up, I can see the lights of the top floor of the Shanghai Central Building every day with the word “Shanghai refuel”, and the sense of mission and responsibility suddenly increases.

At 22:00, the volunteers went to the hospital to the hospital for the entire community and sent it to the door of the residents.

Disinfeted at the door of the neighborhood committee at 24:00, go home, take a bath, sleep until dawn.