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Bosideng’s 45 -year achievement conference is high -profile, and “Chinese down jackets are the world’s leading” widely recognized

Today, the industry’s brand holding a new product launch conference is not uncommon, and the brand entrepreneurial process has been put on the stage in the form of a “drama show”, which is Polyon’s first. On December 16th, Boshi joined hands with the China National Theater, and Tian Qinxin, the director of the Chinese National Theater, served as the artistic director. The first stage drama conference in the industry was performed in Beijing Starlight Film and Television Park, which deeply performed “the global leader of Chinese down jackets”.


Starlight at the press conference, Yang Mi, a spokesperson for Bosideng brand, well -known actor Chen Shu, well -known actor Duan Yihong and other celebrities. In addition, Zhang Yu, editor -in -chief of “VOGUE Clothing and Beauty”, Sequoia China Investment Partner, Han Xiaopeng, Member of the Olympic Champions, Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee Athlete Committee, now the national climbing team coach, 2020 Mount Everest high -end measurement team leader, etc. Elite and authoritative people in various industries also appeared together. The People’s Daily client and Xinhua News Agency’s on -site cloud platform carried out a full live broadcast on the press conference. Many media such as Global Times and Surging News paid attention to heated discussions.


The stage of the stage show the brand process, the industry is the first highlight

It is reported that the press conference was the artistic director of the Chinese National Theater, the dean of the National Theater of China, and chose the top domestic main creative team to create, innovate video technology, and integrate the art of drama and fashion elements. The technology of shooting, instantaneous editing, and real -time screening “technology, through the experience of struggling in the Bosidi, from the beginning of the 1970s, the reverse wind turning, brand upgrade, peak building, public welfare cause, and now the world’s six major chapters, with the” show “across time and space, The dramatic expression that constitutes a grand narrative shows Bosideng, a pure national down jacket brand, and moves towards the development of “China’s down jacket world -leading”, leading the guests and online audiences to continue to shuttle in the past and reality.


During the 45 years, Bosideng has never stopped the pace of innovation, and many industry experts and consumers have seen it. When talking about Bosideng’s global leading achievements, Sun Ruizhe, president of the China Textile Industry Federation, said, “Facing the global competitive environment, Chinese clothing brands represented by Bosideng have adhered to in 45 years of ingenuity, and they have been in design innovation and iteration in design. Truely strived to break through, and has already entered the global leading ranks of down jackets, proved the strength of Chinese clothing brands to the world. “

For consumers, Boshuri down jackets also carry their warm memories and national pride. Chen Juan, a nurse who had worked in the front line of Wuhan in Wuhan, mentioned that the down jackets on the front line of the anti -resistance to the anti -immunity brought medical staff like a “second protection suit”. Such a national brand stands behind us to support us so that we can stand strongly on the front line of resistance. “

It is worth mentioning that the press conference is the first concept of the “Drama Show”, integrating the art of drama and the runway, and interspersed the fashion show during the stage drama. During the curtain session, the actors are wearing the three new series of new products launched by Bosideng’s newly launched: light, colorful fashion series, which will perfectly integrate the trendy elements of the popular fashion week catwalk and Boshine’s high -quality high fluffy goose velvet; after 2 years of preparations for preparations Polyton, which was officially launched in October this year, pioneered the trench coat down jacket. With the four major innovations of design, technology, fabrics, and versions, Chinese down jackets and British classic trench coats were integrated into one. The outdoor series of Dengfeng 2.0 synchronized outdoor series combines the ability of cold coldness with the fashion shape to meet the daily city market scenes wearing both outdoor cold and wet and cold environment, reflecting Bosideng’s thinking on humanity with nature, so that the new generation of young exploration Establish a connection with nature.

The main business of the down jacket, leading the national brand to stand on the international stage


In the past 45 years, Bosidin has cultivated in the field of down jackets and led the development of the industry through professional and technical innovation. This year, Bosideng not only selected the “2021 Global Most Valuable Clothing Brand Ranking of 2021 Global Valley (Brand Finance “FINANCE APPAREL 50 2021)” “, is also certified by the world authoritative investigation agency EUROMONITOR International. This also means that Bosideng has ranked among the world’s leading ranks, leading the global down jacket market.


At the fashion design level, Poson not only united many international designers, including the French temple -level design master Jean Paul Gaultier, frequently launched the well -known joint series, and was invited to be invited for three consecutive years. The three major international fashion weeks of New York, Milan, and London brought national brands to the world to enhance the international discourse rights of Chinese brands. At present, the Bosideng brand footprint has spread all over the world, winning the favor of consumers in 72 countries such as the United States, France, and Italy, and winning 200 million people around the world.

So far, Bosideng has 271 patents, participating in 23 international standards, 11 national standards, and 4 industry standards, formulated 218 technical standards for various types The International Standardized Organization/Clothing Dimensions Series and Code Technology Committee (ISO/TC133) Secretariat and other international standards formulated work to lead the high -quality development of the down jacket industry.

While repeatedly recognized in the industry, Bosideng also continued to take responsibility and responsibility to practice the brand mission of “warm the world”. In 2020, Bosidin donated 300 million down jackets to help the first line of resistance; in October this year, Boshi reorganized 50 million yuan and cash in Shanxi to help flood relief and post -disaster reconstruction. The continuous public welfare actions have also been closely linked to the positioning of Bosideng in the minds of consumers.


Today, China has become the main battlefield of various fashion brands, while Boshiba uses category innovation design, social responsibility, and helping the national scientific research. In the future, I look forward to the continuous efforts of Bosideng in the down jacket industry, and work with more excellent Chinese brands to rise on the international stage, becoming a Chinese power that shines the world.