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SIPABOARDS: I can inflatable tall toys

When I said inflatable toys, I am afraid that most people will smile, and then confirm that I open the website is correct. It’s good to return to the topic, this kind of inflatable toy is really introduced today. It is certain that those players who like outdoor sports will definitely love.


Whether it is a movie or a picture of our brain, the surfboard must be equipped with a car with a luggage rack. Due to the huge volume of surfboard, it is impossible to achieve a task that relies entirely in human handling. A high-end inflatable toy is launched, breaking this deadlock. This named “Sipaboards” inflatable smart surfboard, foldable can be automatically inflated, so you can easily be easily in the boat.


SIPABOARDS: The world’s first “self-acting standing surfboard”

Sipaboards are developed by Sipaboards Team, Slovenia, and self-sufficient for the world’s first “self-recipient standing surfboard”. The surfboard itself is very portable, just a backpack can get it, so the surfing will never need to happen.

One-piece electric motor is built into the surfboard, and the three-level plus / deceleration operation can be performed. And two control buttons can be used to make changes and “brakes”. At the same time, Sipaboards itself is also a huge remote manipulator, which can remotely control the motor.

SIPABOARDS: Breeding 3 hours ideal load 90 kg

The plate length was about 3.35 meters long, 0.8 meters wide, 0.14 meters wide, with a total weight of approximately 13.6 kg. Built-in rechargeable battery, if you select a 2-level surf speed, the battery life can reach 3 hours. Its rechargeable battery can be recycled for more than 1000 times, and the charging time is only 1 hour.

Sipaboards can provide 3.5 Hairi / hour aid or 2 sea miles / 3 hours of cruise sailing. The ideal load of this Sipaboards is 90 kg, but there is no problem with a slight more than a little upper limit.


Each Sipaboards surfboard center is equipped with a jet engine that is hidden in a plastic box in the plate. You can automatically inflate success each time you only take 5 or 6 minutes. And the entire process is extremely low, even in the protected waters, it is entirely available.

SIPABOARDS: Real-time navigation information

As with other smart devices, this Sipaboards also uses a matching application, and can support Android and iOS systems.

The application can provide users with SIPaboards related navigation information such as battery status, travel speed, and positioning. At the same time, in order to enable surf movement more fun, users can also draw a surfing map through the app and share with friends.


In addition, this SIPABOARDS supports wireless manipulation. It can be connected to the user’s smartphone. When the built-in rechargeable battery is residual, an alert will be automatically issued to the smartphone. Even users on the shore can locate the path of SIPABOARDS through smartphones, security is absolutely guaranteed.

At the same time, the SIPABOARDS facing paddles also support wireless control, and a button can be added / deceased at the paddle handle. And whether it is a paddle, a surfboard or a person on the board, there is any unexpected situation, and the built-in motor of Sipaboards will automatically turn off, without throwing yourself to continue.

For those who have just contacted surf movements, Sipaboards also takes care of their emotions. Sipaboards provides a relatively simple way for newcomers and to maintain a stable way. Whether it is a newer, the child is still cautious, and you can use it with confidence.


Sipaboards Status: Are Burst


At present, this SIPABOARDS inflatable smart surfboard has landed on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter for fundraising. The R & D team hopes to raise funds for $ 150,000 to conduct a product next production plan. On the day of the ceremony, it has reached more than half of the month, and has obtained $ 88,000 financial support.


At this stage, on the product page of the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, the price of Sipaboards has a price of 1290 US dollars (approximately RMB 8,000).

Device Information



Manufacturer: SIPABOARDS | Development Progress: Product Prototype

Size: length 3.35 meters, 0.8 meters wide, 0.14 meters thick


Official website:


Purchase method: kickstarter is undergrowing


Geeker said


For surfers who like surfing and want to reduce weight, Sipaboards is a lot of help. However, nearly 8,000 yuan of criminal criteria, it does need to support the ashes of surf.

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