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You know who does not talk, do not know the speaker

You know who does not talk, do not know the speaker. It was stuffed, closed its door, frustrated its sharpness, solving its own, and its light, and the same dust, which was Xuan Tong.

From the fifty -sixth chapter of “Tao Te Ching”, it means that the real wise man does not exaggerate, and it is not a wise man who talks. Covering his desire, closing his desire, weakening his edge, eliminating his disputes, and making the sword light mixed between the earth and the world. This is the mysterious Tongde.

Interpretation of Mr. Zeng Shiqiang

We’d better not explain it, but know that you pretend to be unknown, don’t say it to others; if you don’t know, you will desperately say.

What Lao Tzu said


The person knows the Tao. If you are a monk, you will not preach everywhere.

We are not preaching now, but explaining Lao Tzu’s words, so don’t confuse it. It seems that we are talking about “Tao Te Ching” in preaching, not like this. Because Lao Tzu told us from the beginning that Taoism was very Tao.

The Tao is unpredictable, only to realize and verify from actual behavior. So the meaning of “know the person who doesn’t say” is to say,

If you are really a monk and really a person who understands the Tao, check yourself from the actual words and deeds, check your family, check the people around you, communicate with each other in actual activities, and then communicate with each other. Emphasis on each other.

Instead of being preaching all day long, it is a waste of time.

Lao Tzu said, don’t spend too much time on words, what should I do? He proposed a specific method for us.

Sweeping it, closed its door,

“Ding” refers to our eyes. When you see your eyes, you want to say, so you have to close your eyes. In fact, it is not really closed eyes. Of course, it is a good way to close your eyes to keep your eyes, but it is not appropriate to close your eyes for a long time.

The real intention of Lao Tzu is to say,

You have to maintain your spirit and don’t desperately chase your desire.

Therefore, the most important thing is not to be indifferent. “Closing its door”, the “door” is the mouth, the mouth is closed, because the spirit of speaking fees will hurt yourself, and you will lose a lot of words. I don’t know where to talk about it.

Lao Tzu is very clear that when a person is proud, the easiest to follow the wave, the easiest to be proud, and the easiest to forget who he is, so he often breaks into a big disaster, even if he is out of control. This is a very unfortunate thing, because once there is such a problem, no one can solve it.

Real Tao, must

Found its sharpness, solve its own; and its light, with its dust


Full of it,

“Sharpness” is very sharp. It is very sharp to take out a knife, everyone will be afraid, and they will hide far away. The role of the Tao is not sharp. What do we Chinese like best? Safe, convenient, and effective. And what the Tao is showing is how it looks like.


To deal with everything and keep your own pureness, there will be no disputes.


That is, the Tao is not particularly bright, but it is reconciled with everything. Honestly, especially bright, we are called dazzling, and everyone doesn’t like it. The Tao is not dazzling, not sharp.

What is more difficult is, “

With its dust

“The dust is dust, the dust, that is, the three religions and nine streams. Many people think that if this is the case, many friends are lost. But no one knows, what kind of person you need to help you; you don’t know who you are Your nobleman, which one is to harm you.

Therefore, to “the same dust”, you can deal with anyone, but this does not affect the bottom line you insist on.

Xuan Tong.

Lao Tzu gave it a proper noun for “frustration of its sharpness, solving its own; and its light”, called “Xuan Tong”. “Xuan Tong” is people with Tianhe. You see different, I think the same, this is called the same. How can it be different?

Everyone sees, there is no different from the same, there is, there is no, no. Lao Tzu thinks it is the same, just different names.

If there is nothing, there is nothing, no one is; life is death, death is life.

Where do you come from? Come from life. Where to die? Died to life. It’s such a simple sentence. In this way, seeing life and death is the same, it is called Xuan Tong.

Mr. Fu Peirong interpretation

Understanding, not talking; those who talk about, don’t understand. What does “know” know? What is “words”? The focus of Lao Tzu’s thought is “Tao”, and Tao is the source and home of all things, which is difficult to make it clear. Therefore, the first chapter of “Lao Tzu” said, “Tao, Coco, very Tao.”

But Lao Tzu still worked hard to say that Lao Tzu had deep love. Like Shakyamuni Buddha, he practiced for 6 years, and at the age of 35, he realized under the Bodhi tree. He just went to Nirvana himself, but he couldn’t bear it, so he came out to propagate his Buddhist truth. Others also realize. Lao Tzu is also a similar mentality.

Put the exit and close the door. These six words have also appeared in Chapter 52. That is to say, the fortress is stuffed and the portal is closed. The opening of a person in the portal is the pipeline of contact with the outside world, which is equivalent to converging themselves. Lao Tzu does not want us to live in seclusion, not to come and go with others, or to talk to others.

Lao Tzu just tells us: you have eyes, you will naturally watch; you have your feet, you will go out naturally, but you can converge a little. Because you need to know why you want to see, why you listen, why you go out. Therefore, Lao Tzu starts with the sense of convergence, and you can also keep a free and active mentality in contact with the outside world.

It is the same as Xuan Tong.


Convergence, exclusion, reconciling light, mixed with dust, this is the magical state of assimilation.

As soon as these four sentences come out, it is “Xuan Tong” -the realm of assimilation. This assimilation is that you are assimilated with all things. In fact, you are assimilated with Dao, assimilation in the realm of Dao. This magical assimilation state is the key. There is such a realm, there can be development in the back.

“Zhuangzi Zhijiyou” mentioned that these six words were important. How to live in the Taoist family is to externalize. Externalization is to assimilate others in the appearance and external behavior. Do not be unique nor outstanding. How do others live, then I am quiet and quiet, this is externalization. In my heart, I have a vast and infinite space, because I am enlightened, I can not be internal.

So we are outside, there is no need to fight for others’ affirmation and envy. The reputation of the outside world is just external, foreign, and foreign, don’t care too much; even if you care, you may not be able to keep it.

The internal incompatibility is that I am not disturbed. Inside because of enlightenment, there is a power in my heart, and a backbone is stabilized.

Mr. Nan Huaijin Interpretation

The highest and clever person, a truly wise person, does not speak. Bai Juyi, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, wrote a poem: The speaker is not as silent as the wise man. Ruo Dao Laojun is a wise man, how can he be self -proclaimed.

“The speaker is not as silent as the wise”, who loves speaking, preach culture, and speaks, is all stupid, just like us. The speaker is already without true wisdom. Those who are true wise are silent. “I smelled in Lao Jun in this language”, this is what I said by Lao Tzu himself! I heard it so too. “Ruo Dao Laojun is a wise man”. If Lao Tzu is really wise, “How to do five thousand texts”, why did he write this five thousand words? Is he a Homo sapiens or stupid? This is Bai Juyi’s humor in his humor.


“,” Ding “is the name of the hexagram, and the Gua represents the mouth, and there is a gap on it. Lao Tzu said that the person who practiced the Tao should not speak much, and it should be silent.

Regarding the truth of speaking, according to historical records, many successful characters are mostly “silent” type. However, the silent person is not completely talking at all, but a few words; when speaking is the center point, very brief and willing, this is a characteristic of a successful person. As for the cultivators, most of the people do not speak at all; so Lao Tzu tells us the method of cultivation, to “stuff its exchange”, just not to speak.


“The eyes, ears, and openness are gathered.

“, The real cultivation must be melted into peaceful places. For example, some young people talk to the elderly. Since it is for the sake of the Tao, it should be said that it has never heard of the Tao, and he said that he has been in Buddhism. I have realized it. Although he is also very smart, but he has committed a taboo, which is too sharp, and clever is also fake and clever! A truly cultivated person is to achieve the level of “frustration”, to make the sharp cleverness The edges and corners were grinded.


“This refers to the delusional in your heart, and you must remove the delusions. The word” divide “in some versions is written as a” one “of disturbance.

“, Put away your exposed light;

“The way of life, don’t show special features, like ordinary people, very ordinary.

It’s Yuan Tong

“This is the role model of the monks.” Yuan “is the word” Xuan “. The principle of being oversupply in Yan “. The main explanation of this chapter is not only the experience of cultivation, but also the truth of being a person.

Our Chinese culture has a benefit and disadvantages. The benefits are for thousands of years. Those who teach future generations have told us to talk less. “The accident comes from the mouth, and the illness comes from the mouth.” This is the famous ancient training of China. Especially in the summer, eating randomly, all eaten from the mouth, this is “the disease enters from the mouth”. As for the “scourge comes out of the mouth”, it is the trouble of speech. This truth looks like to cultivate the most noble cultivation; but on the other hand, it has also developed a nationality that does not care about others. Regardless of their leisure, it is not willing to help others. Despite the lessons of the way of righteousness and righteousness, under the lessons of “the disaster comes out of the mouth” and “each person sweeps the snow in front of the door, and the rest of the people will be frowned”, it lacks compassion and compassion.

Compared with other nations, our nation does not talk about personal freedom, but that selfish mentality is more powerful than the individualism of other nations. This is the disadvantage of this education and cultivation. In this section, Lao Tzu told us that the truth of life was to walk on this road, try not to speak as much as possible, be a life, and to grind our cleverness. Especially young people, do not show cleverness, remove their thoughts, and finally have the same dust as Guang.

So what is the highest art? It is not high or low, not good or bad, very bland, “with its light, the same dust”, live a safe life, the happiest. He said it was called “Yuan Tong”. The principle of “Yuan Tong” is explained in a simple sentence, which is “the most ordinary”. It is not easy to be the most ordinary, and it is not easy to do it. If a person really achieves ordinary, it is true success and the highest.

“Tao Te Ching” Chapter 56

You know who does not talk, do not know the speaker. It was stuffed, closed its door, frustrated its sharpness, solving its own, and its light, and the same dust, which was Xuan Tong. Therefore, it is not possible to get close, not to be sparse; Therefore, it is expensive in the world.

You know who does not talk, do not know the speaker

You know who does not talk, do not know the speaker

You know who does not talk, do not know the speaker

Sweeping it, closed its door,








Full of it,


With its dust