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Women with temperament love to wear hats in winter. These 5 are the most versatile, and the face shape is exquisite.

The atmosphere of different styles of hats in winter is different. It can be matched with lady style, high cold wind, elegant wind, etc. For female friends, winter hats do not have to buy too much. Just buy the right style. It’s enough.


Next, I recommend a few versatile and practical hats in winter. It is simple and simple, elegant, high -level and exquisite. Let’s enjoy it together.

1. Beret


The simple and low -key orange cotton jacket and the shape of black jeans show the white and rosy of the young lady’s face. The matching white berets add an elegance to the overall shape. The face becomes more cute and fleshy under the modification of the white beret.

In winter, you can choose two consistent items to highlight the sense of harmony and unity. Like this skirt match, you choose a gray beret and gray bottom socks to create a simple and high -end style. The advantages of slender beautiful legs are shown. The retro square leather bag and the grandma shoes on the feet add an atmosphere to the overall match.

Second, newspaper hat

Most of the handsome and fashionable women can choose this black suit matching, with the black newspaper children’s hat, capable and cool handsome, this beauty walking on the street, perfectly controlling the style of the royal sister, mopping the lower body, the long -term mopping floor of the cowboy floor Pants and high heels are full of street aura.


The newspaper hats with a hat design are suitable for most girls’ head shapes. It is worth starting. It can not only modify the face shape, but also cover the large forehead. Coupled with a cool and handsome leather jacket, it is even more eye -catching. Can’t help but be attracted by this high -level and fashionable temperament.


Third, wide eaves hat

An elegant woman’s wardrobe must have a wide -brimmed hat. It seems to be style. Some exaggerated wide -eaves hats can create a refreshing sense of atmosphere as long as they are paired with simple style clothing in daily life, which is not exaggerated. The following young lady uses a blue shirt and pleated skirt of the same color to highlight the advantages of the production ratio, capable and refreshing and ladylike temperament.

Girls with large skeleton can choose a set of matching. The loose black sweater is matched with military green wide -leg mopped trousers. Originally simple and ordinary neutral style has become more mirrors.


Fourth, knitted hat

In the matching daily style of leisure, you can choose this casual knitted wool hat to highlight the winter atmosphere. The light pink and wool hat with the same color sweater, the girl is full, the lower body is paired with white casual pants and high -top Martin boots, which outlines the slender ankle position, which is particularly capable of showing long legs.


In the mature intellectual style coat, you can be equipped with a solid color knitted woolen hat to add warmth and stability. In this black coat matching, the lower body is matched with a loose and elegant gray long skirt. With a sense, the brown leather boots on the feet echoed the small brown leather bags on the back, and the overall match was high and very atmospheric.


By the age of 40 or 50, middle -aged women can choose a gray woolen hat with a low -key and simple sense to highlight the high -level temperament. The following woman uses a gray woolen hat with a gray woolen coat. The soft color is prominent and gentle and delicate.


5. Wool fisherman hat

The oats -colored wool fisherman hat and the woolen coat of the same color are both high -level and delicate. Imagine that mature and advanced women wearing such a set of walking on the street must be eye -catching.

We will find that many stars and fashionistas like to wear fishermen hats. The fisherman hat makes the original simple and low -key shape more casual. Suitable for daily leisure to go shopping.

The above is the 5 practical winter hats recommended for everyone. Do these hats bring a trace of inspiration to your wear? Which hat do you like best?

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