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Very popular hair dyeing technology, Qin purple hair dyeing skills, color adjustment formula

Today I will explain to you the purple purple of imitating color effects!

The first thing to think of color is color, and the degree of light transmission of the target color can understand the color of the target color! The background will be at 8 degrees!

The main color tone is obvious purple, but relatively transparent! But purple 0.66 pigments will be strong! When only purple is applied to the background color of 8 degrees, the dark purple effect will appear, and the color and lightness will be reduced at the same time! The effect of semi -light dye appears!

At this time, you must find a way to dilute the concentration of purple!

In the target color, there is a weak gray feeling, so we can use gray to dilute the purity of purple! Add 8.11!

At this time, the selection of 8.11 and 0.66 as the allocation combination of the overall target color must consider the relationship between the amount added! 8.11 is the lighter pigment cream! 0.66 The pigment is strong! Therefore, 8.11+0.66 is a large amount of 8.11, 0.66 traces, so that the effect of clearly balanced purple and gray can appear!


At this time, the recipe is determined, and the relationship between the background and the direct formula must be considered!

The background color is 8 degrees beige. To combine with the gray purple, the normal color effect will appear, and there will be no biased phenomenon! So don’t consider the conflict between the target and the background color!

Based on the above concepts, and deployment methods!

Base color 8 degrees,


100+5 to 10+100

8.11 Gray, dilute and dilute 0.66, and at the same time, the gray feeling purple!

0.66 purple, given the target purple effect!

The amount of hypoxia is smaller than the amount of dyeing cream!

When the background color is already 8 degrees, because the purity of the dyeing paste in each store is different, try it before dyeing! Just adjust the formula according to the results of the test! In the end, the effect of dyeing you want!

According to the effect of the test,

When gray, add a large amount of 0.00! Dilute the gray!

When blue and gray appears, change the gray dye cream!

When purple is not obvious, increase the amount of purple! When purple is obvious, it can reduce the amount of purple!

When the purple is red, add a small amount of blue! Purple is blue, add a small amount of red!

This is the method of blending after color!

If you want to learn more comprehensive hair dyeing technology, you can follow me!

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