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Jakroo Type A long -sleeved cyclone review

It’s time to go to the spring, it’s time to ride the bicycle outside to meet the arrival of spring, and by the way, you can throw the fat that accumulated this winter! About three or five friends to ride outdoors together, feel the spring outdoor spring, sweat, breathe fresh air, how beautiful!

However, when it is warm, it is the hardest to ride a bike. The fleece ride clothes are too thick, which will cause soaked in too hot; short -sleeved cycling uniforms cannot cover the positions of small arms, calves, etc., and the spring breeze is still chilling, so the most suitable thing is to buy a long -sleeved cycling. Clothing.

Jakroo Type A long -sleeved cycling suit

Jakroo Type A long -sleeved riding uniform uses professional functional fabrics in the United States. This fabric can quickly absorb and sweat and accelerate volatilization, effectively discharge sweats to maintain normal somatosensory temperature, and at the same time achieve the function of fast drying. It uses Italian imported ink, digital printing throughout the body, and the color is still bright and not faded after many washing.

The surface of the top also has UPF> 50+ ultraviolet layers, which can reduce the ultraviolet radiation that the driver receives under the scorching sun.

The top uses a high -quality YKK zipper. The feel is well -damped. It is smooth and high -quality. It is an indispensable part of high -quality cycling clothes.


The new design of the top of the jacket neckline is smooth and smooth, which can avoid the friction of the zipper metal head and neck skin. When the zipper is not fully pulled up, it can avoid the friction of the skin at the end of the zipper. When I was clipped to the neck — I was pinched several times this winter, and my memory was deep every time, as if it happened to it just now.


In terms of tailoring, the classic and mature Jakroo Tour version is designed for entry/advanced riders, which is suitable for long -term cycling.


The hem location uses a conventional silicone non -slip belt, which can reduce the excess swing of the top during cycling.

The top has four storage pockets and has a large storage space. You can place a lot of portable objects, and there are also important easily lost items such as small zipper pockets to place zipper pockets. Other pockets can carry spare tires, simple tools, pry tire sticks, portable pheasants, etc. There is no problem. You can even fold your windproof vest in the back pocket after the temperature rises. The zipper pocket position is equipped with high brightness anti -light bars, which can increase a certain passive safety when riding at night.


The back side of the sleeve is a breathable and sweaty mesh fabric design, extending from the small arm to the armpit. The mesh fabric can be quickly dissipated and the body surface sweat quickly to the surface layer of the fabric, so that the body keeps a comfortable state.

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Type a 4/4 riding chief pants


Like the shirt, Type A 4/4 rides the chief pants with high elastic Lycarta fabrics, and the new fabrics with vertical stripes are used on both sides of the thighs. This fabric is very similar to the Swiss high -tech air dynamic fabric that was hot last year. Although it does not have actual performance improvement, it is also helpful for heat dissipation performance. In terms of appearance, the pattern uses Italy’s imported environmental protection ink, environmentally friendly, bright colors, long -lasting.


Core part -trousers pads adopt the Italian TMF pants pad. This pants pad uses stereo forming, which is more in line with ergonomic design. The surface of the surface of the surface is smooth and comfortable, which can quickly absorb and sweat. The sciatica uses a 10mm thick 80g/m2 high -density sponge to achieve efficient shock absorption performance and comfort, which can cope with long -term cycling use.


Little leg zipper design, easy to wear and take off

The calf position is designed with obvious reflective strips with a length of 20cm. When riding, the calf will quickly displacement. This position can generate a large range of visual range, and can increase passive safety performance at night. The zippers on both sides are YKK products. The zipper head is rubber and has a design that increases friction. It is convenient to pull.


Through a period of experience, this set of Type A long -sleeved cycling uniforms is indeed very suitable for the current outdoor weather. The weather is still a bit cold when going out in the morning, and it is a bit cold in short sleeves. After that, the temperature will become too hot, so the most suitable is this type of long -sleeved cycling suit.

This set of Jakroo Type A is more comfortable and comfortable. The paired pants pads are a good thing for ordinary riders. Long -term cycling can maintain important parts of comfort and not humidity. Disopoly. It is enough for ordinary leisure cycling and low -intensity cycling, but if it is used for high -intensity cycling training or competitions, Type A’s sweat performance is a bit uncomfortable. Therefore, if you need a set of riding clothes for high -intensity training or competition, you can choose other Jakroo’s high -performance competitive ride clothes.

The Type A cycling suit does not have perfect personalities in tailoring (although Jakroo has fully tailored tailoring), this obviously takes care of more riding enthusiasts for the purpose of competition. They like to ride three or five friends together, do not take speed, like to ride a bicycle to go out, mountain off -road, highway roaming, “We ride to Fangcun to drink sugar water tonight”, “Conghua said that there are very authentic mud baked Chicken, let’s ride on weekends to eat. “Cycling enthusiasts who often eat, drink, and play are often ride.